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    Rare Mary Wells Video

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    I think the song went over the crowd's head. They didn't seem to be too into it. Mary looks great and sounds good too.

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    I think that was just a local NYC show. She also did the flip side "Two Lovers History" on that show.Both were her fist release on Jubilee Records 1968, she wrote & produced both sides.

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    When Mary and Cecil put together those Jubilee sides they were taking quite a musical gamble. Everything Mary had been recording up to that point had been either her Hitsville numbers or her very good but unsuccessful 20th Century and Atco sides, which were mostly attempts to keep her familiar style intact. Clearly, that wasn't working anymore, so she and Cecil tried going with less heavily produced stuff, but with heavier horns and funkier (for her) arrangements, plus a lot of jointly penned songs. I applauded her courage then and loved much of her Jubilee stuff, but I also feared it wouldn't fly. She had been off the charts for so long by then and this was such a stylistic departure for her that people seemed not to be able to appreciate the artistry, which is a shame. Numbers like "The Doctor" and "Dig the Way I Feel" are gems, but got virtually no airplay — the same fate as most of her other non-Motown efforts until "Gigolo" brought her back for a brief moment before she again slid into a slump.

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    Thanks. Good info. Her records were played in Philly and made the charts...not smashes but respectable hits.


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