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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    Green Bay & Buffalo would be very nice in the Super Bowl!

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    green bay & buffalo would be very nice in the super bowl!
    i'll drink to that!

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    Jerry,we could have eight players...and we still gonna lose-sigh!!!

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    I feel your pain, partner. Sixers fans are revolting against management because we didn't trade Ben Simmons, Tyrese Maxey and three first round picks for James Harden. Turns out, we tried but Houston refuses to deal with our GM, who used to be their GM. So fans are going nuts even though there was never a chance we could have gotten him. Good luck to the Nuts for getting him.

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    I'm not an NBA fan so I'll leave that to you two............
    Dwayne Haskins visiting the Steelers today.......is it any cooincidence that Haskin's new agent is also Mike Tomlin's agent? Also ex-Browns coach Hue Jackson visiting Steelers today for offensive coordinator position. It seems the thought of Matt Canada being named OC was premature.

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    I read where Keith Butler was returning as DC but didn't hear anything about the OC. I have a feeling that the Steelers' problems go deeper than the offensive coordinator, though. It seems like the team-first egoless locker room that they've had since Chuck Noll is starting to erode a bit. There seems to be divas on both sides of the ball lately and even in the heyday of Joey Porter, Steelers players were more about wins than attention. I could be wrong.

    And Dwayne Haskins has a live arm. One of the most shocking things from the last two seasons is his flameout in Washington. People are saying that Justin Fields is Ohio State's best quarterback but Haskins had the best season of any of their QBs and I've been following [[if not a fan of) that team since I was 5 years old. Maybe going home was a bad idea [[he's from the DMV) and his agent can put him in a situation where he can show up, shut up and earn his time on the field. If Pittsburgh isn't trending toward a locker room of divas as I suggested, then Haskins would be in the perfect environment to be Big Ben's heir. But if you put him in the presence of knuckleheads, he'll never succeed.

    Am I overly opinionated?

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    Now there are reports that the Steelers are planning to sign Haskins. Personally, both Miami and Atlanta should have snatched him up first. Miami to give Tua competition and Atlanta to have him serve as Matt Ryan's heir apparent. I really hope the young man turns things around.

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    Well Jerry, the Steelers did. I think it's a no brainer for them. A one year contract. He either performs or he's out. He can wipe the slate clean & start again. I have to wonder if the WFT organization was the wrong place for Haskins. The Steelers will be less forgiving [[hey, they've gone through AB & Bell & Joey Porter so they've had some experience dealing with "issues"). We'll see.......

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    Good luck with haskins,i just heard that martin mayhew is the new gm of the wft,he was our starting cb on our last superbowl team before going to the lions.

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    R&B it's easy.......a 1 year "you better produce or you're out" contract doesn't hurt the Steelers one bit. The only thing I regret is that they might let Josh Dobbs go & keep Rudolph [[backup). I have never been able to understand keeping lead feet Rudolph.

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    Haskins is laying down Bible verses on Twitter. Should have been in online Bible study instead of the strip clubs and he'd probably still be in DC. Dude put the WFT in an untenable situation at a bad time. With that being said, Big Ben was on a runaway bus out of the league at one point and he turned around admirably. Of course, he had more rope because he was good from the giddyup [[unlike Haskins) so maybe he's the best mentor the young man can have right now.

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    That's a great point, Jerry. Some people seem to forget the antics of one Big Ben in the early years. And hopefully the Steeler organization won't tolerate Haskins antics either [[especially after AB, Bell, Porter.....you'd think they'd learn)
    Very interesting Patrick Mahomes cleared concussion protocol so fast.....ratings$$$

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    Bringing him back so soon is foolish. Concussions are no joke, especially if you just signed a 23 year old to a 10-year half-billion dollar contract. If he winds up having the same propensity for concussions that ran Troy Aikman out of football, they're going to be left with a salary cap problem that will result in a total rebuild. Besides the football implications, I really don't want to see a young man who is on track to have the greatest career in history derailed because the team put him back on the field too soon.

