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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    yes, jerry, i've been hearing it all. Steelers will be underdogs for sunday game with the colts, even though it's at heinz field. Vince williams is back from covid for the steelers so that''s a big plus!! He was wearing the green dot until covid (he said his lungs felt like he smoked 8 packs of newports). Bet he'll get it back from avery williamson. Dotson back, too... Good!!

    Looks like i'm in for some snow......you, being on the western side of oh may not get as much (1-2 inches). Merry christmas to both of you jerry & r&b!!
    merry christmas to you too moe,and jerry and west and the[famous-weener bros.]moe big things coming in the new year!!

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    Hey jerry,them no good no talent no defense playing gizzards gave away that game last night to the sixers,aggghhhhhhhggggggggggg@#$%$$###@???)*&&*&^% %%$#@@!@!@goodfornothinscalawags-agggghhhhh???...why do i bother jerry? Why do i bother,agggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

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    Nah, they played well. For awhile there, it looked like the same ol' Sixers with no idea who should take a shot when time is running down. Doc has his job cut out for him trying to teach those knuckleheads how to win close games.

    Speaking of which, Russ and Beal might be the best backcourt in the NBA right now. Looks like they mesh ten times better than Russ and James Soften did in Houston.

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    Did anyone else (besides me) watch Alvin Kamara score 6 running TD's on Christmas Day againts the Vikings? Not since 1929 has it been done...wow

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    Nah, I only watch the Stains if I expect them to lose. But that's a crazy output. He had 56.2 fantasy points per ESPN. One week this season, I only had 58 points for my entire team. I've been averaging 150+ points for the past five weeks (too late to get into the playoffs), so that should tell you how crazy Kamara's performance really was.

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    Jerry, the only thing I want to see is Tampa Bay lose in the playoffs (that's how much I can't stand Tom Brady).

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    When the dust settles in the end of days, it'll be known that my list of hated sports entities were (in order) Dook Basketball, new orleans Stains, new york Jests and Kentucky basketball. I don't know the last player that I had true disdain for. As a Dolphins fans, it might be Curtis Martin before Tom Brady. And even then, Martin victimized the Fins as both a Deflatriot and as a Jest so my dislike was solely respect for a ruthless and cruel man.

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    Uh oh. Steelers look like they found their mojo again.

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    Thanks for the pic......they were celebrating in the 'Burgh yesterday!!
    Typical Big Ben come from behind.....& typical Cleveland screw up (as my husband
    said yesterday "that's Cleveland") ...they play Cleveland Sunday
    Alex Highsmith is going to be a real find for the Steelers at LB, as also Kevin Dotson on the OLine.....no real injuries...& some on IR may be coming off this weekend.

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    I can't slam the Clowns too hard since they had to play without their top 4 receivers (top 5 if you include OBJ). But losing on a late fumble trying to go over the goal line is so Cleveland. Actually, it's so Atlanta too...

    To tell you how bad the Atlanta flame out was, when we had a chance for the best kicker in the league to hit a chippy to tie the game and send it to overtime, I knew it was going to miss. In spite of playing well for most of the game yesterday, I never thought it would end well for the Falcons and once again, they've proven me right. With that being said, I have a feeling things are going to turn around next season with a top 5 pick in the draft and new coach and GM to give us more energy and a change of direction.

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    Jerry, I want to also point out something: you said that Cleveland was playing without their top 4 receivers. OK.....but....what do you think the Steelers have been doing? Have you forgotten Bush, Bud, Banner, Edmunds (the brother), Spillaine, Feiler, Gentry Gilbert?
    These are the Steelers on IR, & despite losing their big defensive guns (Bush & Bud) they managed to be AFC North Champs. My point here is that every team this year has has their share of injuries/Covid. It's how they handled it. But that fumble........

