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    I''m hearing that the health professionals are being silenced,told by the white house to-be quiet!!

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    If this idiot isn't the worst in american history i don't know who is,this fool almost makes andy jackson look good..we better pray that he doesn't somehow get another four years!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lakeside View Post
    you ain't never lied!!

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    ...Lee Harvey Oswald ...where are you now your country needs you...!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lakeside View Post

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaa!!!

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    Trump is a fucking madman,who is more dangerous than the virus itself..how the hell did we ever allow him to be in charge??? This lunatic is acually telling america to ignore what the medical experts are saying..fill the churches? Go back to work in your crowded offices? Go back to the grocery stores and don't worry? It's just the[flu]??? But the truly scary thing is that there are folks listening to him!!!

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    Trump is gonna ask for a-billion-trillion dollars to build walls around new york and california,that way the rest of us can get back to work!

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    Texas' Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is all for everyone going back to work now because all the grandparents will be willing to die for the economy for their grandchildren. Many Republicans are on board with that. I should be surprised. I'm not. No, sorry Dan, I would die for my family if it would save their lives. I will not offer to die to save a millionaire a few bucks.

    Trump, who has the attention span of a gnat, is bored. COVID-19 is a bore. People keep saying mean things about him. Someone posted a video of him getting a current pandemic briefing and he couldn't even keep his eyes open much less pretend like he was paying attention. He's ready to move on and declare it all done. He wants his beautiful stock market back. He wants his beautiful rallies back and to be showered with adoration. He wants his golf weekends back. He's picked Easter Sunday to relieve all restrictions because he thinks it's a 'beautiful day' to start the resurrection of the economy. Yeah, go pack those churches; get breathed on, coughed on, and sung on by all the people around you. You go Dump and please take your minions with you.
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    Can it get any worst with this dude,yesterday he's talking about a hundred thousand dying would be a good thing,and then he starts talking about his-tv ratings...tv ratings?????? Fuckin country's falling into the sea,and our wonderful glueless leader is happy about tv ratings!!!

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    There is a provision in the constitution where congress can remove the president if he's unstable..now would be a good time for them to consider it.

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    I know that we are supposed to be a democracy,but after this nutjob some new qualifications should be written to ensure that we don't ever mess up again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lakeside View Post
    i wanna laugh,but it ain't funny.

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    He said-make america great-america was already great-he fucked it up!

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    Why are we hearing that-Dr.Fauchi is being threatened? by whom? this man is one of the few who actually knows whats going on with this pandemic..I hope that Trump is not trying to silence this man.

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