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    Does anyone know Yola?

    I have been reading about this British singer who sounds interesting. Supposedly an old soul kind of 60s vibe and if so, I might enjoy her. Does anyone have her debut CD? Or can anyone post a clip?

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    She was on Jimmy Fallon not too long ago and blew me away. I don't have any of her music yet but she has offerings on iTunes. She's got a nice soulful sound. Sorry I don't know how to post youtube clips.

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    I, too, have heard great things about Yola and have streamed her lp 'Walk Through Fire' quite frequently via: Spotify. A very talented woman she is, writing her own material as well as a great singer and guitarist. Yola has a southern, rustic edge to her style.

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    Thanks guys. You always come through with answers to any question. If this lady writes all her own material, I am more impressed with that than I am her vocals or styling. At least she knows how to write lyrics and tell a story, which is more than you can say for a lot of today's stars.

    I don't think she is "quite" what I was hoping for, however. All three songs you guys linked have their appeal, and the video for Ride Out in the Country is a hoot, but I guess I was hoping she would have a little more sass, like a Denise LaSalle, Ann Peebles, or Millie Jackson, since I heard that she was a throwback to that era.

    But she is good at what she does and I hope she has a successful career.


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