    On the same note, I'm worried about both Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu, who both used to lead with their heads and were frequently out with "concussion-like symptoms" according to the team. Not sure what that means, but apparently the difference in the designation used to mean that they got back on the field a week or two sooner than they probably should have. I haven't heard about any erratic behavior from them, but I'd think they're prime candidates for developing CTE.

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    Instant gratification is the way I see it, Jerry [[on the part of the owner, the NFL, the media). They want their "investment" to produce........then it goes down through the chain aka the domino effect. Everyone wants their "piece of the pie."
    As we've told each other time & time again: it's a business, nothing else......

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    SMH. People don't realize what they have until they lose it, do they?
    Suspended WR Martavis Bryant joins CFL's Toronto Argonauts

    12:40 PM ET
    Wide receiver Martavis Bryant, who has not played in the NFL since 2018 because of an indefinite suspension for multiple drug policy violations, has signed with the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League.

    Terms of the contract were not disclosed.

    Bryant's last season in the NFL was with the then-Oakland Raiders in 2018, when he had 19 receptions for 266 yards in 12 games. He played that season while a yearlong suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy was under appeal and then was suspended indefinitely by the NFL in December 2018.

    Bryant applied for reinstatement in 2019 but has not been reinstated by the league.

    He played for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2014 to 2017 but was suspended for the entire 2016 season for violating the league's substance abuse policy. The Steelers traded Bryant to the Raiders before the 2018 season.

    Bryant, 29, was a fourth-round pick by the Steelers in 2014 but missed 36 of a possible 80 regular-season games in his career because of suspensions.

    He has 145 catches for 2,183 yards and 17 touchdowns in 44 career NFL games.

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    Yeah, I saw that........so much talent but so many mental issues.....

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    So it begins.........Rooney has meeting with the press......tells them that Ben can play in 2021 but not for $41mil....Ben says we'll work it out. Second, Rooney tells James Conner he's free to test the FA market. On that one I'm very happy!! Jerry, your fantasy boy may go elsewhere.
    Also Rooney says they'll have to other QB issues....Twitter is abuzz it has to do with
    Mason Rudolph..

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    Ben is cool to step up that way, although I wonder how much of a haircut he's willing take. I still wonder what was going on behind the scenes but if I was a betting man, I'd suggest it had more to do with your OC than anything else and he's already been jettisoned. And I'm not drafting Conner again. He helped me some weeks but absolutely cost me other games.

    Meanwhile, Atlanta has a head coach who looks like he wants to work with Matt Ryan. Personally, I'd suggest that 80% of the team's problems last season were because of coaching. I'd be cool with a complete rebuild but if they can move some pieces and use others differently, I can see us playing much better next season. We'll see.

    And regarding the WFT, I was glad to see that coach Ron Rivera has been diagnosed cancer free. God bless him.

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    Me too jerry, we finally have a real coach and i'm glad he's cancer free...now as for my pain in the you know where...them no account-can't win good for nothing gizzards,how many are they gonna lose before ted pulls the trigger on brooks,oh well i guess we're gonna have the first pick...of course we'll mess it up...aaaaaaaaaaggggggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!

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    Do you know that Bradley Beal is the first player in history to lose 10 straight 40-point games? That's insane! I hope y'all get a good trade package for him because he's so gone.

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    Ron Rivera cancer prognosis----OUTSTANDING!!!
    Patricia Rooney, wife of Dan Rooney [[who passed in 2017) passed at 88---SAD
    Jared Goff/Matthew Stafford trade---what do you think?

