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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    OK I have 2 comments:

    1. I agree with you Ms M. Fairweather fans can really kiss my butt.

    2. Jerry how do I hook up my TV after buying rabbit ears? Where do I buy rabbit ears?
    You're right......these stations can figure it out. Because of the NBC blackout here on
    Direct TV I picked up your game via NFL Channel during the night [2am I think]. So
    we just watched it today. Heck of a game! But you're still in & that's what counts!

    AND...we looked at the price of Super Bowl Tickets. Cheapest we found is 6,200 on Stub Hub. You do know for 6,200 I could fly you Ms M, Jerry, his wife & brother here to Tennessee & STILL have $$ for a great food spread...then get you back home!! And we'd have a great time!!

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    You can purchase a broadcast antenna anywhere. Best Buy. Target. Amazon. I bought a 30 mile range antenna for my mom a couple of years ago. After you get it, screw the coaxial cable into the coax jack in the back of your TV. Then, go to your TV menu and select either "source" or "input" and choose "antenna", "broadcast", or "cable". After doing that, go to your TV menu and run an auto-program and wait. You'll get all of your local channels. If you live in/near the city, that'll be a lot. If you live in the country, it'll be much less.

    I gave up on cable a couple of decades ago and now watch either broadcast or bootleg and I don't miss too much. Well, I missed last night's championship game but that was because it was on ESPN and my internet crashed. AT&T no es bueno.

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    Thanks, I will try tomorrow. The bad part of this is yes, we are out in the country & Knoxville also has the same problem as we do [no NBC]. Apparently it has affected 5 million customers. We do not have a choice of providers like the city. It's only one.

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    Jerry, I am REALLY rooting for your Dolphins today!!!! That weather!! I saw some pics of the stadium...yikes!!!!!

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    They're postponing the Steelers game to Monday. Is it really expected to be that much worse in Pittsburgh tomorrow than Kansas City tonight? If so, I might have a hard time getting to church in the morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    Thanks, I will try tomorrow. The bad part of this is yes, we are out in the country & Knoxville also has the same problem as we do [no NBC]. Apparently it has affected 5 million customers. We do not have a choice of providers like the city. It's only one.
    That stinks. I live in a condo and we only have one choice of cable provider and one choice for internet. My internet has been dropping for days at a time in the past couple of years, so that's really rotten.

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    *Derp* The game is in Buffalo, not Pittsburgh. Buffalo's getting snow and that's why they're playing the game on Monday.

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    Yep. it sure is!

    We came home & lo & behold..........NBC is back!!!!!!!

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    Good! I could "borrow" somebody's Peacock password for tonight's game but I'm confident in my bootleg options for watching it. There are a whole lot of folks who are unhappy that it's streaming instead of being broadcast.

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    I just hope that most people won't give in. And the Browns are out!!!!! Very impressed with the Texans!!!

    GOOD LUCK JERRY!!!!!!!!!

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    I understand this is streaming but this is the worst broadcast of a game I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Well, that's all folks. Looks like I'm rooting for your teams to win this weekend. With that being said, I'm probably a Houston fan right now because C.J. Stroud is the real deal and I'm happy to see him succeed.

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    Sorry, Jerry. Now we're stuck with KC & Taylor Swift for the next round....UGH

    Is Peacock the future of these games? Will people pay? Don't know any numbers yet.

    Looks like you're up first, Ms M, & good luck to you!! Ralph, you're tonight...good luck!

    I agree Jerry. The Texans looked like the team to beat!!

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    I'm ride or die and always will be but...

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    No words, Ms M.......except sorry!!:[[:[[

    Ralph, you're next.

    Charles Barkley called the exclusive showing on Peacock yesterday "Greedy Pigs."

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    Congrats Ralph. What a squeaker.....1 point!!

    And here I am today with a team that has not been given a chance by anyone...

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    It was a good game and my Lions prevailed. Congrats to the team and especially Dan Campbell. What a coach!

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    Lions played well, Ralph. They have a legitimate shot at grabbing the ring this year.

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    Now that we are one and done again I haven't decided who I would like to see go to the big game but Jerry Oz is right, the Lion's played well so congrats Ralph.

    Good Luck Moe,!
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    Thanks Ms M, but it isn't looking good.:[[

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    Uggghh... It's been a rotten fun for the Yo Moe Mob in the playoffs. After the weekend, I've whittled my desired Super Bowl pairing down to Houston vs Green Bay. I have reasons for hating both teams but I'd love to see C.J. Stroud make history and Jordan Love officially shut up any of A-A-Ron's remaining worshipers by taking them to the big game.

    With that being said, I expect Baltimore to play the Niners but wouldn't mind seeing the Lions take the crown.

    Tough game, Moe. I knew your row was going to be a tough one to hoe when Watt got hurt last week. Injuries are a part of the game, but [like with Miami] losing your best players increases how difficult it is to beat a good team that's on a roll. Pittsburgh and Miami needed all hands on deck but it wasn't meant to be. Now, it looks like Tomlin has been hearing the rumblings of some of the fans. If he quits, Pittsburgh's going to have a hard time moving on without him.

