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    Cool Maurice McAllister & The Radiants - Baby you´ve got it (Chess records)

    This song is a perfect example that other companies like Motown try to do a Four Tops & Andantes partnership. Somebody knows who are the female voices on the record? Maybe The Gems ?

    Thanks for any answers and helps from the experts !

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    Maybe someone can confirm the female vocals or clarify, who ist singing. Thank so much

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fullfillingnessfirstfinale View Post
    Maybe someone can confirm the female vocals or clarify, who ist singing. Thank so much
    Maybe not a clarification but I did find this on popsike.com:

    "The Radiants are joined by their uncredited female member, Chess solo artist (as "Andrea Davis"), female group member ""The Gems," "The Rotary Connection" and "The New Rotary Connection"), the immortal Miss Minnie Riperton. Today hailed as the world's greatest background singer, Riperton's soaring, multi-octave voice provided many a great presence on too many Chess singles and albums to name, including, with The Radiants' 2 outstanding singles, "Baby You Got It" and "Hold On." Minnie soars above the lead vocal and other background vocalists, making her voice clearly heard and a wonder to experience. Minnie Riperton & The Radiants "Baby You Got it" is a must-have record that will surely compliment your Chess Records collection."


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