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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    Well, the WFT let Ryan Kerrigan slip away to Philadelphia. Guess their defensive line got deep enough to let one of their all-time greats go.

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    Guess so. That's like our DB Mike Hilton going to the Bengals. It may come back to haunt both teams.

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    Uh-oh... Looks like Jai went to Grady's to celebrate the WBT's successful turnaround and ate too much chittlin' cobbler pie. Now, he's making worrisome bets. I guess the stimulus check arrived.
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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...not quite yet!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    guess so. That's like our db mike hilton going to the bengals. It may come back to haunt both teams.
    yep,it could indeed,like alfred morris killing us last season for the giants.

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    I didn't know Alfred Morris was still in the league.Also: There's a good chance that the Sixers might see the WBT in the first round. Not sure I'm ready for that smoke.

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    If we face the sixers,it will be a quick death,mr.embid ain't losin to the gizzards this year.

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    Oh,and for the record the giz ain't beatin the nets either,but it would be a good series.

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    On any given Sunday, any one team is capable of beating another. Or Monday. Or Tuesday. Heck, they play basketball seven days a week. All that it takes for either team to win is to outscore the other. And the WBT has an X-factor right now. Actually, two. They can beat anybody on the right night.

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    Looks like I spoke too soon. Jayson Tatum played like somebody on the WBT kissed his girlfriend and now, they'll have to play the Pacers on Thursday to continue the dream.

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    Trade rumors swirling again for Julio Jones. We'll see what happens, Jerry.

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    Just rumors until it happens. If it does, it's just business. I haven't heard anything that sounds substantive yet but there are rumors that the Ravens want him. And also that the Patriots tried to gank the Falcons out of Julio AND the #4 pick that landed Kyle Pitts. Must be smoking something pretty strong in Foxboro.

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    That one is easy.........they think THEY'RE THE PATRIOTS & they can do anything. I can't wait for that game when the Bucs play the Patriots. I couldn't even give you a guess as to how hanked off Belicheat was they Brady et al won the Super Bowl.
    Life is rough, Billy

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    I can only imagine the angry looks Belicheat is getting from Robert Kraft when they pass each other in the lunch room, knowing that he let the wrong man walk.

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    You have to wonder if the "Belicheat Method" was starting to get old for Brady. Look at Gronk & Edelman.....they're out of there. There was an ex- Patriot who mentioned they were glad they were out of there. I can't remember the name[s].

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    Jerry,the gizzards are done for this season,they have about as much chance of beating the pacers again as duufus has of being pope, a nice little run but it ends tonight.

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    We'll see. The Pacers are a good team. But the WBT isn't a joke. I think both are going out tonight swinging for the fences.

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    Hmm... I had an odd dream last night. I was watching the WBT play the Indianapolis Pacers and went absolutely ballistic and beat them by 27 points. Seems like an odd thing for a team that doesn't stand a chance. What a weird dream!

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    Tomorrow will be the first time in 35 years that the Sixers will play the WBT in the playoffs. WBT is hot [[contrary to certain esteemed fans' opinions) having made the playoffs when they only had a 1% chance of doing so at the beginning of April. Should be an exciting series.

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    Sixers up a game. But it came down to a 4th quarter run. I have a feeling that if the game was in Washington, the WBT would have pulled it out. We have to play better from the giddy up next time.

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    And... Julio confirms he wants out of Atlanta. I'm actually okay with it because I don't want anybody on my team who doesn't want to be there. Even my second favorite Atlanta Falcon ever.

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    Was that phone call on the air legal? I thought all along he'd go. So, now to where?
    New England? We'll see.
    And what about that interview with Richard Sherman? Pittsburgh? Nah......he doesn't play like Pittsburgh does.

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    I'm sure the Fox Sports lawyers were abreast of the legality of it. Julio and Shannon are dudes, so that wasn't a spontaneous event. Personally, I think that when Julio held out for a new deal two he was eyeing his way out of town. It'd be interesting to see him in New England. If he thinks Matt Ryan's lost some zip on his passes, wait until he tries to catch them from Cam Newton. I love him but in hindsight, paying $25 million last season for nine games was a huge reason why we struggled. He can't be replaced, but we could have had another WR1 and a couple of necessary pieces on defense for the same amount of money. Put me on record as one who believes that Matt Ryan will have a better season than Julio, in or out of Atlanta.

    I didn't hear about Richard Sherman. I'm curious as to why he's still on the market. Kind of surprised that Dan Quinn hasn't convinced Dallas to bring him down to Jerry World after he successfully lobbied them to use all of their top draft picks on defense. And you're right. His ego would be a horrible fit in Pittsburgh.

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    OTA's with some of the WR's absent [JuJu, Claypool, Johnson, Washington]. I have seen all of them training elsewhere, so I'm not worried.
    Sherman still out there........
    And Myles Garrett dunking a basketball over a very physically unassuming person. The media is something. Is this supposed to be earth shaking news?

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    Oh jerry,what did i tell ya,the sixers are about as worried about the gizzards as grady is about getting a job with the state health department,hehehe!!!