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    The Lions absolutely fleeced the Rams [[no pun intended) in that deal. But 8 teams apparently wanted to trade for Stafford. Rumors have it that half the league wants to trade for Watson. I'm sure there's a market for Wentz as well. But Detroit was going to let Stafford go if they couldn't find a trade partner and instead of getting nothing for him, they got Goff, two firsts and a third. Even if LA wins a championship, there's no way Detroit loses the trade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arr&bee View Post
    Me too jerry, we finally have a real coach and i'm glad he's cancer free...now as for my pain in the you know where...them no account-can't win good for nothing gizzards,how many are they gonna lose before ted pulls the trigger on brooks,oh well i guess we're gonna have the first pick...of course we'll mess it up...aaaaaaaaaaggggggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!
    Apparently they heard you. Beat up the Big Three Brooklyn Nuts tonight. Keep complaining and they'll play better.

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    I had a good laugh yesterday that Stafford would take any trade EXCEPT to the Patriots!!
    Now I see where 2 former Steelers are in line for jobs on the Lions Staff: Hines Ward &
    Antwon Randel El. Randel El is presently on the Tampa Bay staff so will not be able to talk until the Super Bowl is played.
    Half the league may WANT to trade for Watson, Jerry, but the price is astronomically steep! Good luck to anyone! Latest I heard is the Raiders, but who really knows?

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    Hey jerry,who were those nba players dressed as wizards,hehehe...[the blind dog actually found a bone]of course they'll lose ten in a row now,i'm listening to sports talk and fools are talking about giving up thhe farm[half the team]for watson-s-t-u-p-i-d....i go way back with this team and remember well the days of the great[sonny jurgenson]throwing for 300yds and scoring 31 points only to lose[35-31]most of the time,why?? Because he had no defense,which is what this team will become if we give up too much for one qb...no!!!

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    Dolphins fans are talking about trading for Watson or drafting a quarterback with the third pick. We drafted Tua with the fifth pick last season and gave him no weapons. Personally, I'd prefer we develop him and give him skills players to see how good he is before we trade three first round picks and 2-3 second round picks to get his successor. And I like him better than anybody who will be in the draft after Trevor Lawrence is selected. "Fan" is short for "fanatic" and it's a very adequate name for some team fanbases.

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    I agree Jerry. How can one evaluate a first round pic after only 1 season with no weapons? Seems to me that teams want an instant return on their draft pics, when the chance of instant success is rare. Did you see the interview with Danny Amendola, who said it's not Belicheat that made the Pats successful....it was Brady. Amendola went on to say he didn't like BB but respected him. Maybe the only people who like BB are Robert Kraft & the Pats fans.

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    I didn't see the interview. But I remember watching the Bill Belichick Show when he was the coach of the Browns and he made a lasting negative impression on me then. He had losing teams but was surly and disrespectful to the interviewer. Basically made sure the viewers were aware that he was only there to fulfill his contractual obligations. He's the one who blamed Bernie Kosar for losses, citing "diminishing skills" [[a phrase that's become commonplace since he coined it). He was right about Bernie's regression but that was a poorly coached team and blaming a player was classless.

    Amendola's right. Belichick deserves credit for putting a solid but unspectacular roster around Brady for the whole time he was there but that was only possible because Brady spent his first several years on a sixth round pick's salary and most of the remainder of his time in Foxborough playing for less than market value. I really hope to see the Deflatriots suffer a slow yet brilliant trip to the bottom of the league.

    By the way: Brady taking those financial haircuts to "help the team" hurt other QBs. When a player gets the franchise tag, it amounts to the average of the top 5 players at his position. Having the best player in the league playing for $6-10 million less than market value allowed Washington to franchise Kirk Cousins for two seasons instead of offering him a fair contract. It also impacted negotiations for several others. I understand why Brady did it, but it was not as selfless as people make it out to be and it had an impact on his peers.

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    Interesting that you bring up a "financial haircut" for QB's. One of the sportswriters in Pittsburgh wrote that Rothlisberger "will not pay for free" & that the Steelers are going down a precarious road with that idea. Ed Bouchette used to write for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette but now writes for The Atlantic. Don't know why he switched. Guess we'll have to sit on our couches, eat our popcorn & wait.

