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    Sticky Thread Shock

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I think there are too many sticky threads on the main forum.

    IMHO…..I feel we don’t need any of them. I feel the only sticky threads needed are those which offer Rules for Posting or similar information for new members or lets existing members know when there are policy changes. That is how they are used in similar Forums. I feel that threads rise and fall based on Forum participation …..Democracy in Motion.

    When I log onto the main page, I want to see the latest threads…… not “ReTreads”.

    Westgrand started a thread called “Make This a Birthday to Remember” and uses that thread to post birthday information for a ton of people. I love this idea because it eliminates dozens of individual threads with similar information…..unless of course someone feels the need to start one. I applaud Westgrand’s efforts in maintaining this thread.

    Russell Thompkins’ thread has over 119 thousand views and constantly remains on the front page without being a Sticky Thread because it’s constantly being updated.

    If you insist on keeping the Stickies, I have a few suggestions.

    I feel we could have one thread for online radio shows. We could do the same for Books.

    I feel we don’t need separate threads for Dennis Coffey’s new album and new video.

    After reading them I feel that last 4 Sticky Threads, from Moulton to Lowell have long since served their purpose and can be reduced to regular thread status.

    I think that after a certain period of inaction, that Sticky Threads should be changed to regular threads.

    Anyway……just my opinion.

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    Makes sense to me.

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    Destruction. The threads I decide should be "stuck" are those that concern music releases, and books available concerning music. These days are tough on music producers and artists and also authors. I keep these subjects at the top to help individuals responsible for these things that interest us. Des....Scroll down a bit....big deal. I do keep an eye on the dates of the posts. If a particular thread gets old, say more than a couple of months without any activity, I delete the thread.
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    As Ralph describes their intention I think the sticky threads are fine here. Generally though
    I will say they work at max on forums with high traffic volumes and larger memberships,ergo
    larger number of lurkers too. Though I listen to very little of the featured music, I do like
    and make use of the sticky threads on allhiphop.com. They can't seem to find a belt or pull
    their pants up but some of those kids have some profound ideas about the world at large
    and this country in general...


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