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    Supremes Overhead: Oddities?

    It's always a treat to be out and about, either at the grocery store or otherwise, and hear the Supremes music being played. Generally speaking, it's usually their most popular hits "Baby Love", "Stop!", or "Love Child" that you hear.

    Within the last few weeks I've heard several; what strikes me is, generally speaking, these aren't the typical songs you'd hear.

    "Back in My Arms Again". Of course it was a #1 for the Supremes, but not one you hear too often.

    "Sunny Boy". Heard that one at a Ross Store the other day.

    "River Deep, Mountain High". Supremes AND Four Tops?

    "Hey Jude". Heard this one at TJ Maxx. Completely threw me for a loop. What fun to hear something totally unexpected.

    What have you heard out and about that might be considered out of the norm?

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    "River Deep Mountain High" - I heard this at Macy's about 5 years ago.

    "You Can't Do That" - Their version was played in a pre-show at a Paul McCartney concert last year.

    "I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walking" - I was at the Cleveland International Film Festival last year and they were blasting this in the huge Tower City complex. I stopped in my tracks when I heard it.

    Non-Supremes Songs

    "(I'm A) Road Runner" - I also heard this at Macy's 2 years ago.

    "Let's Go Somewhere" - Heard this R. Dean Taylor track at a Starbucks

    "No More Tearstained Makeup For Me" - This played at a local restaurant a few years back.

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    On Soul Town Sirius Radio, I’ve recently heard Come And Grt These Memories, Floy Joy, and River Deep Mountain High by the Tops and Supremes

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    Heat Wave, Vandellas at Shop Rite a few days ago. Supremes too many time to mention or name in last year... mostly Shop Rite too!

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    This week, construction workers were in our street and most of the time they have some mainstream pop radio playing. This time they were playing some soul channel and suddenly "When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes" was played. Must have been the first time I heard that song on the radio!

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    Non-Supremes...but on 'EastEnders', BBC1 UK soap opera last week..... Sharon Mitchell sat with a tablet, when a brief snatch was heard of 'Your Love Can Save Me', by The Marvelettes....

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    Quote Originally Posted by motownlover1964 View Post
    "Walk Away Renee" by the Four Tops in the film "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri."
    The Supremes’ “He’s My Sunny Boy” on a cruise ship. I laughed and assumed someone unfamiliar with the group thought it was a hit instead of a B-side...

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    About 12 years ago I walked by an indoor/outdoor restaurant playing "Stoned Love". Another time I was listening to a late night radio show, and the bumper music was, "I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do the Walking".

    Speaking of hits you don't hear too often, I was 13 (around 2001) the first time I heard "The Happening". It was on an oldies station and someone had requested it.

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    I heard "Run, Run, Run" last year at one of those Christmas tree lots.

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    I heard "Mother Dear" in a Wawa about 5 years ago.

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    I heard The Supremes recording of " I'm Gonna Let Me Heart Do The Walking," being blasted on a sound system, outside a restaurant/bar on Granville Island, a high end shopping area, here in Vancouver, Canada, about two weeks ago! I hung around to absord it, and it was the long version! I was absolutely thrilled!
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    Not Motown, but Supremes-related: I remember hearing Diana's "Cross My Heart" in a Pathmark Supermarket in Connecticut in the 90s. It made my decade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sansradio View Post
    Not Motown, but Supremes-related: I remember hearing Diana's "Cross My Heart" in a Pathmark Supermarket in Connecticut in the 90s. It made my decade.
    When I worked at Eddie Bauer's in the late 80s, we used to have specially-prepared tapes that would play over the audio system. CROSS MY HEART was on one of those and always made me smile when it was played.

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    Quote Originally Posted by floyjoy678 View Post
    I heard "Mother Dear" in a Wawa about 5 years ago.
    Wawa? Those use to be my stores back in when I lived in PA! LOL!

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    They played Mary Wilson's "Walk the Line" at Khol's Dept Store.

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    The FLOS "Hit and Miss" at a waterpark in Wildwood NJ when it was new. I recognized Lynda's voice from the John Kydd project. She's from Philly which is very close to So. Jersey so I guess the programmer must have been a fan.

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    Baby Love in a Frankfurt metro station played by a full orchestra at a slower tempo. It took a while to recognize the song even though the melody was familiar.


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