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    "The Spell" (1983 Album by Syreeta)

    Syreeta released an album in 1983 produced by Jermaine Jackson. The Spell has not been released on CD to date. I have searched the net (including Don't Forget the Motor City) in an effort to find the name(s) of the composer(s) for each track on the album.

    I can only find one (see below). Can anyone tell me the composer(s) of the other seven tracks?

    1. Forever is Not Enough* (Composer: Syreeta Wright)
    2. (You Are) The Spell
    3. Freedom*
    4. To Know
    5. Freddie Um Ready
    6. Once Love Touches Your Life
    7. Fall Apart
    8. The Other Me

    *Stevie Wonder on Synthesizer
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    "To Know" is a cover of The Jackson 5's 1972 original, on the "Lookin' Through The Windows" album.

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    Thanks, Starguard4! Every detail helps me in my search. I was hoping that someone on the Forum owned the vinyl album and would be able to jot down the compuser(s) for the following tracks:
    -(You Are) The Spell
    -To Know
    -Freddie Um Ready
    -Once Love Touches Your Life
    -Fall Apart (recorded by Jackson 5, also)
    -The Other Me

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    longtime: I'll be back with you in a few hours with what you want - I got the album as a review copy in the Uk. Think I must have played it... err once! Not to my liking, and I'd like to bet I won't like it when I dig it out! Because you know I've just got to listen to it now you've brought it up!

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    Hope it's not a white label......hahahahahahahaha

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    Thanks , Soulwally! I know the information about the composers is on the LP's back cover. I found a scan of the back cover on the net but it was tiny and indistinct! :-)

    I have had my interest in Syreeta renewed recently because I just purchased/received her album Set My Love in Motion from Funky Town Grooves (released with Motown approval). It's a nice release to own.


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    Here are the composers:
    Forever is not enough = Syreeta
    (You are) The spell = Syreeta, Harold Barney
    Freedom = Syreeta, Greg Poree, Michael Scott Henderson
    To know = The Corporation (Fonce Mizell, Deke Richards, Freddie Perren, Berry Gordy)
    Freddie um ready = Jermaine Jackson, Syreeta
    One love touches your life = Jermaine Jackson, Elliot Willensky
    Fall apart = Syreeta, Curtis Robertson Jr., Harold Barney
    The other me = Elliot Willensky

    Concerning Stevie Wonder´s participation, I didn´t find his name in the credits of my LP.

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    Thank you x 1000, Soulstevie! I appreciate the time that you gave to do this for me. This is what the SDF is all about!

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    You´re welcome!

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    Sorry, Longtimefan, I forgot to look. Glad you've got your info elsewhere. No, it's not a white label, it's a regular issue. I still intend to give it a play.

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    Sorry, this is an old thread, but I have the album and I can add some information. The composers are correct.

    This is the info for each song:
    Keyboards and rhythm arrangement: Harold Barney, synthesizer: Stevie Wonder, background vocals: Syreeta
    Keyboards and rhythm arrangement: Harold Barney, guitar: Paul M. Jackson Jr., congas: Eddie "Bongo" Brown, background vocals: Syreeta
    Keyboards: Harold Barney, Jerry Porcaro; synthesizer: Stevie Wonder; guitars: Paul M. Jackson Jr., Greg Poree; bass: Mike Porcaro, drums: Leon "Ndugu" Chandler, rhythm arrangement: Jermaine Jackson, Paul M. Jackson Jr.; background vocals: Syreeta
    A4. TO KNOW
    Electric and accoustic guitars, rhythm arrangement: Paul M. Jackson Jr., guitar: Greg Poree, bass: Mike Porcaro, Fender Rhodes: Jerry Peters, Synthesizer: Harold Barney, drums: Leon "Ndugu" Chandler, string arrangement: Gene Page, background vocals: Jermaine Jackson
    Keyboards: Denzil A. Miller Jr., guitar: Paul M. Jackson Jr., bass: Mike Porcaro, drums: Jeff Porcaro, rhythm arrangement: Jermaine Jackson, Paul M. Jackson Jr.; background vocal: Syreeta
    Lead and background vocals: Syreeta, Jermaine Jackson; keyboards: Steve Porcaro, Denzil A. Miller Jr.; guitar: Paul M. Jackson Jr., bass: Mike Porcaro, drums: Jeff Porcaro, rhythm arrangement: Jermaine Jackson, Paul M. Jackson Jr.; string arrangement: Gene Page
    Keyboards: Harold Barney, guitar: Paul M. Jackson Jr., bass: Mike Porcaro, drums: Jeff Porcaro, rhythm arrangement: Jermaine Jackson, Harold Barney; background vocals: Syreeta
    Acoustic piano: Elliot Willensky, Fender Rhodes: Sylvester Rivers, guitar: Paul M. Jackson Jr., bass: Nathan East, drums: Ollie E. Brown, rhythm and string arrangement: Gene Page

    Recording and mixing engineer: Russ Terrana
    Mastered by John Matousek
    Recorded in California.
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    I have the album downloaded and recall it being pretty decent. Here it is on discogs: https://www.discogs.com/Syreeta-The-...elease/2292173

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    I purchased that album with great hope, but was not too fond of it. I did like Fall Apart and The Other Me. Her voice is still beautiful. I haven’t played the album in years!


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