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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    No surprise there. They'll probably offer him a sign-and-trade later this season so they won't lose him for nothing. He's going to be a hot commodity and if someone can get him without spending in free agency, it'll make it easier on their salary cap space.

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    Hey jerry,the talking heads are saying nice things about your[falcons]are you buying it?

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    Pro Football Talk ranked them #19. I prefer it when we have lower expectations. But to answer your question, we have a chance to be really good bye that we fortified the line. Matt Ryan had a historically great season last year but nobody noticed because he was sacked 42 times. If we can avoid losing all of our defensive playmakers and starting running back again, I expect we will be very competitive.

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    Hey ms.m where you at,it's that time of the year and we wanna know what's up with your..boyz and elliot's holdout?

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    Zeke knows what time it is. They're going to give him 400 touches for the next two seasons and if it doesn't break him down, they will put the franchise tag on him. If he wants a long term deal, he has to do it now.

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    Hey jerry,guess who's the leading qb in dumbskins camp??? Colt mccoy,ani't that a kick in the head..a guy just back from a broken leg out playing the guy you brought in[case keenum]to play until the kid is ready...and you wonder why i drink!!!!!

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    Looks like they aren't in a hurry to make the playoffs, Homeboy.

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    Ya think...?????????????????????????????????????????? ???

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    Football fans i recently heard that raiders great[cliff branch]passed away at 77,one of the best recievers in league history.

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    Rest in peace, Cliff. He and Fred Biletnikoff used to torch the Dolphins unmercifully.

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    So, Haskins looked good and bad last night. Made good throws and a couple of rookie-ish looking interceptions. He's gonna be a keeper for the Rednecks.

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    Maybe if they can keep him upright..trent williams ain't coming back and if anything happens to either morgan moses or brandon sheriff they are dead in the water..but the kid ain't ready yet but that won't stop the dumbskins from throwing him to the sharks...i wish i had a team-sigh!!

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    Sometimes the best way to learn how to swim is to jump into shark infested water. But I agree, he might not be ready. Gruden needs to put in the player who gives the team the best chance to win. That's only fair for the team and fans.

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...the best chance to win????? Jerry we ain't talking about the patriots here,i call em the[dumbskins]for a reason and that reason being-if there's a way to muck it up gruden will find it-remember the game last season when all they need was a field goal to win and were actually moving the ball with short passes,until our genius coach with[19 seconds left]decides to throw the ball fifty yards down field into double coverage..game over we lose again...yeah jerry we got a lot of chances to win with this future[hall of shame]coach..go team-sigh!!

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    He is the new Marvin Lewis. A coach that the owner apparently loves more than his performance seems to warrant. The team seldom seems any better or worse than the year before under him. Dealing with the Beagles and the Cowgurls [[while both are very good) is going to mean something great has to change for your team to win the division. Not sure what that can be beyond the QB, especially with Williams getting fed up.

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    Our season is-doa-dead on arrival-sigh!!

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    Jerry,it's gonna be deja-vu all over again for my home team..no recievers that scare anybody,a so so offensive line,who is the qb????-a decent defense that's gonna be gassed just like last year but get most of the blame...how many times can you stop the other team only to have your offense turn the ball over and over and over.....i wish i had a team-sigh!!!!

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    Dan Snyder thanks you for your patronage.

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    Redskins and Falcons on Thursday night. Who ya got?

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    Well jerry-moe-ms.m..it gets real starting sunday,let the discussions begin!!

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    Falcons vs Dolphins in the Super Bowl. Falcons will win in overtime after blocking an extra point and returning it 80 yards to score 2 points. There will be a 5 hour video replay review that confirms that a fumble by the Falcons player at the 10 yard line stayed in bounds by less than an inch and was recovered by a Falcons player in the end zone who was just inside the sideline. Controversy will ensue and I'll be told the results when I wake up in the hospital a week later after suffering a historic anxiety attack. Watch.

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    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...THAT'S IT JERRY,DREAM BIG....AS FOR MY MISERY THE[DUMBSKINS]ACTUALLY DID ONE SMART THING,CUTTING THAT NON CATCHING BUM[DOCSTON]..WHAT THE HECK I'M GONNA DREAM BIG TOO..DUMBSKINS 21-EAGLES 17....psssssssssssssssssssssss hey jerry over here-i got a special very strong batch of hooch for us after these games,hehehehehe!!