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    Jerry, I couldn't have said it better than you did above. There was a flicker of life for a wee bit but it quickly went out. Watt could've made a difference.

    So Ralph......you & the Lions are the last men standing in the Moe Mob. We wish you the best this coming weekend!!!!!!!

    And Philly self destructed!!!!! What happened??

    And......I'm dealing with 8 inches of snow.....in Tennessee no doubt....what a mess!!!!!!!

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    I'm a member of the famous Moe Mob now? Wheeeeeee!

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    That's what you signed up for, Ralph. And....because......you're the last man/team standing! It would be nice to see the Lions do it. If it comes to it anybody but KC & 49ers.

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    Thank you for including me in the club, Moe. The lions are looking strong. They could go all the way.

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    If the Lions get passed the Bucs and then take out the Niners, I may even get you your own Mo Mob plaque!

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    Oh and one more thing Ralph, I have an unwritten rule, you can get pissed, mad, happy or sad but you must ALWAYS stay loyal to your team!!!!!

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    Absolutely Ms M!! No fair weather fan on this thread, Ralph!!

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    Belicheat interviewing in Atlanta, Jerry?

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    I've been a true fan of the Lions for all my life and always will be.

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    Anybody read on the internet about someone's prediction that the Texans will upset the Ravens?
    But they did predict SF, Lions, & Buffalo wins

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    I'm rooting for Houston, Kansas City, Green Bay, and the Lions this week.

    Houston because I want the legend of C.J. Stroud to continue to grow.
    Green Bay because I want A-A-Ron to seethe in how quickly his former team got better once it dumped him. And especially because they did it with the QB they drafted to replace him, leading to a four year bender of butthurt and deplorability.
    Detroit because I'd like their dream season to continue.
    And Kansas City because *screw the Pills*.

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    I'll take anyone except SF & KC......had enough of Taylor Swift.

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    I'd like to see the Lions go to the big dance but if they can't take out the Bucs AND Niners, I'll pull for the last AFC team still standing. I'll watch today but slightly disinterested in who wins or lose. shrugs

    Good Luck tomorrow Ralph!
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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    I'll take anyone except SF & KC......had enough of Taylor Swift.
    I'm trying to understand why so many people are saying this. They don't cut away from game action to spotlight her. If they're not showing her, they're showing something else that I'm equally disinterested in watching, so it's very easy for me to not care when she's on camera. A lot of the hate she's received was because vocal members of the far right don't like her for encouraging her millions of followers to register to vote and a lot also can't stand her beau because he **GASP!** is a spokesperson for getting the Covid vaccination.

    It's like the people who moped and whined over Colin Kaepernick's taking a knee. There were literally 60,000+ people in the stadium when he did it that they could have paid attention to instead of him [and you're supposed to be looking at the flag, BTW]. How is it that folks were so lathered up over somebody doing something when you should have been focused on something - anything - else? I couldn't care much less about Taylor Swift, but it doesn't bother me a bit that she's at the games or that they make it a point to make sure we know it.

    But to each her own, I guess.

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    Yes, Jerry , it’s my opinion. I think they show her too much & it detracts from the game itself.

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    Congratulations to the Ravens. Ms M, I think we both know that Des is probably going nuts about now.

    I think about what a future CJ Stroud & the Texans have!!

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    I was rooting for the Packers, but not to be.

    Good Luck to the Lions today, Ralph!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    Congratulations to the Ravens. Ms M, I think we both know that Des is probably going nuts about now.

    I think about what a future CJ Stroud & the Texans have!!
    I'm sure he's {Des} happy Moe.

    My internet went out around three in the afternoon and as of 11pm last night it still hadn't come back. I went to bed!

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    Thanks Moe. Big game today.

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    Great game Ralph, congratulations!!!!

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    That was a great game!!!!!!!! Congratulations Ralph!!!!!!!!

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    Good game, Ralph! I like your chances next week. Paws up!

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    The Bucs played well but Detroit lit it up in the 4th. 49ers won't go down easy. Go Detroit.

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    Watching the Lions in the postseason reminded me that there was a point when I flirted with being a Lions fan. This was before Atlanta became my NFC team. I had posters in my bedroom of Lem Barney and Mel Farr and probably would have had a Greg Landry poster if my brother and I hadn't already filled our walls with posters and pennants. I also had a Lions pennant, but we had pennants for half the league.

    My brother had posters of Alan Page and Chuck Foreman [he was a Vikings fan] and we also had one of LeRoy Kelly [Pops was a Browns fan] among others. We were the most typical little boys that you can imagine. Watching Detroit dredged up these memories in a torrent for some reason. Hope to see them and Baltimore in Las Vegas in three weeks.

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    They were all good games this weekend!! Looking forward to this coming weekend!

    Go Detroit! Love to see them beat SF & end up playing the Ravens!!!!

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    Me too, Moe. Me too.

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    Jerry........Raheem Morris to the Falcons??

    Nobody wanting BB????

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    Morris was someone they had worked with and were familiar with, I think it was an excellent choice. Looking forward to see how it all plays out for the dirty birds.


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