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    I don't have the issue with Big Ben that I had with Brady. If he's in the top 5 QB salaries, it's not by enough to make a difference. It might seem like I'm splitting hairs but from a union standpoint, I'm always going with the collective over the individual. NFL teams are notorious for screwing players with contract language and although Brady was taking one for the team, you can bet the team is less than compelled to ever reciprocate. Especially New England, who has traded players who outplayed their contracts [[other than Brady) rather than pay them what they earned on their next deals.

    Pittsburgh is just the opposite. Belichick gets Kraft's endorsement for all personnel decisions but the Rooneys are probably the most loyal ownership group in the league and if you're a Pittsburgh guy, they'll take care of you. After he quits, Ben's going to make up what he foregoes on his contract many times over if he wants to.

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    How do you explain Bell & Brown? I don't think Bell was ever a "Pittsburgh Guy." He's had his history of getting caught with drugs in a car [[with LaGarrette Blount) & then walking out on a possible franchise contract & then going for the $$. He then did nothing for the Jets, signed with the Chiefs & could possibly get a ring for contributing very little......well, he's made his $$ & I hope he invested wisely. Brown is so talented but so mental. His well documented antics got him released from the Steelers, Raiders, Patriots.

    These are 2 examples of players who quit on the team, & both provided the ammo. However, when Ryan Shazier got hurt the Steelers carried him for a long time on their payroll.

    The one I don't want to see go is Bud Dupree, but I understand if he does. It's just a business.

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    I sided with Bell in his dispute. Hometown discounts are nice gestures but shouldn't be expected. He was the best RB in the league when his contract came up and I thought the Steelers could have met him somewhere in the middle, even if it was closer to his terms. If they were willing to tag him, they could have figured out how to make the same amount of loot work for a three-year deal. His game hasn't been the same without that line and their line hasn't been the same without his game, so that was a lose-lose ending.

    For the record, I stand with every player in every dispute with management. Even when they're overvaluing themselves. We all make mistakes and we all have the right to make them. But since teams can cut or trade players that they believe are not living up to their contracts, I support players who use whatever means they have to get what they can when they're playing over the value of their deals. That's just me.

    And I still believe AB has CTE. He was always loopy but he lost control of himself on and off the field. If I was betting on his living until age 50, I'm taking the "under". For as much derision as he's earned, I feel sorry for him and hope he turns it around. But he wasn't the only Steeler WR diva. Martavis Bryant and Mike Wallace fit that title [[and I'll submit Hines Ward, also).

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    I know Mike Wallace learned his lesson because he said so on Twitter. I can't honestly say I would always side with either [[player/team). I would listen to both before making a decision. I do believe the Steelers low balled Bell, which is what they have a habit of doing. When TJ Watt comes up for contract it'll be interesting as to how much. AB having CTE? Well, after that hit by Burfinct it's a possibility. The guy has never been a team player. Now, I have a girlfriend who was out one night in Pittsburgh at a sports bar.
    Hines Ward was there & he was NOT nice. In fact, she tried to take a pic of something/someone & he came over, took her cellphone & wouldn't give it back. She tried to explain she wasn't taking a pic of him but he wouldn't listen. A very aggressive player but not a nice person [[at that time). I hope he has mellowed.

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    It's something with receivers. They run the gamut from great guys to a**holes. Some have to be bring attention to themselves and others are non-descript. But unlike Big Ben and Tom Brady, you'll never see a top receiver taking a haircut to help the team. That's because next to running backs, they get screwed over on contracts more than other positions. And it's going to get worse because there are more great pass catchers coming out of the draft every year.

    And Hines Ward was definitely one of those guys that you hate unless he plays for your team. Like Marcus Smart in the NBA. I'll never forget him breaking Keith Rivers' jaw on that blindside block. That block would result in a huge fine in 2021.

