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    R.I.P. Tyrone Barkley (The Undisputed Truth)

    Tyrone (Lil Ty) Barkley passed away on Feb. 13 according to a FB post from Joe Harris.

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    Oh, this is so so sad. I really love The Undisputed Truth. Thanks for the post, johnny.

    RIP Tyrone "Lil Ty" Barkley

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    Here he is in 1978:

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    Tyrone actually sang lead a lot during his tenure as a member of The Undisputed Truth.

    Here's the funktastic and absolutely BRILLIANT "Poontang" featuring Lil Ty on lead:

    (Sorry if it doesn't work)
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    Here's "Earthquake Shake" (craazzy funk-disco) from 1975:

    Lil Ty is the voice you hear about one minute in
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    Here's the group performing "Help Yourself" on Soul Train in 1974. Tyrone is on the far left!

    One of my personal favourites...

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    The Truth performing their incredibly funked-up rendition of The Temptations' "Ma" in 1975:

    I think Tyrone is second in from the right

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    Lil Ty leading another funk-a-thon right here:

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    The group's 1975 recording of The Tempts' "I'm Losing You" with Tyrone up front:

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    Oh yea, and there's this one...

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    Here's Tyrone's one-and-only solo single, a 1979 recording of The Del Royals' "Man Of Value".

    I love it!
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    And the B-Side:

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