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    So noted. By the way, looks like Cleveland might catch a break this Sunday with the Steelers resting starters. Do you think Myles Garrett might be interested in reacquainting himself with Mason Rudolph?
    Pittsburgh Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger to sit, Mason Rudolph to start against Cleveland Browns

    12:34 PM ET

    Brooke Pryor

    ESPN Staff Writer

    Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said Tuesday that Ben Roethlisberger will not play this weekend against the Browns, with Mason Rudolph instead getting the start in Cleveland.

    Tomlin acknowledged the Steelers (12-3), who already have clinched a playoff spot and the AFC North title, may rest more starters Sunday, but as of now, Roethlisberger is the only one he named.

    "It does not change our intentions, in terms of going to Cleveland this weekend," Tomlin said. "Football is our game. Our job is winning. We intend to do our job. We intend to prepare with that mindset. And ultimately lead us to that destination. We're not seeking comfort. We're not grading ourselves on a curve.

    NFL playoff picture: After Seahawks claim NFC West, could the Rams now fall out of the playoffs?

    Barnwell: Six collapses and comebacks that shook up the NFL playoff race in Week 16
    "This game is on the schedule, and so the guys that will be on the field will represent us in the standard that is the Pittsburgh Steelers will be the standard."

    Tomlin emphasized that while a couple of other players may rest ahead of the playoffs, Sunday's meeting with the Browns won't feature a team made up entirely of backups, in part because of health concerns. Instead, he said, they'll likely work in a rotation that limits the snap counts of some starters, while giving the healthy backups opportunities to play.

    "This is no preseason game where we're playing backups, where we have player 54 through 75 to evaluate and things of that nature," he said. "We've got one NFL football team. That NFL football team will go play, minus Ben and maybe another guy or two. I don't want to make more out of it than what it is from that perspective."

    Rudolph's start comes a year after a fight marred the end of the teams' game in Cleveland. Browns star Myles Garrett was suspended for ripping off and swinging Rudolph's helmet, hitting the quarterback in the head with it, with seconds remaining.

    Because Garrett was suspended and Rudolph was benched for the rematch last year, Sunday will be the first time the two have played against each other since the incident.

    "I haven't had a chance to talk to him about it," Tomlin said of Rudolph's return to Cleveland. "But I'm sure he's excited about getting an opportunity to start, certainly."

    Cleveland (10-5) can make the playoffs with a win Sunday, but Tomlin said his team isn't necessarily motivated by the possibility of keeping the Browns from the postseason.

    "Motivation and intentions and all of those things, that's good water cooler fodder and I get it," Tomlin said. "This is a scheduled game. Our business is to win. We're going to prepare with that mindset. That will be unchanged in terms of how we approach it. ... I know what our mentality will be. I know what our intentions will be. We'll go play football."

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    Yeah, I saw/heard Tomlin's press conference. His response about TJ Watt:
    "He's from another planet."
    No doubt in my mind who should get DPOY.

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    That's hard to believe. The Quizards played my Sixers really tough in the first game. Still don't know how we pulled it out. I thought Russ and Bradley were going to be a dynamic duo. Still expect them to be. Sometimes it takes a little bit to get the chemistry together but you have the players to be a good team.

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    What's going on with the Browns & their issues with Covid? Facility closed again. Is this another Tennessee, or Baltimore? Who's to speculate?

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    Who, indeed? I know Ohio is a hot spot but the fact that the Raiders are probably the only team worse than them in regard to COVID-19 indicates Cleveland's problem is cultural more than anything else. Every team has had outbreaks but Cleveland's had entire position groups affected and shut down their offices at least three times. That's nonsensical.

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    I know, Jerry........every day something different.
    Let's throw out 2020 & concentrate on 2021......it can only get better.
    Happy New Year to you, R&B, & everyone!!

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    God bless you, Sister! And may God bless you too, Jai. And may His grace find all of my brothers and sisters here on SDF. We've made it through one hellacious stretch but there's a reason why we all got out of bed today, so appreciate the day, be grateful for the new year and find a way to make every new moment better than the last. Happy New Year, everybody.

