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    Digital Booklets for Motown Unreleased Downloads


    This is possibly a rhetorical question, but are there any digital download booklets available for the Motown Unreleased sets which were made available as download only?

    Also, if anyone can help me out with a US copy of "Unreleased 1962 Guys Vol 1", this all be greatly appreciated, as the UK iTunes download is a partial download (no full album), missing track 13 "Remember Me" by @The Creations" (and as such each track has to be purchased individually, circa 25 for the 24 tracks available which is crazy when the US iTunes store is selling the complete set of 25 tracks for $12)!

    BTW. If I could buy the full set from iTunes in the UK, I wouldn't be asking.

    Thanks, Simon

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    BTW. I am asking about the booklets because I am interested in whether the Four Tops tracks on Unreleased 1964 were further outtakes for Breaking Through?

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    Thanks, I'll get from there! :-)

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    I don't think there were booklets for the Motown Unreleased sets. I downloaded tracks from most of them and I don't remember seeing PDFs of booklets for sale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simon.millar View Post
    Thanks, I'll get from there! :-)
    You might also check out Qobuz.com, to compare prices.

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    I know there are booklets for Unreleased 1966 and 1967. I am not sure about the other years.

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    There's a booklet that comes with the 1966 unreleased set on CD. I didn't know there were digital booklets with the 1966 and 1967 downloads. Is that solely on iTunes?

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    Not sure if it is solely on iTunes. I did purchase the 66 and 67 Unreleased through iTunes.

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    No mention of a booklet on iTunes are you referring to the downloadable info from DFTMC? In that case the info is downloadable for years 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966 and 1967. http://www.dftmc.info/bonus/b-00.html

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    I apologize. You are correct. I just checked the booklets and they are from DFTMC.


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