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Thread: The Vareeations

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    The Vareeations

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    Now that's some great old school singing. I miss Hy-Lit. May he rest in peace. Thanks Lakeside for this one.

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    These girls should've had much more success because they had one great sound & the lead singer has a wonderful voice. I wonder if them being on Dionn Records while Brenda & The Tabulations were the stars had something to do with that.

    Maybe they couldn't push both. I don't know, but only 2 singles & as far as I know this was their swan song. But what a great song! From Sept. 1968.

    For what it's worth, someone gave some info about the group members & if true, has identified them about 4 months ago on Youtube...

    Enrique Hicks

    "Venus Clare ....the middle singer name is Lossiena Brown [[my aunt) the on the right Delores hicks [[gmom)".

    Based upon another comment, it appears as though Delores Hicks was called "Peaches" & passed away about a year ago...

    Justine Hall

    1 year ago

    "This is amazing to finally get to see her in action! Thank you for uploading this video. It means a lot to my family. R.I.P Aunt Peaches. So happy she had a chance to see this".

    Shanay Hicks
    4 months ago

    "The pretty lady next to the leed singer is my mother I miss her so much rest in peace mommy I love u"

    Shanay Hicks

    4 months ago

    "Not the lead singer the one on the right is so pretty"

    By the way, many of us here should know the male singer on this song. Based upon the fact that he's listed as co-writer on the label, as well as the fact that he sang bass, I'm willing to bet that the male voice heard on this song is none other than our old friend, Weldon McDougall III.
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    Juice! Wow!


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