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    Detroit Drums by Drew Schultz - The Delgonives - 'Miss me, Miss my baby'

    Due for release in February and written by Carl Dixon is the new song by 'The Delgonives' called 'Miss me, miss my baby'. Think Beach/Blue Eyed/Detroit/Northern Soul/Popcorn/Frankie Valli and a 60's groove. The excellent drums on this performed by Detroits own Drew Schultz with NO editing. I have been trying to get horns done in Detroit, but failed. Would be nice to get some of the crew similarly to my 2008 Detroit session at Studio A, like Edward Gooch for example. On this occasion the horns were done in Nashville remotely. Also I would like Detroit guitars, but they would have to be done remotely also. I cannot afford a full studio session again.

    This is the 'foot stomp' extended stereo version. There will be at least 15 vocal and instrumental versions when released. So if you like the tenor sax, or electric piano, or vibraphone lead on an instrumental....they will be available. Also there will be interesting mixes changing the dynamics of the song a little. Why? Because it is expensive to create new music like this and if there is a chance somebody would be interested in buying two versions rather than one, it contributes immensely. There will be a free mono radio edit available to those only curious at this stage. Check out 55motown on SoundCloud, there are a number of songs with a free mono download of 'The Delgonives' material, like 'Loving you always came easy' and 'Soul Girl' or example.

    If you are aware of any radio jock in the US, Canada or UK who may be interested in the style of The Delgonives/'Miss me, miss my baby' please forward the link to them. It would be very much appreciated. Also if you are a terrestrial or Internet jock and interested in more information about my 2008 Detroit session or up and coming releases drop me a line at: carl[[at)bandtraxs.com

    Enjoy the track and thank you:


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    Well look what we have here...the 5th Top. Glad you made your way back to the group.

    This sounds interesting. Send me a PM

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    There are a few other tracks to listen too:


    Don't forget, let ,me know of any radio jocks who may like or be curious about my material etc. Thank you.
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    Hey Baby Boy. I listened and I may have something for you. Is your email addy the same?

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    But maybe it's time to post another song ha ha. This is one myself, Bobby Eli and Chiquita Green wrote in 2008. We cut it at Bobby's studio in the Philly suburbs. It's my favourite from the session.....Earl Young on drums, Bobby and Dennis Harris on guitar, T G Conway on keys, Jimmie Williams on bass guitar, and Rikki Hicks on percussion and me tapping my feet....

    A fabulous lesson on how to write a song....priceless.....

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    Hey Ms. M!!!

    This is Drew - I think there's been a bit of a mix up.

    The gentleman who has posted here is Mr. Carl Dixon, a producer and songwriter from the UK who has done several sessions with amazing musicians and artists including Dennis Coffey, Uriel Jones, Bob Babbitt, Ray Monette, Spyder Turner, and more.

    I played drums on the session for the song he has linked, and had a ton of fun doing it!

    However, I myself am here - you can find me online at

    or my facebook

    Also, my personal e-mail and number are all the same!
    Hope to chat with you soon, and thanks!
    - Drew

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    Ok Drew. Will be in touch soon!

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    I do like a good mix up Drew. Well spotted and thank you again for your work on the two tracks. Absolutely top and eyebrows officially raised over here. The other track is on the back burner at the moment until I get a few other things sorted....

    But the good news everybody is 'Miss me, miss my baby' by The Delgonives is due for release 14th February 2017 and on my Soundcloud channel there is a FREE mono download of the radio mix if you are interested. Simply press the 'more' tab and you will be able to see the download option. Think 60's, soul, Detroit, northern soul, Motown, The Beach Boys, Frankie Valli, The Embers, The Reflections etc

    If you support music with real instruments in this style please share the link with your friends and colleagues and even to your local radio stations and jocks. It would be very much appreciated. Thank you:


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    Available now on CD Baby to preview ALL 20 mixes in full of 'Miss me, miss my baby' by The Delgonives. Don't forget the free mono mix on Soundcloud too! Radio talent contact me for epk etc. Enjoy:-


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    Forget to mention the promo too! Don't forget this release has real drums by Detroits own Drew Schulz. Plus real, horns, guitars and bass too:


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    Apologies if you have been trying the above link for 'Miss me'/The Delgonives. CD Baby had a catastrophic 5 day outage from last Thursday/Friday until this morning which obliterated any current release schedule they had. Mine was one of them. Anyway, the site is back up and running smoothly now. 'Miss me, miss my baby' will be in all stores soon [[iTunes UK just now), BUT you can listen to FULL length versions via this url. Don't forget, the drums were done by your very own Drew Schultz. Drew is as effervescent as they come and is doing all sorts of things like drumming with The Four Tops and doing a six week song writing course, which I wish I could attend for the hell of it! Also, note there are 20 , yes 20 mixes of this song with all sorts of things going on. Check out the foot stomp versions which salute Motown for example. Alternate vocal 1 & 2 have fabulous bari and tenor sax middle 8's, and track 15 starts with an a cappella. Check 'em out. Don't think for one minute people like myself, Drew or indeed any of the other musicians on these tracks will EVER give up with our musical passion and quests to be creative. Enjoy:

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    If you remember my 2008 session at Studio A/Dearborn Heights, you will remember Spyder Turners 'Tell me [[crying over you)'! Well, the song is now 13 years old, maybe more so I have decided to re cut the song with 'The Delgonives' and release later this year. It will be similar to Spyders version, but certain parts will reflect the original demo I did in 2007. Again, this will have real drums, guitars, bass and horns....this is the latest demo:-



    'Miss me, miss my baby' by The Delgonives is now available everywhere. All 20 mixes can be heard in full at CD Baby. Remember, your very own Drew Schultz is on drums. Check out track 15, with the a cappella beginning. Don't forget ther eis a free mono download of the radio mix on the Bandtraxs SoundCloud channel:-


    Free mono mix here - select 'more' and download...and share! Thank you.


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    If anybody is interested I just posted a tenor sax instrumental of 'Miss me, miss my baby' by The Delgonives on Soundcloud. Enjoy:


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    Hi everybody!

    Here is my latest production update of 'Tell me [[crying over you)' by The Delgonives, which was originally released in 2008 by Spyder Turner produced by Dennis Coffey. This new version will have multiple mixes both vocal and instrumental. There will be a tenor sax instrumental as well as a vibe, and also organ too. So the usual radio mixes, extended versions, instrumentals etc. AND more importantly, Detroit's own Drew Schultz is on the drums - hot off the press yesterday. The tracks also features real bass guitar, guitars, tenor and bari saxophones etc all recorded in Nashville. The track will be released soon. Enjoy;-)


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    And this will be another instrumental mix beginning with just drums and bass. Remember, the original commercial release was recorded in Detroit March 2008 by Spyder Turner. This is a new recording:


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