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    The story of the time

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    I watched and enjoyed last week and it has me wondering about a lot
    of things. Since it was produced before Prince's passing last year I'd
    like to know if any of the guys would add or change anything they
    did or said in it. No, I know Prince was not perfect but he did create
    the act. Also, it had me reminding myself through youtube how
    talented some of the guys were in their own rite. Especially Jesse
    Johnson. I was surprised he didn't mention in the documentary how
    he pulled off his great hit collab with Sly Stone. I remember that
    knocked us funkaholics out....

    And this could almost have been produced today...


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    Alexander O'Neal was the original lead of The Time.

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    Tales From The Tour Bus is a great show. I endorse it enthusiastically.

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    Well it's about half past...oh you mean the group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arr&bee View Post
    Well it's about half past...oh you mean the group.
    "What Time Is It?" Jerome, where's my mirror? Yes! It's gonna be kinda right tonight! - Morris Day

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    This is a shameless riff of Abbott & Costello's "Who's On First" but it still cracks me up.


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