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    Jerry, Did you see those college games yesterday? I'll never understand why Notre Dame was included in the final 4. That hit on Ohio State's Justin Fields made me grimace, too!
    The guy that hit him, didn't he get the boot last year, too?
    On the pro side......Boswell out, again. If I remember correctly Tomlin said he suffered "2 separate injuries." That doesn't bode well for us at all.

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    Happy new year to all my sdf family....oh and jerry,by the time them gizzards find some chemistry....it'll be next season,ahhhhhggggg###$@$$$#@????...i need a stiff drink!!!

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    Yeah moe, it was either last year or earlier this year; they showed it during the game. He's going to break his neck hitting players like that. Of course, Clemson fans on Twitter were up in arms about him being tossed for a "textbook tackle" because he couldn't know that Fields would "turn around like that". SMH. I'm pretty sure the same gaggle of rocket scientists were of the exact opposite opinion last year when an OSU player was tossed for what appeared to be a much less egregious hit.

    And Fields responded to his critics well last night. He'd been raked over the coals for how he played this season but even with his rib injury, he was putting the ball exactly where he wanted it. If not for the tipped ball on the opening drive of the second quarter, he had a darned near perfect game. I gave up on the Buckeyes in the '90s but I still like a lot of the players, so I don't root against them. It's going to be a fun week on sports radio around here.

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    And you know that the Ohio/PA area is a rampant area for sports radio!!!
    And now the Steelers are diving into Covid.....Haden & Ebron (who was at Haden's house this past week with his family), JuJu's mother getting death threats because of a TikTok.
    How crazy can you get? Alvin Kamara testing positive.....then the Saint's entire running backs have to isolate (yes, I know how you feel!). That's as bad as Denver's QB's/Brown's WR's...

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    Welp. And another NFL season wraps in the Oz household. Miami saved the last and most important game to lay their biggest egg. Just means they're not ready for the playoffs but the future in South Florida is bright. And Atlanta's painful season is finally closing out in Tampa Bay. Can't wait to see who our new coach and GM are going to be so we can start rebuilding properly. One of the most frustrating seasons in memory.

    On to the NBA where I like both the Nuggets and the Sixers (don't ask why). Nuggets can't find a way to win at home but the Sixers are looking really good right now. Too early in the season to draw any conclusions but I'm hoping to forget this entire NFL season ASAP. And of course, my beloved North Carolina Tar Heels have flashed great potential but an inability to win close games. If we can get to the tournament, we're capable of good things but we have to figure out how to play together between now and then.

    I need a new hobby.

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    Well, the playoffs are set. Did you see that game last night? Was Philly sticking it to the Giants or what? That division is something!! We play Sunday night in Pittsburgh. Supposedly, fans will be allowed (some) so that will make everyone somewhat happy.
    R&B, it would give me no greater pleasure than to watch the WFT beat Brady!!

    And the coaching axe has started to fall.......

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    I think the brouhaha over the Iggles tanking is overblown. They don't owe the Giants anything and pulling Hurts out helps the team in any way, then they're free to do it. I do draw the line at encouraging players to pull back or throwing in plays that you know won't succeed, it's unfair to the players on the field and there was some concern that that actually happened. I'm glad I'm not an Iggles fan today but trust me, their fans are happier with a better draft pick than they would have been by winning last night. Picking 6th instead of 10th or so is significant.

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    I agree, Jerry. So now they will be preparing for the draft, instead of the playoffs.
    Did either of you see the rumor about Urban Meyer coaching Jacksonville? Their coach got the boot.

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    I doubt Meyer returns to coach. Texas tried to get him to replace his friend Tom Herman and he turned them down for health reasons. When he signed with Ohio State, his family had him sign a contract with them that he would never obsess over work to the point that it impacted his health again the way it did when he was at Florida. Of course, he violated that contract and wound up quitting in scandal and ill health. I think his wife is happy in central Ohio and his kids would probably lose their nut if he tried to coach again.

    Getting back to the Iggles, what's the real difference between them pulling Hurts out (which really was a horrible sign to the team and fans) and Kansas City not playing its starters or Pittsburgh keeping Big Ben out? It was definitely a punk move but the whining about when to take players out and why is really just fodder for discussion more than it is a real issue.

