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    Anyone Have Information On This 1982 Gamble & Huff Book?

    I was looking around to see if Gamble, Huff & Thom Bell ever did that book that was talked about three years or so ago. Didn't find that but found this 1982 book on Amazon. It states that it was written by Gamble & Huff:


    I'm tempted to pick it up but decided to look before I leap.

    Edit: From this brief description, it sounds like a list of songs -

    "The Sound of Philadelphia-book, 1982-Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff-song list-30p The Sound of Philadelphia-book, 1982-Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff-song list-30p"
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    Hi there,

    Maybe this will give you some insight, it confirms it is sheet music for the songs listed on the back of the book


    Name:  the-sound-of-philadelphia-book-1982-kenneth-gamble-and-leon-huff-song-list-30p.jpg
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    cheers Mike

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    Thanks, I saw that while searching but didn't equate it with sheet music.

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    You may want to contact the third party seller to ask for more info. I've had good luck with third party sellers on Amazon's site......except one....recently.

    The company did not ship the coat for granddaughter in the required time. I checked the comments about the seller and found a bunch of unhappy people. I contacted Amazon about it and they refunded my money in a couple of days with little hassle. I like that.


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