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    Gloria Gaynor & ?????? - We Belong Together

    Who is Gloria Gaynor's duet partner on this track?

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    I have no idea, but it's a great track. Never listened to it before but I like it!!!

    From Gloria's 1975 album Never Can Say Goodbye of course.

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    Interesting .
    I never paid attention to this cut before. Odd that someone is sharing vocals equally but doesn't get a credit.
    Don't especially find their voices pleasing together, too full-throttle by both of them imo.

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    A British cover took the tune at a more sedate pace. It sounds rather undercooked.

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    Could the song's co-writer, Lester Hodelin, be Gaynor's duet partner on her version?

    Gaynor's (ex-)husband, Linwood Simon, is credited with vocals on her 1984 I Am Gloria Gaynor album. I believe they married in 1979. Were they a couple as far back as 1974/5, such that he might be on the track?

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    Ooh, those sound like good possibilities smallworld. I was thinking if the song had a male co-writer it might be him. But Gloria's husband, do you remember what he sounds like from that album? You could maybe match the voices.

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    I've never heard the I Am Gloria Gaynor album, so I can't venture an opinion.

    Gloria Gaynor appears to be on Twitter. I deleted my account a while back so if any SDF member still has an account and would like to know the answer, you might tweet her the question and video link:



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    Question answered:

    I did a lot of work with Gloria Gaynor. I sang on her “Never Can Say Goodbye” album, we did a duet called “We Belong Together.
    - 2010 Keep Rockin' Magazine Interview with Eugene Pitt (of the Jive Five)


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    There you go, good work smallworld!


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