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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    LOL...take that knee, take that knee ...LOL

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    I need the Eagles to lose today Moe so that's the first game I'll watch . I will check on the Steelers from time to time but I think you guys have this.

    Think POSITIVE Jerry Oz, I want.....I NEED... nothing but praise today!!!!! Feel me?

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    Okay, I'm bored. Switching over to the Steelers.

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    Wow, I underestimated the Jags.

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    Wow, again. My mouth is open Moe but there are no words.

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    Well, the good news, my Boyz will be on soon!

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    Sorry Moe. Stick a fork in it. Again, I feel your pain!

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    Bad call? Maybe BUT

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    Oh moi Jezu!!!!!!!!!

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    We got a game.

    Missed extra point. Yeah!

    Go Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Trust me. Been there, done that!

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    Need to make a really quick run. I will return!

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    I'm back. Looking good Boyz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    defense, defense, defense

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    I'm about to have a heart attack. LOL

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    $%@@$%^$#*%^[[P*&^ are you effing kidding me

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    I want this win. I REALLY want this win but whatever happens this has been a hell of a game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Damn straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! challenge this mofo


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    I need a cig but I don't smoke in my house and I can't get up .....lol

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    Name:  td.jpg
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Size:  71.1 KB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    son of a %$%$#$#@#%@^#^%#$^&#^%#

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    Sh#@@%#@#@...hell of a game though but damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Wow. Glad my Birds took the week off... This season is wonky as [[heck).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Oz View Post
    Wow. Glad my Birds took the week off... This season is wonky as [[heck).
    No sh$# but as much as I HATE the loss I had more fun watching this game than any game all season. [[so far)

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    Tough break, ms_m and moe. Especially with how the Cowboys took the loss. That's going to result in 24/7 love on ESPN and NFL Network toward A-A-Ron for the rest of the year.

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    Sh$# happens. Disappointed but not mad.

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    Join me, Ms M. I remember how you love your martini
    Jerry.......you want one, too?

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    Child please I've had several already. LOL

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    And why wasn't I invited??

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    SNF? Team KC although I'll probably fall asleep before the game is over. lol

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    KC plays the Steelers next week in KC
    Good Lord!

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    KC plays the Steelers next week in KC
    Good Lord!
    All we can do is hang on for the wild ride Moe. I agree with Jerry Oz. It's been a "wonky" season so far.

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    If I was sitting on the fence for a boycott before, I swear, Jerry Jones has one leg completely over it and almost touching the ground right now. I was so looking forward to this season and after reading his edict last night, I turned off the SNF game. I'm not planning to watch tonight's game and I'll see how I feel later this week. But between Dotard Trump and these team owners [[especially the boot lickers who put money into his campaign), I'm having a crisis of conscience right now.

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    I fell asleep on the SNF game. I was tired. Not expecting much of a game tonight so not sure what I'll do between now and kickoff.

    JJ has always been an azz, what else is new but I refuse to let him or anyone take away my joy for the game.

    I'm actually more concerned with the injuries, especially the concussions...that's where I start to feel guilty. The rest is nothing but background noise that I'm not interested in.

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    The injuries were the first thing with me. I love the game and few things are better than a good hit. With that said, I remember Jack Tatum crushing Stanley Morgan and breaking his neck. There's a difference between "good" and "dirty", though. Guys trying to kill each other before kneeling to pray for immobile opponents has always irritated me. But I still like the game.

    But the current political landscape is making me question my values. I'm still rooting for my teams but I might not watch as much as I am inclined. I'm not watching tonight or Thursday night and probably won't watch on Sunday. I reserve the right to change my mind. I just can't look at another NFL owner [[let alone those booing fans) without retching.

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    I understand what you're saying about the political side Jerry Oz but Trump is playing this country like a fiddle and people seem to be falling all over themselves getting sucked into it....which is rich considering no one is disrespecting this country and it's people more than he is....

    I actually watched the game last night and was pleasantly surprised by the Bears new QB. He just may be the future of the franchise.

    Plus they [[Bears) pulled off a two point conversion that was the craziest thing I've seen in awhile. Those types of plays are what help to make the game fun. Don't have time to find a video but it's most definitely must see tv.

    Have a great day...I'm off to the races.
    Last edited by ms_m; 10-10-2017 at 06:45 AM.

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    Had planned on taking a nap Jerry Oz but now I have to watch your teams go head, to head. LOL

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    Geeze Moe, what the heck was that?

    Two teams and one you like won Jerry Oz. LOL

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    I typically don't root for one when they play. But when one has more to lose [[Atlanta) then the other, I root for the one that is likely to go further. Every time I've done that, the team that I rooted for has lost and both typically miss the playoffs. Still hoping that they both get it together. Both look like poop so far.

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    I think the Birds have looked slightly better although you wouldn't know that based on today's game. I'm looking forward to our game with dem Birds though.

    Good game Moe, congrats. I think Bell is nutty as a fruit cake but he's a heck of a runner!

    Chicago just might be the team to watch this season. Who wouda thunk?

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    Thanks Ms M. I donít know how to label Bell but you should see his snaps with his little baby. No nuts but the proudest papa ever!
    Jerry, what happened to the Falcons?

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    Thanks Ms M. I don’t know how to label Bell but you should see his snaps with his little baby. No nuts but the proudest papa ever!
    Jerry, what happened to the Falcons?

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    I see, Jerry...........

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    Well now my skins haven't done too badly,got a big one coming up with the iggles on monday night,them birds are flying high and i don't know if we can ground em with all the injuries on defense.

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    I saw that Redskins game Sunday. Almost a nail biter.
    But, I do hope the Redskins beat them!!
    Steelers/Bengals at Heinz Field Sunday. I will be there!


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