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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    The Cadavers reanimated and won the East. I'm from Ohio and I'll be the first to admit that I never thought they'd win game 7 in Boston. The whole "who is the GOAT, MJ or LeBron?" conversation is pointless, but I'm thinking that LeBron has made his case. Very well. Now, I think they have a chance if they play Houston, especially since Chris Paul's hammy is injured. But Golden State [[who's going to win tonight) is going to clobber the Cavs in four games.

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    Oh no question about the warriors in four,as i stated,brad[the genius]stevens got too smart and it cost him the series,but i think that a star was born[number zero]the rookie looks like a keeper...oh and i'm rooting for whoever wins the west[go warriors]while i admire what labron did i don't like him enough to root for him!

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    I'm too close to Cleveland to root against them. Nine times out of ten, I'm rooting for the East in the NBA Finals [[unless Denver one day, against all odds and probability makes it in the West). The only team in the East that I'd root against is the Cs. I want to root for Houston but I'm not because I think they'd accept "President" Poopy Pants the Effing Moron's invitation to go to the White House if they won. He won't even invite Cleveland or the Warriors.

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    I can dig it jerry,for all the darts i throw i still want them,them,them..oh you know who i'm talkin bout to one day do something in the playoffs.

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    I'm not shocked. I expected the Caps to win after they came back on the Blue Jackets. If they get it done, that'll be two championships for the four major D.C. franchises. Lots of cities are jealous.

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    I ain't going nowhere near downtown d.c.if they pull it off.

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    You should go. Take video and edit it on your computer with captions declaring "Redskins Championship Celebration" and "Wizards Celebrate NBA Championship". Live that dream.

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    Edit?????? I still learning how to paste the words on this thing.

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    Looks like you still learning the English too arr&bee

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    And the Caps are world champs. Are you going to the celebration?

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    Heck no,them fools are crazy down there,ain't goin to the parade either...i am glad that the city has a champ though now if the deadskins or them no account no defense playing all mouth gizzards actually do something i will be there...but that ain't gonna happen.

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    Four major league teams and half of them have a championship in their resume. Which one's next? The Nats look closer than the Wizards right now.

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    I don't know jerry,they have too many injuries to key players and strasburg hurt his arm the other day,the only one they can count on is scherzer,the skins are going nowhere because the nfc is loaded although i think they will have a decent season..as for them no account no defense playing all talk gizzards i see more of the same one an done.

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    Oh, the warriors made short work of the labrons[talk about mercy killings,hehe].

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    Hey jerry,now that all that-hockey-basketball stuff is over time for the real season-football[yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa]well not quite yet but preseason is almost here,the nfc looks to be very strong with-the saints-packers-eagles-panthers-vikings-rams-49ers,and don't count out the seahawks yet and detroit could be a darkhorse and who knows with a break maybe dallas or atlanta could sneak in..ms.m where you at?

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    Falcons don't need a break. We will be the best team in the NFC. With that said, I'm not watching the NFL this year. The owners killed my interest in watching the games. It's a bad time, too because I was serious about what I said about Atlanta. We're going to have a top 5 offense and defense; all we need to do is actually catch the passes that we dropped last season.

    It'll be interesting to see how the Rednecks do this year. I'm wondering if Jay Gruden is not another version of Marvin Lewis, a guy who keeps his job forever, regardless of whether he's shown to be able to anything better than an average coach. We'll see if Alex Smith does better in his system than "You Like This!" did. I don't really have the faith in the Iggles that most people have. If your boys sweep them, the task of winning the division is made much more attainable.

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,jerry the season ain't even started and you already got jokes...the falcons don't need a break[i'm on the floor]the chances of gruden lasting as long as marvin lewis you forget who owns this team..let em start[0-5]and he'll be outta there faster than customers runnin outta grady's,as for the iggles they'll be better than last season and come championship time your poor dirty burds will be home with them dumbskins who i think will have a good season[9-7]but not make the cut..jerry you gotta watch-jer-ry-jer-ry-jer-ry!!!

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    Hmmm... The Quiz shipped Marcin Gortat out to California for Austin Rivers. You guys need more help in your backcourt like I need two greedy ex-wives. How does this trade make you better? Doc Rivers sent his kid off to bring in a big because DeAndre Jordan is about to boogie off. But I'm confused as to how Washington benefits [[especially with them picking ANOTHER SHOOTING GUARD last week).

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    ??? They did what,i haven't read the sports today...austin rivers???

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    Yeah. So far, the "experts" are saying that you won the trade by a lot. Citing Gortat being a 33 year old dinosaur and Rivers having a career season last year. They're saying that it looks like Ernie is trying to bury Satoranski on the bench as Wall's backup. I thought he played well when Wall was hurt.

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    He did indeed play well,but rivers is a better scorer which will move him up,but they're gonna need more than him...one an done again...i wish i had a team-sigh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arr&bee View Post
    He did indeed play well,but rivers is a better scorer which will move him up,but they're gonna need more than him...one an done again...i wish i had a team-sigh.
    Don't sweat it. Your best chance to get better is to find something better to do with Gortat's [[and now, Rivers') $13+ million. You have another $23 million coming off the books after 2018-2019, so that's $30+ million to get some help in a year where there's going to be a lot of really good free agents available. The only problem I see is that Mahinmi and Jason Smith are your only centers and they're just serviceable. You're going to have to find somebody else and also play stretches with Morris playing in the middle. I don't know about that...

