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    New Online Radio Show

    Hello and Happy 2017 !
    Most of you may recall that I use to host a show on WHPK, for many years. In the summer of August 2016, I decided to step away from WHPK, for various reasons.
    Well, all that's behind me, and I am returning to the airwaves this coming Saturday, January 7th.
    It's a 2 hour program called "45s,Albums and CDs." I will be playing dusties utilizing all three formats.
    It's a 24 hour online radio station Grown Folks Muzic. www.wgfmradio.com

    I hope you will join me each and every Saturday from 5-7pm [[cst)

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    Gary, best of luck with the new show.

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    That's great Gary. I will be listening. Thanks.

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    Hey Homeboy!

    Glad you're still doing your thing. I will tell the girls. I think I have video of them dancing to one of your "booty" songs that you used play at the beginning your Thursday show. They felt like real celebrities.

    You introduced me to a mess of tunes new to me and always gave me at least one request.

    I hope you can squeeze in some Whatnauts jams into your new mix.

    It sounds like you're doing a live show. Are you doing requests and if so, how will you handle that?

    Looking forward to it.

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    Thanks Ralph and Marv2.

    Destruction, this will be a live show. I will be taking requests in a couple of weeks.

    Tomorrow's show is debut, and I'm still trying to figure out musical selections. lol. Should be fun .....

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    Been listening the past 10 songs.

    Thought I'd missed you, but cst is just like cpt.....so I'm good.

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    Cool Destruction !

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    OMG I've been looking a long long time for an audition like this. Thanks for sharing!

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    You're welcome. Sorry, for taking so long to reply back. If anyone missed any shows, they are archived on Mixcloud. Type in "45s,Albums& CDs" in the search bar window, and you should be able to hear the shows. Thanks

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  11. Hi, i am jimmy,i have been looking a long long time for an audition like this.I am very excited,this type audition is very necessary.

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    Hi Jimmy,
    Exactly what type of audition are you describing, to be in radio ? Please explain, so I can better understand what you mean. Thanks


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