    With all of that being said, JuJu looks like a genuinely good guy but I have my doubts about Chase Claypool. He took getting bounced by the Browns a little too personally.

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    Aaron Donald wins Defensive Player Of The Year and Steeler Nation is losing it on Twitter. Dolphins fans are mad Xavien Howard didn't get it with 10 interceptions this year. Somebody had to win though, which means somebody had to lose.

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    So what, Jerry? You expect Steeler Nation to just sit with their hands under them? Let's discuss the most passionate fan bases, shall we? Giants, Eagles, Packers, Cowboys, Browns, & yes, the Steelers. Let's use, for example Myles Garrett from the Browns. If he was up for DPOY & he lost wouldn't you expect Browns fan base to react the same way as we did? Or someone from the previous fan bases I mentioned? I would....[[& I KNOW from past experiences how those fans react because I've sat in some of their stadiums). You cannot deny Watt had the stats to prove him worthy. Funny part of this is the fact that Donald is a Pittsburgh guy, & a well liked Pittsburgh guy who also does some charity work in the area. So, my point is if you're as passionate & your guy is up for DPOY & he loses let's see how you react. I get it.......

    As far as Chase Claypool......he has tremendous talent but I believe he is very immature. He needs some "seasoning."

    It's also been rumored JuJu is on his way out of Pittsburgh. He wants paid.

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    I wasn't knocking the response, just alluding to it. And I told you about my brother, who is a Steelers junkie, so I know how passionate y'all are. Personally, none of the awards matter to me because almost everybody who was nominated was deserving to win [[in my personal opinion).

    But if you thought that I was mocking, it wasn't my intention to be so. Atlanta would have made the playoffs with T.J. Watt, and they're picking fourth in the draft, so I certainly respect him.

    And Claypool will figure things out. He was a bit immature in the immediate aftermath of a playoff loss but those are the things that make good players try harder to be better. He shouldn't have given division rivals bulletin board material, though. He's going to be dragged before they play next season.

    I hadn't heard that about JuJu. The Steelers draft well for wide receivers and I can understand their hesitancy about paying them. Look at the careers of the guys they let go. Emmanuel Sanders, Mike Wallace, Martavis Bryant, AB all failed to come close to their performance in Pittsburgh.

    So, whereas I support any player who makes a move that he feels is in his best interests [[whether or not I agree that it is), I also understand why teams don't feel compelled to dig deep to keep them. It's just business.

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    Never thought you were mocking, Jerry. My point to you is that some of those fan bases are just as crazy as the Steelers. Was I one of them? No. I picked up something on Twitter about 2-3 hrs before it was public. I knew it was going to be Donald. BOTH Watt & Donald deserved it [[& Donald, I believe only won by 1 vote?). So Watt ended up winning the Deacon Jones award for the most sacks. OK, fine.

    I remember sitting at the Super Bowl surrounded by Packers fans [[in Dallas) in 2011. The Packer fans, although as nice as can be, were extremely unrelenting in their enthusiasm.
    I remember sitting among Bengals fans, who weren't nice, as well as Browns, 49'ers, Eagles etc. in their stadiums. Fans are what they are.......as crazy as possible. I have lived it. And just maybe if I make it to Atlanta it may be the same.

    And Claypool surprised me this year. I never expected him to be such a participant in his rookie year. And I thought he might have learned a thing or two about letting his work speak for himself & not social media & his mouth. For that he needs a bit more mentoring on the sportsmanship/professionalism of the game. Hopefully that will come.

    I am a HUGE Bud Dupree fan. He & Watt make an unbelievable combination & I'll admit I would love it if he would stay. But, as you say, business is business & I am resigned to the fact that he will not be a part of next season's team.

    And I also think it's time for Big Ben to hang it up, let the Steelers start rebuilding [[starting with the QB).

