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    Knowing the Trumps as we all do, I’d say that Melanoma is right on brand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lakeside View Post

    Knowing the Trumps as we all do, I’d say that Melanoma is right on brand.
    The problem here in this country is almost half of the people would still name Michelle
    Obama as that which matches the song lyric and even among those who know better
    a large number of them will not go out (or mail in) and vote election time...It's possible
    we could be dealing with this 4 more years...

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    And that’s it for the week.

    Have a great weekend, and keep wearing masks and stay our of any boat that has a Trump flag.
    That reminds me:

    Fuck Trump.

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    Kumbaya mother fuckers, kumbaya

    I expect a tiny voice to say: They're heeeeere.

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    this is the good old days the gop is talking about.

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    I didn’t get around to Bill Barr, the Attorney General who thinks he is Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, and that having to wear a mask curing a pandemic is the worst violation of civil rights since slavery because I just don’t have the energy and . . .

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    just saying.

    I wouldn't fuck him with Lindsey Graham's pussy.

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    I came across a news story that made me feel pretty good about the red state of Tennessee.

    Tony Tenpenny (you have to admit that that’s an AWESOME name) was a Republican and a “coronavirus skeptic” who used to publish anti-mask memes on his Facebook page. This is from May:

    This is from Tony, in June:

    Tony was still wondering why America was falling for the Democratic hoax in August:

    Additionally, Tenpenny had been very active on social media voicing his support for President Donald Trump and his opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement.
    On May 30, Tenpenny posted a statement on Facebook falsely attributed to former Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., putting forward conspiracy theories that the virus is nothing more than a political trick to derail Trump’s re-election bid.
    On July 7, he wrote that “the CDC and the WHO are pure lying (expletive)” and that public health officials are “not telling you the truth.”
    Tenpenny made more than a dozen posts stating or sharing Covid-19 disinformation, including video from a Texas doctor who peddled dangerous theories about the virus, linking its cause to demons. Facebook flagged the July 29 posting by Tenpenny as “Partly False Information.”
    And then, on September 20, this happened:

    Tenpenny was hospitalized for five weeks and was placed on a ventilator earlier in September. No word on whether he thought his death was a hoax, or a political trick to make Trump look bad.
    Let us all take a moment to say Thank you, Karma.
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