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    The late 70s timeframe was very odd as far as Motown went. But "Sleepin'"??? It was awful and that's exactly what it did. LTISH was country/pop but still weak for a Diana Ross single. Then Ross 76 kicked in with "Love Hangover" but the album itself was only worth the other singles, "Do You Know" and "A Little Time". "One Love In My Lifetime" was also very weak. By the time Ross 78 came around it was a huge disappointment to see "Sorry Doesn't Always" and "Together" boarding the bus so late then that dreadful, "Reach Out I'll Be There" from 1971. What was the point of that? They had plenty of material to make a cohesive album. The only thing saving it was "Lovin', Livin, Given'", "What You Gave Me", "You Were The One" and "Never Say I Don't Love You". Then that horrible album cover...I remember reading an article where Ross said she wanted to do an album cover with her holding a cigarette and the smoke spelled out her name. I thought it may be a clever idea but I didn't know it was going to be a cartoon. They almost had a great album but completely missed the boat with the exception of those four songs. Just my opinion but the only albums that I have enjoyed to this day are, Diana Ross 1970, Surrender and The Boss, obviously all Ashford & Simpson productions. The rest are hole punched bargain bin. She had, what, six #1 singles? But she had more bombs than most people think. I do give her credit though as a magnificent performer and I have seen her twice and I certainly would not deny her legacy. I think the best part was with The Supremes but it was clear she could stand alone and did it very well.

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    after the release of the last diana ross solo album , several tracks were found. they will be released on the upcoming Ross 78. of all the albums, I think I am more or less excited about this album in regards to the confusion as to why they used the track list they did, while other gems were left in the vaults. this could have been a much stronger album obviously. cant wait to see the new expanded edition.
    Ok. Yes I knew if these. I though they found more recently. Thank you.

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    i havent got a updates other than the leftovers from the last set, but they find new songs every day

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    hoped for an announcement today as its diana b day but of course universal.....disappoints yet again

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