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    Coppelia-Birdsong Guest

    A Supreme Medley of Hits

    The girls at their best! And Flo is working her pink gown for all its worth


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    Why are you not posting this under the Motown forum?
    The Motown forum has been virtually destroyed by DRATS fans....can we have this forum left for OTHER topics please?

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    Coppelia-Birdsong Guest
    I thought I had. Username matches the response.

    Also, if you wanna be that level of pedantic, Florence never performed with the DRATS: she was always a Supreme.
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    You've started at least 3 DRATS related threads on the main SDF...I am trying tp save this forum from the slow death that has happened in the Motown Forum.

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    Coppelia-Birdsong Guest
    Why, by giving it a quick death by talking smack at and about everyone who posts a thread in the wrong forum?

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    I asked you "please"...again, I am trying to save the main SDF page.

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    Coppelia-Birdsong Guest
    Oh you said please. Too bad the please was buried in an avalanche of unwarranted hostility. Small favours I guess.

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    Stick around...your friends in the DRATS community will show you plenty of that.

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    Coppelia-Birdsong Guest
    Is there no one on the internet you can be bothering instead of me?


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