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    Supremes "Sam Cooke" CD

    Clink Records / Olday Records out of Japan has released this long out-of-print CD.

    Has anyone purchased this item? Is this in a hard plastic case, or cardboard/paper sleeve? What's the sound quality?

    My gut instincts say "buyer beware", however this is one Supremes release I don't have on physical CD and would like to add it to my collection.

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    Oldays is a bootleg label that takes advantage of the 50 Year Copyright law in Japan. They don't have access to master tapes. I believe artwork remains in copyright past the 50 year mark, which is why Oldays sleeves don't match the original LPs. They use card/paper sleeves.

    I bought their reissue of Irma Thomas' "Wish Someone Would Care" album. It was sold as a mono release but Oldays just took the stereo mixes and folded them down to mono - as I said, they don't have access to masters - so they don't mind fooling the customer. I'll never make the mistake of purchasing from them again.

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    I have the Motown CD from 1991 but decided to get this as it was 24Bit instead of the normal 16Bit which the Motown CD format. I have purchased several other CDs from Olday Records before and the sound is fantastic. This is the first one I bought that the sound is equal to the original CD. The cover is not the same as the original album but the song tracks are the same as the original CD. I have purchased Mary Wells Love Songs to the Beatles/The Toys Attack/And Wilson Picketts first album and a few others and they all sound great although the album covers differ slightly from the original.
    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you both for your time and reviews.

    The CD itself isn't that expensive, so I'm not out a lot of $$$ either way. It's just frustrating that as someone that collects these CD'S, the only other option is eBay which sellers charge an exuberant amount. I'm sorry, but $50 or $150 is just way too much.

    My only other hope is Universal's Expanded Editions, but some of those are download only, and I have no idea where Sam Cooke would even be in their time line.

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    I have this Old Days Japanese mini LP-replica CD as well, Mary Brewster. It was also one of the very few I was missing in my collection and I purchased it for the sake of filling the spot. I bought the official iTunes release years ago but also wanted a nicely packaged physical CD...and the old reissue from the 90's is nearly impossible to obtain. The sound on this bootleg version is fine with me. Hopefully Reel Music will consider doing an expanded of this album in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noel181 View Post
    I have the Motown CD from 1991 but decided to get this as it was 24Bit instead of the normal 16Bit which the Motown CD format.
    The Oldays release claims 24Bit? That would only be possible if Motown/Universal had released a 24Bit remaster. Motown/Universal haven't done so, as far as I know. Oldays do not have access to master tapes.

    Quote Originally Posted by noel181 View Post
    This is the first one I bought that the sound is equal to the original CD.
    That's because the audio is probably from the original CD.

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    You can see scans of the Oldays CDs here -

    "We Remember Sam Cooke" -

    "That Motown Sound" -

    "A Bit Of Liverpool"


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