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    Like i said jerry-one and one for the gizzards for the forseeable future,ted is scared to fire ernie so they ain't getting any better..these clowns might go and trade[wall-beal]next season for dwight howard,i don't put nothing past this clown show.

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    You can get Howard for veterans minimum off the waiver wire right now. That might be why they sent Gortat away.

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    Oh??? He was waived?is he healthy? If they can get him dirt cheap then maybe but at bare minimum.

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    Brooklyn already announced their intention to buy out his contract. If he is going to receive $20 million or so for not playing for them, he can easily afford to take $1.7 million [[vet minimum) to play for the team of his choice and still come out ahead.

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    Well,it seems that the king will go to the lakers after all..[and by next season that team will be loaded]but not this season,so labron won't be in the finals but the celtics will...i wish i had a team-sigh!!

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    Do not count my Sixers out just yet. If we don't gut the roster to get Kawhi, I think we will be just behind Boston in the Eastern conference by the end of the year. They have us for depth and experience. We'll have experience by the time the playoffs roll around and our depth is improving.
    Last edited by Jerry Oz; 07-02-2018 at 11:50 PM.

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    Oh no question jerry,your sixers are right there as a matter of fact,i'm putting em in the east finals against boston right now,forget them flintstones up north or them beachbums down south-it's a two team race in the east now-celtics-sixers....i wish i had a team-sigh!!!

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    Rumblings of late have Howard looking to sign with Golden State. He's a better fit with the Quiz but now that Javale McGee has signed with the LABrons, there's a roster spot available for him with the Warriors.

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    Well, now it looks like Howard is Wizzing in Washington. If he gets his attitude in check, he will be much better than Gortat. Starting Wall, Beal, Porter, Morris and Howard is a good lineup. You may have gotten your wish granted, Bruh.

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    Ahh man,i was hoping that[bill russell]would've come outta retirement!!

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    Well the one thing howard can do is dunk,and he'll get plenty chances with wall feeding him,of course he still can't make free throws or play defense,and the gizzards are still going out in the first round...i ain't convinced!!!

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    He had 16.6 points and 12.5 rebounds per game last season. If his name was Harry Backman, he'd be the hottest free agent on the market. His attitude is the only thing standing in his way from adding to a hall of fame resume. God forbid he should be in situation where he has a chance to win. With that lineup, they will have the three best players on the court most nights in my opinion.

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    Don't get too geeked up,this is still the gizzards we're talking about and if it's a way to muck it up they will,you could put labron on this team and they still would find a way to mess it up,dwight howard-haaaaa..might as well be dwight eisenhower who as a general at lease knew defense...one an done!!

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    Most likely. I still don't understand why y'all drafted another wing. Or why you didn't put in a bid for Boogie instead of Howard.

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    Because with labron in the west,they actually think that they can win the east-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..and i'll bet you lunch at grady's that one mr.bradley beal will be running his mouth before the season[he can't help himself-a basketball in his hands and a foot in his mouth]these clowns actually think that howard will put em over the top,boogie won't be well until about january but having him on the roster would've been scary for next season,but then we are talking about-da gizzards-america's dummies!!

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    Two years and $11 million. Looks like they're invested in him. This has to be why they got rid of Gortat.

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    One and done!!!

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    Hey sports gang,how bout some of the great team nicknames down through the years...the[27]yankees-murderers row...the[80's]lakers-showtime...the[72]redskins-the over the hill gang...the[70's]dolphins-no name defense...the[60's]cowboys-doomsday...the[70's] steelers-steel curtain...the[90's]rams-greatest show on turf...the[60's]rams-fearsome foursome...whatcha got?

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    Dolphins also had the Killer Bs. Falcons had the Gritz Blitz and still go by the Dirty Birds. Of course, Seattle just dismantled the Legion of Boom, which was a great name. Don't forget the Bears' were the Monsters of the Midway in the '60s and '70s. In Mineesota, Alan Page, Carl Eller, Jim Marshall and Gary Larson were the Purple People Eaters.

    In college football, the Ohio State Buckeyes defense is known as the Silver Bullets.

    Switching to hoops, don't forget the Warriors were dubbed Run TMC when Tim Hardaway, Mitch Ritchmond and Chris Mullins were dropping buckets by the ton in the '90s. The University of Houston had Phi Slamma Jamma in the '80s. The '70s iteration of the Louisville Cardinals was the Doctors of Dunk [[with Darrell Griffith being Doctor Dunkenstein).

    And as for fans, don't forget Green Bay's Cheeseheads. Back in the '80s, Franco Harris was backed by Franco's Italian Army.

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    Don't forget the Bronx Bombers and Amazin' Mets.

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    The skins had-the fun bunch in the[80's] and things aren't gonna be the same for the raiders without-the black hole.

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    The Skins also had the Smurfs and Hogs. Surprised you didn't mention them yet.

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    Gettin old jerry,gettin old.

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    Just hope that I don't pass you up, Bruh.

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    What was the most deflating defeat for a team you liked[not your home team]?for me it was the angels in[82]all they needed was one out to get to the world series and couldn't get it,i remember the great[reggie jackson]standing on the top step of the dugout in total disbelief,just took all the air out of the room..oh and i've never rooted for the l.a.angels again.


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