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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    I agree. There's no more reason to retire his number now than there was when he retired 50 years ago. This is just a PR move to distract away from calls to change the name, which are going to be coming hard and heavy very soon.

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    Looks like the Quizzards are going to be toast when the tournament opens at the end of July:

    Wizards' Davis Bertans will sit out NBA restart in Orlandoplay
    11:13 AM ET
    Adrian WojnarowskiTim Bontemps
    With a looming free agency, Washington Wizards forward Davis Bertans -- a Most Improved Player candidate for the 2019-2020 season -- will sit out the NBA's restart in Orlando, Florida, as a preventive measure, sources told ESPN.

    Bertans, 27, is on the cusp of a lucrative, long-term contract and has had two previous ACL injuries.

    As an organization, the Wizards are fully supportive of his decision to stay back from the league's 22-team restart and remain determined to sign him in free agency, sources said.

    In Washington this season, Bertans posted career highs across the board, including points (15.9) and minutes (29.3) while shooting 42.4% from 3-point range on over eight attempts per game, making himself one of the best sixth men in the NBA.

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    If beal had any sense he would sit out too,they won't win more than two of the eight games.

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    If that. Don't forget that the bottom 8 teams are staying home, so the games should all be competitive. Bertans' loss is huge. I read where Avery Bradley's not coming back for the Lakers either, but other than chemistry and defense, he's not nearly as important as Bertans is for Washington.

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    They should just cancel the whole thing,if two teams have to quarentine the season is shot,put an asterisk on it.

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    Fellow nfl fans the great offensive line coach of the redskins[joe bugel]recently passed away,he put together one of the greatest o-lines in nfl history..the hogs..r.i.p.

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    RIP, Joe Bugel. The Hogs were the foundation of those great teams. Washington had two of the greatest position groups (with the greatest nicknames) in history between the Hogs and the Smurfs. My Fins had the No Name Defense in the '70s and the Killer Bs in the '80s. Falcons had the Gritz Blitz but it didn't ring with anybody outside of Atlanta.

    The greatest names for position groups were the Steel Curtain (hi moe!), the Purple People Eaters, the Smurfs and the Hogs.

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    Hey jerry,the[fearsome foursome-l.a.rams]were pretty good too!

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    How could I forget? Deacon Jones came up with the word "sack" and was a beast on a beastly defensive line. It's something that Merlin Olson, Rosey Grier and Deacon Jones all went on to be known as well off the field as they were known on it. That's life as a stud athlete in Los Angeles. All of those groups earned their names with outstanding play.

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    Well it seems like they finally got through to danny snyder...[they hit him in his pockets]after vowing never to change the team name,the search is underway for a new name-warriors-presidents-generals-redtails-monuments[the one i like]all of a sudden folks are jumping off the name[redskins]like it contains covid 19,i feel foolish because i have the posters,ect on my wall and also the -jerseys,hats while knowing that the name is racist,but at the same time it's my home team,but i'm glad they're gonna change it.

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    Hey jerry,bradley beal announced that he's not playing in the wizards little season,he's injured and he's right not to play...of course they won't win a game now but who cares,haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

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    Wow. They are so toast. You're right, without Beal and Bertans, they can barely put five decent players on the court.

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    Every game a blowout....ouch!!

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    Nah, if y'all play the Sixers, I'll bet you get us. We always play down to teams that we should blow out while playing tough against good teams.

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    You know better than that,unless i put the chucks back on who's gonna score-heheheheehhe!!!

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    Rui, is going to be your go-to player. He might establish himself as a future star by keeping the Quizzards in a few games.

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    Rumor has it that Snyder is announcing the name change today (Monday). It's going down...

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    Yep,looks like-redwolves,i don't like it,i was thinking about something simple like-the washington football club[the club]that way nobody gets offended and we keep the colors with a[w]on the helmets.

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    I'd like to see them renamed to the Red Foxxes. When somebody loses a fumble or throws an interception in the stadium, the crowd could shout his name before the PA announcer played Fred Sanford saying "...you big dummy!" It could become a new tradition.

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    I'm sure that fred wherever he is has a smile on his face.

