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    Mary Wilson on Merv - "A Song For You/How Lucky Can You Get"

    Here's another great Mary Wilson memory! From the Merv Griffin Show and singing "How Lucky Can You Get"

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    Bravo! Great to see, have never seen it. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luke View Post
    Bravo! Great to see, have never seen it. Thanks.
    You're most welcome Luke.

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    Never seen this before. Now that's singing. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Mary is an underrated vocalist and even today is one of the legends whose voice is as good, if not better, than it was back in the day. Even though I don't care for the song choice, she sounds fantastic.

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    I'm lucky enough to avoid this performance!

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    It was part of the Supremes show...Mary's spotlight solo on the last tour. It was a part of her solo performances for many years, and everytime I saw her perform this live, she got an extended round of applause...she used to take the mic away, and hold it completely down by her side and show her vocal chops during this song, and you heard her loud and clear and on key even way in the back rows.

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    This is the worst performance of thus song I’ve ever seen Mary give. She can nail it effortlessly and with deep meaning and soul - showcasing her standout, powerful voice. Here, she is so overtly focused on technique, that she has become totally disconnected from her material completely - she may well be singing “Marze Dotes”. This is clearly filmed during her
    ‘powdered period’ which would explain the manic, entropic bombast of her phrasing. She does achieve her goal of proving beyond any doubt - that even at her worst, she can deliver a power ballad. Today, she’d shed 90% of the histrionics and deliver the irony and bitter lyrics like the kick in the gut they’re meant to be.

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    I find her voice verrrrry unpleasant. Looking at her is also a tad unpleasant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Circa 1824 View Post
    I find her voice verrrrry unpleasant. Looking at her is also a tad unpleasant.
    Mary has a great natural beauty, but, during this phase of her career, she was sometimes amiss in her presentation. This is clearly not her best look and the dress is too damn short. I’ve always wondered if it was made for someone else and she got it cheap. It’s a great dress and she wears it well, but it’s length is just plain awful.

    ‘’Mary’s voice is an acquired taste and it is what kept her from getting any label or management support. As her voice mellowed and she learned how to use it effectively, it can now be quite pleasant to a wider audience than Supremes well wishers. This performance, despite its good intentions, shows most of Mary‘s shortcomings as a vocalist. I think she’s coked up here. I have seen her sing this song and bring the house to its knees…… But those wonderful performances are the antithesis to this video.

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    Wow, I couldn't disagree more. To me Mary looks and sounds fantastic here. She really should have done more to get a deal in the 80s, especially after Dreamgirl. It's a shame that there is so little recorded work for her, especially during that period of time as I feel 80s R&B and 80s power ballads would have suited Mary perfectly.

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    I agree that this is one of Maryís stronger performances. While not flawless I think itís well done. Iím surprised she never found significant success in other styles and venues. Sheís not a traditional pop artist. But cabaret or jazz could have worked well.

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    I saw this when it first aired. Mary looks great but hits a few bad notes in the beginning, but finishes it well.

    I remember thinking when she sang the line "I don't sing in that key"...she really meant it and strained for that note.

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    I’m glad some people enjoy this clip - and I am grateful for it. Anyone wondering why Mary never got further need look no further than this clip. Her phrasing is so haphazard and, at times, annoying, that it defies description - especially when you consider the wonderful and controlled performances she gave of this before and after. I really believe she’s high here - that’s the only explanation as to why she’d be eschewing the complete meaning of the lyrics in favor of over singing and cramming so much technique into a few minutes.

    I think its it’s bad - but there is no bad or good - only opinions and feelings touched by art. I think I can say, however, that it is precisely performances like this that, sadly, kept the talented beauty off the radar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMotownManiac View Post
    ‘’Mary’s voice is an acquired taste
    You can say that again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeaceNHarmony View Post
    I'm lucky enough to avoid this performance!
    Your pun on the song title made me laugh...
    Mary was always working so very hard to please an audience that her performances often came across as being contrived and stilted. It was the same with the late 70's Supremes.
    I agree with MotownManiac that Mary would probably give a better performance of the song here in 2018. Not as powerful perhaps but most certainly more heartfelt.

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    Is this her infamous Motown 25 dress?

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    Quote Originally Posted by marybrewster View Post
    Is this her infamous Motown 25 dress?
    Hmmm ! It seems to be, but I am not a gown afficiando. It kind of looks the same to me except that it is a brighter red in M25 and Mary also seems to be wearing shoulder pads in M25. The gown did what Mary wanted it to do in M25, which is to make her look stunning.

    But, is it the same as in the video above?


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