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    The best thing about Saturday night at home...

    I revisited youtube, and once again found all of my "house-cleaning-tunes-to-clean-the-house" with...

    You know - when you grab the stick to the mop and start "singing" into it as if it were a microphone....

    I got with the Marvellettes, the Supremes, and I rocked out to the original of "Oh How Happy" that I hadn't heard since I was a kid and thought OH MY GOD!!!

    I can't remember the last time I've shaken these "ol hips" o' mine, but I gotta tell ya, right now it feels mighty fine...

    Mr. Gzu is a might upset right now, cuz I got the kitchen "swingin" 'bout now...and its dam near 10:00 pm, and I ain't nowhere NEAR gittin' this kitchen cleaned up...

    DAM!!! RICK JAMES??? (he loves this.. too bad he aint gonna hear this - LOVE THEM AND LEAVE THEM!! THAT'S WHAT I USED TO DO!!"

    Note: Mr.Gzu spent a LOTTA time outdoors today working on cars in this awful heat while I stayed indoors and worked from home doing medical billing) and he's out like a light right now, so it's just me and the "large yellow dog", but I still gotta get this kitchen cleaned up before morning comes, cuz I don't like a messy kitchen..

    Ok, gotta go right now....Teena Marie - I need to hear MORE....

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    Nothing like music for the occasion. It can lift the soul. God is good, all the time!

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    It's a great time to be a lover of music. I've got so many songs on my computer right now that I can put a key word in Media Center or Groove or iTunes and create a diverse and entertaining playlist. For example, I put in "trouble" and the following songs came up:

    Troublesome '96 - Tupac
    Bridge Over Troubled Water - Aretha Franklin
    Lay Your Troubles Down - Commissioned
    Trouble In Paradise - Huey Lewis & the News
    Trouble Man - Marvin Gaye
    Ole Man Trouble - Otis Redding
    Trouble - P!nk
    Trouble In Mind - Sam Cooke
    Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen - Sam Cooke
    Trouble Blues - Sam Cooke
    I'll Be In Trouble - The Temptations
    Drop The Bomb - Trouble Funk
    Trouble In Mind - Amos Milbourne
    Wrap Your Trouble In Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away) - Sarah Vaughan
    No Troubles Bubbles - Earl Bostic
    Pride and Joy - Double Trouble
    Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkle

    That's over an hour's worth of music based on one random key word. Gospel, classic soul, pop, folk, blues, jazz and Go-Go is all in there. It's fun to come up with random words just to see what playlist is generated.

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    Turning on the Hi-Fi, drop a stack-o-45s on the turntable and show Mom's how to do ( fill in your fav stomper dance)��

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    Haaaaaaaaaaa,i heard that,on those rare occasions that the wife ropes me into cleaning,i call five of my good buddies-otis,melvin-eddie-david-paul and we clean up real good,haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-past the mop!!

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    Cruising with the yunguns while The Gap Band is funking it up on the CD player. Heading to the local swimming pool.

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    Now that's funky!!!


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