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    Coppelia-Birdsong Guest

    If you could slap three currently relevant musicians, who would they be?

    Azealia Banks Azealia Banks is not in league with the devil, the devil is in league with she. So much hatred for everybody and everything.

    Kanye West

    I can't stand people who take other people's moments and make it all about THEM instead. Wish he'd try his whole "yo imma happy imma let you finish" stage jumping nonsense with someone who isn't vulnerable (like Swift was back then) or isn't polite enough to let him get away with it (Beck). Like if Pink had won the award for best female act, she probably would have made him eat the microphone.

    I want to go to bed so I will go for Justin Bieber. Feel sorry for the kid, but oh lord is that one fresh kid. Long overdue for a good spanking, and bed with no supper and naught but a spoonful of brimstone and treacle for nourishment.

    If I could slap the first one the other two would be overkill. On the plus side Azealia doesn't really hurt anyone but herself when she goes into her meltdowns on social media, but at this point I would say any chance of her being a respected musician again is long gone. The loca chica has shot herself in the foot so many times she just has two stumps finishing below the knee.

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    Hmmm. Relevant. Meaning on the charts? ANYBODY who creates faux non-hetrosexual scenes but is not LGBTQ. An additional counter-cross backhand b-slap if they claim it was 'empowering'.
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    L'il Wayne. His Black Lives Matter rant still is among the most ignorant interviews I've ever seen. But for the politics of it, since it didn't appear to be political, because of its total lack of self awareness and nuance.

    Kanye. Dude has lost his mind.

    Azalea Banks. Her broadside against Cardi B was uncalled for, trite, bitter as hell and contrary to her claim of being about girl power.

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    ... and probably TSwizzle, who seems a talented and hard-working young woman but annoying and un-spontaneous as any performer has ever been. Ever. Really - EVER.

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    Jacquees. For saying his meager output makes him ,"The King of R&B"!

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    Billie Ellish. Just because! And Future for trying to outspend his ex's (Ciara) boyfriend Russell Wilson on his son's birthday.

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    Your post on Azealia, could be said about SZA &
    Ledisi! Har Har

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    Quote Originally Posted by nativeNY63 View Post
    Your post on Azealia, could be said about SZA &
    Ledisi! Har Har
    Ledisi?!!? I've seen and heard nothing but positivity about her. What makes you mention her in this context?

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    John Legend, Cardi B and that one guy. LOL

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    Drake and his $4000 bed, please.
    Slide on outta here, Toosie.

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    Takashi6nine, Billy Ellish, DaBaby &
    Kanye West

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    Lucky for me, I am soooooooo out of touch with current music that I really do not even know some of the people mentioned. But when I saw the subject line with this title, before I even read a word, Justin Bieber popped into my head. Miley Cyrus would not be far behind for me. Can't think of a third person at the moment.

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    I don't know if he is considered current, but Justin TimberFAKE would be my third choice!

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    I thought of my third............Nicki Minaj..........The way she treated Mariah on American Idol was shameful unless it was a planned joke from the beginning and Mariah was in on it.


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