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    Unsung- Will Downing

    I watched the latest Unsung on Will Downing. I thought it was good, didn't know about his health scare, which was a surprise. I think he has one of the most gifted voices in music. Sorry I, is my favorite. What do you think?
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    I thought it was a good episode. Other than seeing him opening for Patti LaBelle a few years back, I am not really all that familiar with Will and his work. I knew a little about his health problems but not details about his life and career prior to it. So it was nice to be introduced to him.

    On the whole, the most recent batches of UNSUNG have included many artists that I am not familiar with. At first, I was rather disappointed when I would see a list of the upcoming profiles. But I have been pleasantly surprised when watching most of them. Even if I didn't become a new fan, most of them have very interesting stories to tell.

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    I think the artists such as Will, the ones that kinda fly under the radar are what Unsung should be about. A great artist such as B.B. King, I would think doesn't fit that criteria. I mean, B.B. is arguably the greatest blues man ever. How is he categorized as Unsung? I'm having a problem understanding what constitutes a artist being that.

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    Will is a vocal jazz artist. Those artists are usually under the mainstream radar. I kinda followed Will because I used to watch BET religiously as a kid and they'd show him all the time on Midnight Love. He covered Angela Bofill's I Try and that's how I knew him. He also did a great cover of Marvin's You Sure Love to Ball.

    And if you were a '90s R&B kid like I was, you'd know of this song he did with Rachelle Ferrell:


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