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    Hey i know that i'm having a hooch hullucination so here goes...wft wins the east[haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa]plays tampa in the first round[yikes]don't get a touchdown but kick six field goals and the defense comes up but at the end as they beat ol tom- 18-17 in a nailbiter,hey it's my hullucination and i'm stickin to it!!!

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    Good luck on that, Homeboy. I'm rooting for your squad to smash Tom Terrific (but to be honest, I'm not betting on it). With nobody else to root for, I'm left with the WFT (my niece's favorite team), the Browns (my Pop's favorite team ) and the Steelers (my brother's favorite team (and he's a butthole about it)). I'd be happy to see the Browns play the FT in Super Bowl but I don't think that's going to happen.

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    Found this on Twitter just now and it made me think of *somebody*:

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    LOL........."The man from another planet."
    How bout Stefanski being Covid positive? No game for him Sunday? Not to also mention Bitonio on the OLine. Hopefully we'll get Spillane, Ebron back. Haden will be out, I believe.

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    I saw that about Stefanski. But y'all got this. The Browns won't even have a head coach. Now, there are rumors that COVID is going to cost Ohio State its entire defensive line position group on Monday(!). That group is why they beat Clemson. If they lose two starters, they'll get beat by 50.

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    I won't forget Steelers linebacker Vince Williams saying (he tested positive) that it felt like "he smoked 8 packs of Newports." Kevin Dotson (also tested positive) said it really kicked him in the butt. Bottom line here: it's showing this is real. Yes, some don't react as severely as others but it's real. Some athletes own words describe it.
    I have a narrow minded friend who thinks Ohio State can do no wrong. He still believes that they'll win no matter what. I suggested he see a shrink.....now with the Covid outbreak I'm sure he needs a shrink.

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    I know the type because I used to be one. Then, about ~20 years ago, I started to look around and didn't like what I was seeing. A lot of central Ohio Buckeye fans are nuts and I wasn't exactly proud to be in such esteemed company. I put the team at arm's length just a couple of years before they got good again. Problem was after more than 30 years of worshiping Brutus, I hated every other team so I didn't have a dog in any fights anymore.

    Consequently, I rooted against some teams based on prior hate (including Michigan, USC, Clemson and... Alabama). So, while I expect Bama to win, I'm rooting against them. And although I can't help but like a lot of Buckeyes players due to familiarity, I'm never heartbroken when they lose because I get to hear their fans cry for weeks afterward and that's therapeutic.

    I'm a mess...

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    Moe,what happened??? Well wft lost an i'm happy because the future looks bright[as soon as we find a qb]the kid played great so he's in line for a backup role,but we still need a stud and a reciever...jerry do you see what's happening with them gizzards? Man oh man-bryant goes down,westbrook goes down poor bradley beal could score a hundred a game and they still lose every game by twenty,this is a mess with no relief in sight!!!

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    Yeah, I can't believe y'all got off to such a bad start of the season. Philly got off to a good start and then, the Association made us play with only 7 players on Saturday. The day after, they postponed Boston's game for the same reason. Sound's right...

    And it look like everybody's teams are on the outside looking in now. I heard Snyder's thinking about making the official name of his football team the Football Team. Why not?

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    Well.....sorry to be so late to the table. Steelers collapsed (what else can you say?). How many years in a row have they done that? The only thing that made me go "what?" is all these fairweather fans texting me (they haven't texted me in YEARS) & suddenly here they are. You of all people know when they play bad I own up to it.....they did & I do. And, I wish all the best to the Browns, who are gonna need it against KC.
    And Tomlin was his usual noncommittal self in his final press conference today.

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    People always think that I'm going to kick dirt on them when their teams lose because I'm no stranger to smack talk. But I always talk trash before games, when it's fun. I hate my team losing so I never throw dirt at someone whose team lost because it's not fun and I wouldn't want to deal with it. My brother (a huge Steelers fan) tried to rub in the 28-3 Super Bowl collapse in my face and got mad when I advised him that the only fans who could say anything about the runners-up was the winning teams' fans. The Steelers had already been whipped and had watched the game from home, so there was nothing he or anybody else could say to make me feel worse. When he saw that I had already considered his silliness, he got angry for awhile before changing the subject.

