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    Smokey and Brenda - classic Motown

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    Oh this is nice.....very nice! Thank you Snakepit.

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    It reminds me a bit of the Miracles "That's What Love Is Made Of ".

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    A great song, which album(s) has this been released on please?

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    The Artistry of BH...with bonus tracks
    On Kent.

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    Completed in January 1965, so band track probably recorded in 1964. Sounds to me like a track Smokey had done for the Marvelettes, and he then gave to new signing BH.

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    Always been one of my favorites. The sound is not the best for reasons unknown. In terms of original mix or the age of the master tape,who knows?. Great track driven by a catchy melody and the legendary Benny Benjamin.

    Though this song fell through the cracks along with "I've Gotta Get Away",Smokey got a hit out of this tracking session. "The Tracks Of My Tears" would be the achievement once vocals were laid.

    The following day would be even better for him."Ooh Baby Baby" and "I'll Be Doggone" were tracked. Norman Whitfield was also present according to some accounts.

    Great tracks,great Motown.


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