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    Wow. Fins trading their franchise left tackle and Kenny Stills for picks. Absolutely tanking this year and I'm reconsidering whether I will even root for them if they make no secret about their plan to lose. Everybody involved needs to be ashamed.

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    You know jerry,i hate this[tanking]crap,that's like saying they're throwing games and with gambling legal now this term is not good for the game.

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    WOW, guys........Zeke won the lottery

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    Maybe,but he won't win the superbowl..all these guys think about is getting paid,what happened to...w-i-n-n-i-n-g??????

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    You mean like: "winning isn't everything....it's the only thing?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    You mean like: "winning isn't everything....it's the only thing?"
    I think the quote from an anonymous source with the Dolphins' organization was actually "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing one day down the line."

    Losing 42-10 at halftime and giving up a stadium record 52 points by the end of the third quarter. Fire EVERYBODY associated with this mess, screw the long-term plan. And the Falcons are getting drubbed 28-0 in the fourth quarter. I'm starting to wonder why Jai encouraged me to watch the games this season. I'm thinking that he don't like me very much no more...

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    Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing... Works for me!

    Loudly and proudly

    COWBOYS RULE!!!!!!!


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    Btw Moe, I haven't looked through the forum so I don't know if anyone posted this but Robie [[Tops valet) passed away a few months ago. It was quite a shock to everyone.

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    Hi Ms M!
    I had NO IDEA he passed!! Can you say what happened?
    It's good you're back..........but I'm just shaking my head about last night's game

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    Quote Originally Posted by ms_m View Post
    winning isn't everything, it's the only thing... Works for me!

    Loudly and proudly

    cowboys rule!!!!!!!

    hey err body!
    well welcome back[wit yo fine self]ok,ya'll took care of business while my team gave away another one,looks like ya'll and the eagles in the east.

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    Jerry,i can't even get mad because this is who they are..so another looooong season,the so called-defense did nothing and couldn't stop anybody after the offense put twenty on the board at the half,even i drank the coolaid on the d..foolish me..ms m is gonna smile at this one...cowboys 31-redskins-20...it hurts but this is who they are!!!

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    Hey moe,don't be too mad at your steelers,the pats are just that good,heck i'm scared to death of what they're gonna do to us in four weeks..[pats 51-skins-20]heck brady will have five touchdown passes before the national anthem is finished..your team will be fine,while my mysery will continue...sigh!!!

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    Come an listen to my story bout a man named dan,who didn't know how to win with the football team he ran,as the losses mount and the fans are really pissed he should be run out of town and he surely won't be missed...run out of here tar an feathers style-don't come back now ya hear!

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    Here's a little story about a man named Steve
    Had a Dolphins team who with the Pats could not compete
    Decided one day that the team needed to tank
    And what showed up was a squad that really stank
    Blown out that is
    Lost by 59-10

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...hey jerry,we might be on to something with these nfl jingles..i'm gonna check with my music folks in da hood so we can get paid,hehehehehe!!!

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    Here's the story of Bill Belly,
    A coach who sucked much for the Browns,
    Who stink until this day,
    They're truly awful,
    They smell up the town,
    Here's the story of a man named Brady,
    Who was winning much more than he should,
    But his balls were somehow deflated,
    And Brady got busted,
    And that was not so good,

    Then this one day Brady met ol' Belly,
    And they knew it was much more than a hunch,
    That the two would somehow begin winning,
    That's they way they became the Brady-Belly Bunch
    Last edited by Jerry Oz; 09-13-2019 at 08:03 PM.

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    You're on your way jerry,hehehe!!!

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    Ms.m,where you at?? It's that time of the year although too early for this game,but anyhow your boyz will roll into town take over the stadium and roll out with a victory,witten will catch a late touchdown to seal it..there i said it...i need a strong drink!!

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    I'm right here my friend and that drink will be on me!

    Go Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Basically natural causes Moe.

    I didn't want to say anything last week but yeah Steelers really stunk up the place. LOL

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    Last TD 2nd TD Witten works for me!

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    It was a tough loss Moe.

    Ok Jerry, I need your birds to pluck some eagle feathers tonight.

    Go Falcons!

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    This game has me on my feet.

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    Crappy playing on both sides but a great game nonetheless. Wonderful way to end my football day.


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