    With that being said, I was leaning toward rooting for the Clowns but I'm sorry your (and my brother's) Steelers lost. The season fell off about six weeks ago and I don't know if I've ever seen anything like it.

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    I agree with you Jerry. But, Tomlin has started cleaning house. The OC, OLine, D Backs coordinators all are out the door. The OC (Fichtner) has needed to go for ages......it's finally happened!!! The OLine hasn't been the same since Munchak left. We need some new blood!!

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    Better late than never? Nah. There are guys who are going to be cut or retire and they had a chance this season that they'll never have again. Same thing happened in Atlanta where Falcons hired a retread OC and told him to run Kyle Shanahan's system. Coaching doesn't work that way. Guys spend decades developing concepts and schemes that they're familiar with and having a mediocre coach with 30 years of experience run someone else's system is a recipe for disaster. Dan Quinn wasted four years of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones' prime by doing that (two with Steve Sarkisian, two with Dirk Koetter) and now, I think our window has closed.
    Pittsburgh Steelers not bringing back offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner

    11:21 AM ET
    Brooke Pryor
    ESPN Staff Writer
    PITTSBURGH -- Following through on Mike Tomlin's promise to make changes after a first-round exit in the playoffs, the Steelers announced Thursday that offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner is out.

    The Steelers will not renew his contract or the contracts of offensive line coach Shaun Sarrett and defensive backs coach Tom Bradley.

    "I want to thank all three of the coaches for their commitment and dedication to the Pittsburgh Steelers," Tomlin said in a statement. "They have all played integral roles in our success and I am appreciative of their efforts. Personally, Randy and I have been in Pittsburgh since I hired him in 2007, but our relationship began well before that. He has been a friend of mine for years and wish his family nothing but the best, and I am eternally grateful for our relationship both on and off the field."

    The organization is discussing a new contract with defensive coordinator Keith Butler, who, at 64, plans to go year-to-year before eventually retiring, a source told ESPN's Jeremy Fowler.

    "I didn't anticipate being here in this position," Tomlin said in his end-of-season news conference Wednesday. "Disappointed by it. Understand that we better make some changes in terms of the things we do. We better look at every aspect of it. Schematics, personnel, approach to business. I am committed to that. I am also committed to not sitting in this position and feeling the way we feel right now moving forward."

    Fichtner, a longtime quarterbacks coach for the organization, drew ire in the past two seasons for the sluggish offense. The Steelers finished last in the league with 1,351 rushing yards in 2020, down from the year before, when they finished 29th with 1,447 yards.

    "We will not accept our current position in that area," Tomlin said of the run game. "We cannot. We have to attack that, and we will."

    Fichtner took over for Todd Haley as the offensive coordinator beginning with the 2018 season, but he's been in Pittsburgh since 2007, when he began his tenure as the wide receivers coach in Tomlin's first year as head coach.

    He's also been Ben Roethlisberger's quarterbacks coach since 2010. Their relationship appeared strained at times this season as Roethlisberger took on the expanded role of ad-libbing plays on the field when the Steelers went to an up-tempo, no-huddle offense.

    The Steelers often relied on the short passing game to supplement the lack of a run game, but that led to little success in getting the ball down the field -- especially in the final six games of the season. The Steelers finished the season averaging 6.3 yards per pass attempt, which ranked 29th in the league.

    But after the Week 16 win against the Colts that ended a three-game losing streak, Roethlisberger gave Fichtner credit for the second-half comeback and stuck up for his longtime coach.

    "I saw that Coach Randy was taking a little bit, and he shouldn't be," Roethlisberger said last month. "He calls the play. We have to execute them. In the second half, it's not just me. He's telling me stuff in my ear. We're talking on the sideline. He should get as much if not more -- I think more -- credit than me or anyone else for that second-half performance because he's the one that's really kind of given us the insight, the direction and keeping it moving.

