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    Motown the Musical - London Theatre Package from £119.

    Any UK Motown fans who have contemplated travelling to London to see Motown the Musical, but were put off by the costs of ticket, hotel, travel etc might be interested in a package deal put together by National Holidays.
    Several dates are given for packages that included a matinee ticket at Shaftesbury Theatre, hotel accommodation and coach travel....prices range from £119 ( Thursday) to £159 ( Saturday).

    If you are interested , National's number is 0344 477 8000.

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    Saw the London show last year. Highly recommended.

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    Saw the Toronto show last month-highly recommended

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    I also recommend it!!!! I got tickets as a Christmas present so costs were not a concern of mine... lucky I know
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    There is also a package to see the show in Leeds.
    So, I presume, there are different shows travelling around the UK, with a different cast.

    I assume the show is a direct copy of the Broadway show, same story, script etc?
    I saw it in New York in 2014.
    I am thinking about arranging a trip for my pub quiz team to attend the London package deal.

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    The Toronto one is the company that's been touring for a while with the fairly familiar faces.

    I'm sure it's all going to be the same show pretty closely.

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    Thanks for that.
    A lot of UK attendees will not be aware of who Berry Gordy is, so the back story might pass them by .
    I'd hope that the original story , as I saw it in NY, remains in the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snakepit View Post
    Thanks for that.
    A lot of UK attendees will not be aware of who Berry Gordy is, so the back story might pass them by .
    I'd hope that the original story , as I saw it in NY, remains in the show.
    I've seen it both on Broadway and in the West End to be honest I thought the London production was better in terms of content it was much tighter - still annoys me that they tried to cram too many songs into the show and that the story became much more about Ross and Gordy. Factual events such as the pair visiting Paris for the Motown Review and singing a much later song were annoying but only if you know your timelines and I guess most people are Baby Love fans and couldn't give a hoot. I liked the Broadway cast much better though, the girl who played Ross was amazing. However when it comes right down to it you have to say it's a bit of a tribute - karaoke show - not much better than watching a fake group but with a Motown stamp of authenticity. A good night out though.

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    Thanks Paul
    Most would see it as a type of karaoke night I guess, that's why I hope Gordy's initial story remains.
    The Jersey Boys is very good for the music , of course, but it supports a realistic back story of the Four Seasons story.

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    Just thinking back to when I saw it in NY, I think I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't too much of a Ross/Gordy centric show. Too many numbers in the show, and some groups criminally short changed.

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    I saw the show again last week for the fourth time. It was a touring company version featuring Trenyce of American Idol as Diana. I had previously seen the show twice on Broadway, as well as another touring company version. I still enjoyed it but I noticed some revisions.

    Some of the visual effects have changed, like the Supremes posing for the LOVE CHILD album cover while tension is displayed amongst the girls, or Diana being filmed while singing GOOD MORNING HEARTACHE for LADY SINGS THE BLUES. Mary Wells was really shortchanged. In the previous versions I've seen, Mary was shown singing BYE BYE BABY as part of the Motown Revue. Later, she sings MY GUY. In the current production, she only sings MY GUY and it is used more as an example of what happened in the Quality Control meetings. I also noticed that the one scene that included Gladys Knight and the Pips, a mock recording session for GRAPEVINE, was totally cut.
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    Saw the London show yesterday.
    Mixed feelings I have to say. It might be my failing memory but the UK show seemed to have been changed somewhat from the New York show.
    My memory of NY was pleasantly surprised at the lack of Ross overkill. This production seemed just the opposite...act 2 was virtually all Ross.
    Most of the audience were probably happy.
    But I came away feeling that the show confuses many.
    The audience would be termed middle aged but the level of any detailed Motown knowledge would be alarmingly low.
    The Ross/ Gordy love story here jars with the inclusion of names like Mickey Stevenson, Funk Bros , Norman Whitfield etc..even HDH. People around me had no idea who they were.
    My travelling companions seemed confused by who each group were...At times I was trying to identify which actor played several roles...the cast did have a regulation look at times.
    I"m sure people had a good time but as for learning any Motown history I'm not sure.

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    I think I saw the same version in Toronto in May as Reese saw in June

    My impression was no different than Snakepits; the majority came for the music and the basic story but they didnít go beyond the big stars and the songs.

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    I believe the London show ends it's run in April.
    I'm not sure if it tours the UK

    There is a smaller Motown production " How sweet is" that has toured for a number of years here. A kind of tribute act. I'm sure that is the kind of show the audience expected , lots of familiar tunes.

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    It's touring the UK and Ireland now and into next year.

    Tour dates

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    Did anyone who went to Motown The Musical manage to photograph / list ALL the names on the 'Wall Of Fame' that was in the lobby?


    The night I went in London the place was packed and I couldn't get near it enough without crowds obscuring most of it

    Perhaps there is an online list somewhere ...it would have been nice if they had included them all in the programme ...but alas...!

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    I was on the last minute Grapd so I didn't see the 'wall of fame'.


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