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    It doesn't look like there are going to be many smiles on the faces of people associated with the Washington (Whatever) football team today. Rumors are hot that (a)the two scouts who got fired last week were let go because of a huge scandal, and that (b)Dan Snyder might be forced to sell the team as a result.

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    If danny is forced out,it's a good day he shoulda been gone,larry micheal the cheese eating announcer is out too,i hated the way they forced the great frank herzog out so what comes around goes around,i sincerly hope they don't pick[warriors,redtails]...and jerry you know as well as me that every race on earth has a name that's derogatory and redskins is that for native americans,and i'm sick of a certain group of folk...[you know who i mean]running around talkin bout...i talked to some indians and they ok with the name,if a black person walked around with a shirt saying the washington n....rs we would look at him with shame even if we didn't say anything,i once wore my redkins jursey to work years ago and a native american lady was visiting and the look ahe gave me made me want to crawl under a table,and even as i type this i feel like a damn hypocrite for wearing the gear even though i'm a longtime fan of the home team,and have a wall full of stuff in the basement which i'm gonna treat as a museum,and if any native american person is reading this post i apologize and vow to do better.

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    Preach! Dan Snyder is a dog who made donations to Native American tribal foundations and then got the leaders of those tribes to come out and say they weren't offended by the name. Absolute trash human being. And he had the nerve to insist that he was keeping the name because he "respected" Native Americans so much. If I told somebody that calling a team the Bushmen was offensive to me and the response was "No, it's not", I'd probably try to choke him to death. So, let's see what's coming down the pike. If he's pushed out, now would be the perfect time to change the name along with the culture.

    And with me living in Central Ohio, I'm still dealing with fools who want to hang onto THIS like the Southerners hold onto the Confederate flag:

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    You know Jerry,it's sad the way our people have fallen for the okie doke,if any group should understand the plight of Native peoples it should be us,but then many of us don't understand our own,I mean damn-a team founded by an avowed racist who refused to sign a black to his team until forced to do so and gave his team a derogatory name and we as Blacks blindly went along with it,this is why many folk from D.C.root for other teams,I still follow the team but I'm glad that finally justice is served.

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    Me too. My niece is the only fan that I know locally. Her uncle lives in DC and has season tickets, so every season he gives her and my nephew seats to a game. I need to ask her how she feels about the change.

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    So, 15 women (so far) are accusing staffers of sexual harassment but none has implicated Snyder. The two personnel men were let go because their names are in the lawsuit. So is the radio voice (I had forgotten about him quitting). Reading the account, it seems like a bunch of frat boys couldn't give up their immature college habits after graduating. Let's see how Roger handles it.

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    Yep,i'm hearing some stuff as i type this,on sports radio.

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    Seriously, I know a lot of guys think that the #MeToo movement is somehow anti-male but I would hate to be a woman in today's society. Putting up with some of the dumbest stuff at work and in public would grow old for any man but we don't think too hard about putting somebody else's wife, mother or daughter through the most embarrassing BS. We have to do better.

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    Well jerry,it's the[washington football team]with numbers on the helmets,i like it!!

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    I'm going to love the helmets. I think the plain Penn State unis are the best in sports. Alabama? Not so much. But they're trying to buy time with that awful monicker (Washington Football Team). They're going to either settle with that guy who copyrighted most likely names or they're going to sue him to steal his rights. Should have called them the Asterisk this year. "Ladies and gentlemen... Please welcome your hometown Washington*!!"

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..the asterisk...i like-the washington rats..reps the rats running down town and the ones on the hill,hehehe..a slice of cheese on the helmets!!

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    I vote for the Washington Monuments. Of course the Hogs would be a good nod to one of the best offensive groups in history. Or if you really want to do it right, the Washington Smurf Hogs would be the best name that I can think of. You could put an angry little blue cartoon pig on your helmet.

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    Washington smurf hogs...haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! !

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    The merchandise would fly off the shelves if they changed the name to Smurf Hogs. People (like me) who aren't even fans would buy it.

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    Well,the nba has started,it's silly just pick the top teams and get the playoffs started..the gizzards???? Really.

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    Lightning may strike. Stranger things have happened. Maybe Roy Hobbs is stuck on the end of their bench, waiting for the chance to play.


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