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    Right, that lady (above) talking about what a bad example the Democrats are giving to the children is this lady (below):

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    Amy supporter

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    the last of the last (I fucking hope) fucking trump meme..

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    And... Pennsylvania is called. Enough decent people stepped up and the national blight has been excised and tossed into the trash heap of history. Let's pray that the next child-eating killer clown will pop up in a horror show and not the White House.
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    Thank God! Thank you to all the people who voted! Now, let's try
    to heal these wounds and move on with someone normal in the White House!

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    Good job, USA. You're late as ****, but thanks for fixing that.

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    “My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.”

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    "You're Fired!"

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    While I, like many others here are glad of the outcome here I have to say anyone who
    thinks this will be a smooth transition is more than likely kidding themselves. Trump
    is like a former employer of mine who had to physically removed by security as he was
    released from his position. He is sure to not only make a stink but throw in a few salvos
    while he still has the authority to do so. That's why he rushed to place his Supreme Court
    appointees. Watch for the next shoes he tosses. And don't surrender to the foolish wishful thinking some folks did with notions of a "post racial America" when Obama
    took office. This was nowhere near a landslide. Does anyone really believe almost half
    the country's population of voters and their backers are going to suddenly just chill?...

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    Yeah, anybody who thinks this country has not been fundamentally changed is fooling himself/herself. The toothpaste won't go back in the tube and you can bet your *** the Republican Senate (if Georgia can't save us twice) is going to obstruct Biden as often as they did to Obama. They're going to drag everything out and media outlets like Meet The Press and Face The Nation will give them prominent opportunities to show up and complain about why Biden's efforts to rein in the virus and restart the economy are horrible. Forget their inability to call out ImPOTUS for making both situations worse.

    My prediction? Senate investigations. Right wing media will be on overload. CBS, NBC and ABC will make huge scandals out of things that wouldn't register in Trump's top 100 transgressions that they ignored. There will be more divisiveness, more hate, more violence, more racism and in 2024, we will find out how much worse Donald Trump 2.0 is than the original demon.

    How sad that he barely lost in spite of everything that has happened in the past 6 months, let alone the last four years. Hard to pat America on her back for almost making the same mistake again.

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    Second In Command

    Kamala, how wonderful !
    A woman second in command of the most powerful Country on Earth
    Sense will prevail

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    Monday Morning...so good to me...Monday Monday..

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    Hey donald,the adults are back!!

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    she did

    found out he got fired while playing golfhad a nice reception for the ride home

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    The YouTubers who are remixing the tears of Trumpists into sweet wine are fantastic. This one made my day:

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    thank the Goddess...

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    time to let go fat boy..time to let go..

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    It's been an interesting journey here. Thanks for the comments
    and support. We got through this. See ya around. Keep safe.

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    It ain't over until we see the perp walk.

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    YKW just got banned from Twitter...

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