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    A Song from Each Album

    An idea came in mind to me: what if Diana Ross did a tour, where she sang one song from each album. What would be your picks?

    Diana Ross: The Interim
    Everything is Everything: How About You?
    Surrender: And If You See Him
    Touch Me in the Morning: All of My Life
    Last Time I Saw Him: No One's Gonna be a Fool Forever
    Diana Ross: I Thought It Took a Little Time (But Today I Fell in Love)
    Baby, It's Me: You Got It
    Ross: Never Say I Don't Love You
    The Boss: I Ain't Been Licked
    Diana: My Old Piano
    Why Do Fools Fall in Love: It's Never Too Late
    Silk Electric: Anywhere You Run to
    Ross: Love Will Make It Right
    Swept Away: Touch by Touch
    Eaten Alive: I Love Being in Love with You
    Red Hot Rhythm and Blues: Cross My Heart
    Workin' Overtime: Take the Bitter with the Sweet
    The Force Behind the Power: Waiting in the Wings
    When You Dream: Did You Ever Wonder Why?
    Take Me Higher: Let Somebody Know
    Every Day is a New Day: Free (I'm Gone)

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    Interesting thread!

    Diana Ross - Dark Side of the World
    Everything is Everything - My Place
    Surrender - All The Befores
    Touch Me in the Morning - All of my life
    Lady Sings the Blues - Pig foot and a bottle of beer
    Last Time I Saw Him - You
    Diana/Marvin - Just Say Just Say
    Diana Ross - After You
    Baby It's Me - Top of the World
    Ross - You Were The One
    Sings songs from the Wiz - Brand New Day
    Boss - I'm In the World
    diana - Now That There's You
    To Love Again - One More Chance
    Why Do Fools Fall In Love - Sweet Surrender
    Silk Electric - Anywhere you run to
    Ross- You Do it
    Swept Away - We Are the Children of the World
    Eaten Alive - Crime of Passion
    Red Hot - There Goes My Baby
    Working Overtime - Bottom Line
    Force behind the power - Battlefield
    Take me Higher - I never loved a man before
    Every Day is a new day - until we meet again
    Blue - little girl blue
    I Love You - The look of love

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    And sorry - i'm gonna hijack the thread a little and do the Sup albums too. from 61 - 77

    Meet the Sups - You Bring Back memories
    Where did Our Love Go - long gone lover
    liverpool - World without love
    Sam Cooke - ain't that good news
    Country Western Pop - makes no difference now
    More Hits - Whisper You love me boy
    I Hear a symphony - stranger in paradise
    Merry christmas - White Christmas
    A go go - this old heart of mine
    HDH - going down for third time
    Sing R&H - Blue Room
    Reflections - misery makes its home in my heart
    Love Child - how long has this evening train been gone
    Join Temps - Try it baby
    Let Sunshine in - Discover me
    Together - Why must we fall in love
    Cream of the crop - Beginning of the end
    Right on - Bill when you coming home
    Mag 7 - For your love
    New Ways - Thank him for today
    return of mag 7 - i'm glad about it
    touch - here comes the sunrise
    dynamite - melodie
    floy joy - now the bitter now the sweet
    Jimmy webb - 530 plane
    The supremes - you can't stop a girl in love
    high energy - don't let my teardrops bother you
    ms&s - sweet dream machine

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    Leaving out the hits and/or singles, this is what I would go with:

    DIANA ROSS (1970): Now That There's You
    SURRENDER: I Can't Give Back the Love I Feel For You
    TOUCH ME IN THE MORNING: Brown Baby / Save the Children
    DIANA AND MARVIN: Include Me in Your Life
    LAST TIME I SAW HIM: No One's Gonna Be a Fool Forever
    DIANA ROSS (1976): After You
    BABY IT'S ME: The Same Love That Made Me Laugh
    ROSS: You Were the One
    THE BOSS: No One Gets The Prize
    DIANA: Give Up
    TO LOVE AGAIN: Stay With Me
    WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE: Think I'm in Love
    SILK ELECTRIC: Fool for Your Love
    ROSS: Love or Loneliness
    SWEPT AWAY: Forever Young
    EATEN ALIVE: Crime of Passion

    *Note: EA is the one album of Diana's that I have never gotten into. I can't even remember what many of the songs sound like, especially those on Side 2. I went with "Passion" because it seems to be a fan favorite.

    TAKE ME HIGHER: Let Somebody Know
    I LOVE YOU: What About Love

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    Great pics. I did a little more thinking and realize this probably would never happen... unless she picked the most successful track. It would be neat to hear obscure songs, as many are better than the hits IMO. I think a one-song-each-album tour would be a great celebration of her career and new AMA. Here's a more realistic list:

    Diana Ross: Ain't No Mountain High Enough
    Everything is Everything: I'm Still Waiting
    Surrender: Remember Me
    Touch Me in the Morning: Touch Me in the Morning
    Last Time I Saw Him: No One's Gonna be a Fool Forever
    Diana Ross: Theme from Mahogany
    Baby, It's Me: Gettin' Ready for Love
    Ross: Lovin', Livin', Givin'
    The Boss: The Boss
    Diana: Upside Down
    Why Do Fools Fall in Love: Mirror, Mirror
    Silk Electric: Muscles
    Ross: Let's Go Up
    Swept Away: Missing You
    Eaten Alive: Chain Reaction
    Red Hot Rhythm and Blues: Dirty Looks
    Workin' Overtime: Workin' Overtime
    The Force Behind the Power: When You Tell Me That You Love Me
    When You Dream: Did You Ever Wonder Why?
    Take Me Higher: Take Me Higher
    Every Day is a New Day: Not over You Yet


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