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    Lesley Gore on Mowest

    If anyone is interested now is the time.


    It's worth taking a look at what they have on sale. Off hand I saw Wilson Pickett, Faith Hope & Charity. All genres. Some sold out at these prices.
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    At $4 - what a steal.

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    They have a very interesting cross section of lots of different kinds of music. I've never been disappointed in any of their CDs except I bought the Bob Crewe collection, expecting it to have songs like "Music to Watch Girls By," and instead it was the slickest, most banal disco (kind of like Silver Convention "Fly Robin Fly", that really generic disco). I think one song is repeated on that collection 3 or 4 times and once was enough, believe me!

    They have some outstanding releases though. There was a recent thread about gospel music. The Mahalia Jackson "Television Performances" is truly outstanding and contains very, very rare clips of songs which she never recorded commercially. A great piece.

    The two Dionne Warwick on Warner Bros. material are also very good. I haven't bought the Warwick "Rarities." Too many foreign language songs and not enough (in my opinion) rare or previously unreleased selections.

    Also, their singles collections on the Dominoes (only $5 for a 2-CD set!), Little Willie John, and others are really outstanding.

    I do think generally their CDs are very high quality.

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    I didn't think this was a great Lesley Gore album; certainly a change up but other than the single, She Said That, the tunes just weren't very catchy or commercial.

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    I checked out most of the tracks on iTunes... some nice songs there. Have to download the album and give it more of a listen. Don't know much of Lesley Gore other than she did "You Don't Own Me" and "It's My Party". Lawd knows what she was doing at Motown in the early 70s.

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    She was doing this album of course Tom, or was she doing it someplace else?

    I don't think Lesley ever had the strongest voice - those hits in the early 60s relied heavily on double tracked lead vocals and who knows what else. On her Motown album she is ever so slightly off tune some of the time to my ears (on long notes it takes a while to reach the correct pitch and/or there is pitch drift - "Be My Life" is a good example) which is a pity though she wrote some good songs. The album is still worth having in your collection and at this price why not?
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    Oh yeah mystery, it's definitely worth having (this is Motown after all ) and the songs and production seemed pretty good. Not totally won over by Lesley's voice though as you say.

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    Peter Noone was just doing his show on Sirius and said how much he misses Lesley Gore from their touring days and how much Lesley loved it all; he says his sister loved Lesley Gore and sang the songs to herself about some of her boyfriends in the 60's - then he played California Nights and You Don't Own Me.

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    Lesley sold her songs with her powerful voice. Very underrated IMO.

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    I bought this cd when it was first released. I applaud their release of the title but it came off (to me) as very dated and kinda not-so-good these many years later. I played it a few times at first but not since. Very professionally done and (I think) with great intent, but ultimately quite forgettable. My guess is that they were going for a Carole King sort of lp. They largely succeeded but the songs, while 'interesting', are just not that good.

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    I won this album off of the radio(I also won Floy Joy) and thought it was pretty good. There were some good songs that were done quite well. Enjoyable.

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    Gave most of the tracks on Lesley's MoWest album a listen... some really nice songs there... jazzy and soulful feel to em. Lovely strings and even some horns. I really liked "Don't Wanna Be One", "The Road I Walk" and "She Said That".


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