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    Motown Publicity / Studio photos

    Hello everyone!

    We've all seen those fabulous shots used for both advertisement and album work from our favorite artists. Lately, I've been searching [[Googling) them and been finding next to nothing. The Supremes seem to be the exception, but other artists are pretty rare. These photographs do exist, but I can only guess in private collections; hopefully, some of the members here included!

    I would like to request posting of such photos here of any/all Motown artists, including Chris Clark, Edwin Starr, Kim Weston, Brenda Holloway, Barbara McNair, Blinky, Tammi Terrell, and any others. It would be great to see some "new" or rare pictures!

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    Here's a nice artist 10x8 headshot that you don't see too often. Also, an exact copy of the Motown biography issued at the time of the release of '' Zippety Doo-Dah'' [[sic) in October, 1971.

    [[From The Motown Scrapbook)



    ''Get a college degree'' has become as much an American motto as ''Walk softly, but carry a big stick''. For Suzee Ikeda, a perky, 24-year-old Oriental beauty of Japanese ancestry, the best way to achieve a higher education in the music field she loves so much was to join Motown Record Corp.

    Since joining Motown in 1967, Miss Ikeda's musical education has been extensive. not only is she creative assistant and production coordinator for Motown's prolific producer, Hal Davis, but now with her recording of ''Zippety Doo-Dah'', she has become a recording artist in her own right.

    Her background does not follow the usual pattern of singers. She didn't belong to any church choir or sing with a group during her teenage years. There were no family sing-alongs either, but, says Suzee, ''I've been singing since I was about three. I just always knew I wanted to be a singer.''

    Suzee's mother and father moved from her birthplace, Chicago, when she was five months old to Monterey, Calif. She majored in music in that city's Garfield High School and received a music scholarship to USC and then went to UCLA. Her high school music teacher, Art Freeman, contacted her one day when she in college and asked her if she would like to go to a Supreme's recording session that his brother, the well-known arranger-producer Ernie Freeman, was working on. She met Hal Davis there and decided to leave college and work for Motown.

    The nine years of violin lessons and some piano as well as her musical training in college have not gone in vain, however, since joining the company, Suzee has been an all-around Girl Friday for the company; coordinating recording sessions, writing monologues for some of the groups' tunes as well as putting in many hours in the Motown recording studios helping out in the actual mechanization of putting a record together.

    During the brief span of time that she was away from Motown during 1969, Suzee tried her hand at acting. Now that she has returned to recording and working with Motown, she looks at acting as something she may return to eventually.

    But for right now, she plans to put all of her energies and efforts into establishing herself as a singer.

    There's no doubt she will make it. Her zeal is boundless, her personality, though bubbling and vivacious, also has a certain precociousness about her that belies her young 24 years.

    Her style is pop-orientated and her voice has an appealing waif-like quality to it, yet there is a strong richness to it when needed.

    Suzee Ikeda has the tenacity and definite talent to make it big as another Motown star.

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    If you want to see some rare pics of the Supremes , Temptations etc. Check out the thread "Leo's Casino....Cleveland, Ohio" on the main forum

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