    "To me, what I see with Coach Randy's growth is just understanding where our strengths and weaknesses are, and really, like I said, it boils down to us making plays and not the playcalling."

    The Steelers have a history of internal hires for offensive coordinator vacancies. Ken Whisenhunt, Bruce Arians, Mike Mularkey and Fichtner were all promoted from position coaches, although Haley was hired after his head-coaching stint in Kansas City.

    If the Steelers choose to hire in-house, quarterbacks coach Matt Canada and wide receivers coach Ike Hilliard could be in the mix for the job. Though he has just one year of NFL experience, Canada previously served as offensive coordinator at Indiana, Wisconsin, NC State, Pittsburgh, Maryland and LSU. Hilliard, meanwhile, has a decade of experience as an NFL coach, but he has served only as a wide receivers coach.

    Sarrett was promoted to offensive line coach in January 2019 after a season as the assistant offensive line coach under Mike Munchak. Sarrett joined the Steelers in 2012 as an offensive assistant.

    His departure is the first domino in an offseason that will likely transform the offensive line. Two starters -- left tackle Al Villanueva and guard Matt Feiler -- are unrestricted free agents, and veteran center Maurkice Pouncey could retire.

    Like the offensive line, the secondary is in for some major changes, beginning with Bradley. The Steelers will likely lose versatile fill-ins Cameron Sutton and Mike Hilton in free agency and could opt to cut or restructure expensive veterans such as Joe Haden and Steve Nelson to get cap compliant.

    Bradley was hired in February 2018 and coached the group for three seasons. Before that, he was the UCLA defensive coordinator and was a longtime Penn State defensive coach.


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    I've never seen Twitter light up like I did when Fichtner got the boot (from Steeler fans). We're waiting to hear what happens. In the meantime there are some really good games on this weekend. To all Browns fans all I can say is "Any Given Sunday."

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    It happens. Looks like the head coaching jobs are starting to be filled so you should be able to learn who your new OC is soon. The top available OCs are under consideration for HC jobs and they'll be grabbing some of the better position coaches to be their OCs. After that, teams in need of coordinators should fill those positions quickly. Do you think Pittsburgh is going to fill their opening from within or from outside?

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    The Steelers are promoting from within. According to every source I have they are going to promote Matt Canada, their QB coach to be the new OC. Everyone else (O Line, D Backs) I have no idea yet. Today's Pittsburgh Paper has an excellent feature on the Steeler's players who are up for contract renewal.

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    Falcons got their guy, Arthur Smith who was the Titans' OC. I like the hire because he runs an outside zone rushing scheme and when Kyle Shanahan was here, we had great success with that. Rumor has it that Coach Smith thinks he can get another few years out of Matt Ryan, who had his worse season in 2020 (in my opinion). If Julio has a bounce back season and we have a solid draft, we have a chance to make noise once again. It'll take 2-3 years to be sustainably competitive, but I'll take progress over what I saw last season.

    The Fins fired Chan Gailey, who actually did a pretty good job with the personnel he had. They're going to bring somebody in/up who can give Tua confidence in going downfield. Of course, he needs on-field help which was lacking this season. Reports are that some Dolphins players have little confidence in Tua but those players need to keep their opinions between them and the coaches and out of the press. Coach Flores will cut the players who let that out if he figures out who it was (probably DeVante Parker was among them). If the kid gets weapons and a competent scheme, he's going to blow up.

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    It'll be a while before all new coaches are in place. I can only hope for both of us.
    Well, Cleveland went home but gotta wonder about Mahomes (concussion). I don't like to see any player in that protocol. And sad to see Brees lost (& Brady still in the thick of it).
    May be a bit different in Green Bay for Brady (I hope).

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    I'm down to rooting for Green Bay to beat Tampa Bay. I'd prefer Kansas City beat Buffalo but I'll root for either of them to beat the NFC representative in the Super Bowl.


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