    The unfortunate thing with Steelers fans is that they expect a Super Bowl every year due to its previous history. So, they're their own worst enemy.

    It's all good, Jerry. That's what conversations are for.

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    In talking about the above yesterday I failed to mention that two Steelers made the Pro Football HOF. Alan Faneca one of the best pulling guards & Bill Nunn, the former editor for the Pittsburgh Courier & then football scout for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Nunn's deep knowledge of historically black colleges & universities is directly responsible for such players as Mel Blount, John Stallworth, LC Greenwood & many others, including Donnie Shell, who was elected last year & due to Covid be enshrined this year also.

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    I'm jealous... LOL! Zach Thomas keeps getting screwed over for induction but there's a good chance he makes it next season. Julio Jones will be the next Falcons player inducted and he's got another two or three good seasons in him before he quits.

    By the way: What's up with the Washington Post smearing poop on Marty Schottenheimer's obituary? They may not have liked him as coach of the WFT but to malign him in an obit was classless, unprofessional, needlessly personal and disrespectful. The editor who approved that needs to be suspended or fired.

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    Jerry, I read the WP obituary on Marty. You are right. What's more is that the outrage about it made the Yahoo home page & they have since changed it. What a shame!!!
    Big Ben to meet with Rooneys either this or next week. Ike Taylor [[former Steeler) was interviewed & says Ben shouldn't come back. Taylor was very close to Dan Rooney.
    I think I told you that I [[personally) think Ben shouldn't come back for the simple reason that he's not a mobile QB anymore. When I saw what Mahomes had to do in the Super Bowl & then see Jackson & some other young QB's it's time. Steelers have to rebuild sometime. And if he does come back he needs better protection from that OLine.

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    Steelers and Falcons both need to plan for their future at QB. With that being said, I believe Matt Ryan and Ben Roethlesberger both have a lot of good football left in them. I just don't think that they are good enough for the team to ride them anymore. Both need better lines and running games. Both need schemes to get the ball out of their hands much quicker. It's insane how often Big Ben and Matty Ice have been sacked over their careers.

    Speaking of which: Did you see where Russell Wilson wants the Seahawks to either protect him better or trade him? Where did that come from? I'm interested because I know that one of his [[and his wife's) preferred destinations would be Atlanta but it still took me by surprise when I heard it.

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    No.......really? I'll have to look that one up!!!!

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    From what i'm hearing,my wft may be going after sam darnold,we'll see!

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    You just signed your backup QB for a two-year deal but like the Falcons and Steelers, WFT needs to figure out how they're going to move on from Alex Smith. I thought the Jests' new coach signed on for the opportunity to work with Darnold. If I'm your team, I'm not trading the farm for him.

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    Steelers Center Marquice Pouncey retires.
    Yesterday someone told me the 49ers were trading Garropolo for Darnold. I can't find anything like that.

    And how bout JJ Watt? Too much garbage talk he's coming to Pittsburgh to be with his brothers.
    Last edited by moe; 02-12-2021 at 01:04 PM.

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    It'll be interesting to see where Watt winds up. He's older and has been injured so much in the last three seasons but I have to believe he still has a lot to help the right team.

    Question: Who was the last significant free agent that Pittsburgh signed? Every team brings them in but I can't remember who the last starter or difference making player was. You got Fitzpatrick via trade with Miami. The Steelers have a personnel development formula that's worked for decades. They definitely won't max out a deal for Watt but maybe he goes on a smaller deal to play with baby brother.

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    And I didn't see that Maurkice Pouncey retired until your post. Looks like twin brother Mike quit as well. Mike played for years for Miami before being injured and missing almost all of two seasons. They traded him too early and he played well for years with San Diego/Los Angeles. They both had good careers and their teams are going to need to be smart to replace them.

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    Who knows, R&B? I'd be absolutely flabbergasted if JJ Watt ended up in Pittsburgh!!!
    So.......how much snow did you get, R&B & Jerry?


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