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    Joel Embiid went ballistic yesterday. I didn't see it before the series began, but the WBT has a matchup problem with Philly. They're professionals, though. So I expect to see them play much harder tomorrow. Lopez and Len will probably use 11 of their 12 fouls to stop Embiid and somebody's going to have to figure out where Tobias Harris is hiding his spinach. I'm honestly surprised because we haven't played this well all season.

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    Part of it is coaching,philly has doc rivers and we have ol[what's his name]combine that with philly just being better and there you have it-philly in four-lights out!!!

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    And the Sixers' broom got broken on the way to sweeping the series. Worse yet, Joel Embiid left the game with a sore knee. The Beltway Bullets had more urgency, energy and just looked like they wanted the win more. Good game. There's still a chance that the WBT can shock the world.

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa...well so much for that theory, now if they are serious about trying to win they'll fire brooks as soon as possible and try to find a no nonsense coach who'll not be their buddy but teach em how to play d-e-f-e-n-s-e and not worry about thier little feeling being hurt if he yells at em,as caron butler once said about his team mates-they need some-tough juice!!

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    I'm not sure whether Brooks is a good coach or not but they showed up in game 4. And they really turned on the afterburners in April. They're missing something but there's definitely chemistry and something to work with. Y'all really missed Davis Bertans in that last game and between Beal, Westbrook and Hachimura, you have a solid base of talent. Brooks should have started Gafford over Len and Lopez. He's got potential.

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    Brooks coaches the way grady cooks[halfass]of course ted will likely give him an extention and the suffering will endure!!

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    Bradley Beal holds Scott Brooks' future in his hands. Beal and Westbrook are in the same boat as Damian Lillard: Superior talents wasting their championship windows on inferior teams. I have a strong feeling Beal's going to try to force his way out of town this offseason. Lillard, too.

    As it relates to Grady, think of their time on their respective teams like the pleasure you get when Grady serves you with a extra-large goat liver and dumpling casserole with a free side of his world famous cottage cheese and sauerkraut turnovers for the price of a bargain meal only to realize after you eat it that he did you no favors. At some point, you realize that eating more probably isn't in your better interest.

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    Well, Jerry ........Julio Jones to Tennessee along with a 2023 sixth-round pic,
    in exchange for a 2022 second-round pic and a 2023 fourth-round pic pending physical.
    Tennessee will take on all of his $15.3 million salary for 2021 & the remaining 2 years of his contract while the Falcons assume $7.75 million in dead money. Wow!

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    God bless him in his future endeavors. I'll always love him for his time in the ATL but I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'm miffed about his wanting to "play for a winner" when his huge contract [[which he held out for with three years remaining on his previous deal) is largely responsible for our lack of depth in the past two seasons. That's an important lesson for teams in the future: Don't allocate too much money to one position.

    But taking off my homer hat, if the Titans can replace their wayward offensive coordinator [[Atlanta's new head coach) with a competent playcaller, their offense is going to give opponents headaches. Who do you try to stop? A.J. Brown, Julio and Derrick Henry are the NFL version of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Good luck, everybody.

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    You think ATL needs that $$$ to pay their rookies?

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    I know they need it. We had something like $650,000 of cap space and couldn't even sign our draft class. What I find interesting is we could have restructure Grady Jarrett to free up the money but the team chose not to. That tells me that the reason we traded Julio is because he wanted to go somewhere else. And his stated desire to boogie out of town is the reason I'm not approaching a meltdown over seeing him go. I support players almost without question and if he wanted to leave, it was time for him to go.

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    I felt the same way about Bud Dupree. I never wanted to see him go but he went for more money than the Steelers could pay him, as well as Mike Hilton. Totally business decisions. I will miss them but wish them well.

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    Jerry,right now i'm feeling pretty good about my[other]home team[wft]so good that i'm putting them in the[nfc]championship game with tampa..you heard it here first!!

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    You may be right about that. I saw where Montrez Sweat was trending earlier today. Apparently, less than half the WFT is vaccinated so the team brought in experts to answer the players' questions. Sweat said he didn't appreciate the team bringing people in to explain the vaccine and answer questions because he wanted to know the facts about the vaccine.

    Is there any question why we lost 600,000 people to this damned virus? :[[

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    I saw this on Twitter and thought about you, moe:

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    Ha! That's pretty good!!

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    Looks like somebody **cough cough Jai cough cough** got one of his wishes today. The WBT has sacked Scott Brooks and are looking for somebody new to make Bradley Beal happy. I mean, somebody new to coach the team. N'Awlins got rid of Stan Van Gundy after a season today, too. It's going to be a bidding war for head coaches.

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    The early leader for the WBT job appears to be Wes Unseld, Jr., who is currently a Denver Nuggets assistant coach. Nuggets have one of the best coaches in the league right now in Michael Malone.

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    I wouldn't let wes jr.coach grady's kitchen team,i want chauncy billips[tough no nonsense defense guy]of course these idiots will more than likely hire him anyhow and the losing will continue,or maybe they'll be bold and bring in a female...[like those guys are gonna listen to her]and as for stan van gundy...he ain't his brother whom i would also love to have but he ain't leaving the booth for this mess!!


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