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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    Thanks Moe. So far I'm happy and losing my mind at the same time. I watch games via the internet and my net has been going on and off all night. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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    Congrats, Ms. M. I'm hoping our teams can square off in the game of the year in a couple of weeks. It's going to take a couple more wins for Miami to make it happen, though.

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    Thanks Jerry. This win feels REALLY good. Look forward to Xmas eve and the Dolphins.

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    The Lions were a little flat yesterday, Moe. Other than the second quarter, not much. Big deal. They are still in good shape and there is always next week.

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    Congrats, Ms M!!!!! Your Boyz showed them!!! That Christmas Eve game should be a good one!!!!

    I thought teams get penalized for throwing a helmet/ taking off their helmet on the field [I do believe TJ Watt did]. So why is Mahomes special that they didn't? And his meltdown? It goes to show you that the Chiefs aren't what they were previously & Buffalo capitalized on that!! Good for them.....despite Taylor Swift being in the crowd [haha].

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    My brother has been saying that the Chiefs miss Eric Bienemy more than they're willing to discuss on the panel shows. They said he couldn't get hired because Andy Reid was the calling the plays but now the Chiefs look like an average team. Forget the fact that Reid had three other non-playcalling offensive coordinators who got jobs before that became the excuse to ignore Bienemy.

    Sadly, he'll probably get an interview to replace Ron Rivera but it'll only be to satisfy the Rooney Rule and he'll be tossed back on the pile of qualified Black coaches who can't get a job in the Old Boys Club.

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    And Andy Reid blustering on the internet about that penalty of Toney's foot [they usually notify the head coach......yadda]. Gene Seratore said on Twitter [X, whatever you want to call it] plain as day foot violation]. Hey Reid, every team has been through some questionable calls.......your number just came up.

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    I've been hearing that it's the player's responsibility to ask the official if he's lined up correctly. Former receivers and defensive backs have been saying all day that players are taught in little leagues to check their alignment and it's reinforced at every level beyond because officials don't mind telling them if they're okay. Nobody said that the referee has an obligation to tell the coach or players when somebody's lined up offside.

    Sounds like there's something else going on in their locker room.

    By the way, I don't recall either of them complaining when the officials gave them a do-over in the AFC Championship game when they ran a play and came up short but the referees "meant to stop play". And then, they won the Super Bowl on a play where both a receiver and a cornerback were mutually engaged. They can shut up all of that noise.

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    This was a horrible game and we deserved to get beat by one of the worst teams in the league. I can't wait to see how we respond on Sunday.

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    Yikes, Jerry. Sorry. Goes to show you any given Sunday [or Monday].

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    Yep, that was pretty bad but been there done that. This too shall pass at least that's pretty much what you said to me after our Niners disaster.

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    Oh yeah and thanks Moe. Guess we are not as fake as Jai thinks we are. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by ms_m View Post
    Yep, that was pretty bad but been there done that. This too shall pass at least that's pretty much what you said to me after our Niners disaster.
    Looking at the standings, it's just one game. Hopefully, we treat it the way your team did.

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    Steelers play Saturday against the Colts. Guess we're getting into that kind of Holiday Schedule.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Oz View Post
    Looking at the standings, it's just one game. Hopefully, we treat it the way your team did.
    As long as they don't do it against us I'm fine with that. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    Steelers play Saturday against the Colts. Guess we're getting into that kind of Holiday Schedule.
    I'll see that game but unfortunately I'll miss our game on Sunday. It's a bumper for me and will not even be able to check the score but I have a prior commitment I need to honor.

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    Let's hope that all of our teams win this weekend!!

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    Yeah, this was a pretty bad weekend for the Yo Moe Crew. Only the Cowboys stood up and played well.

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    I know, Jerry. But I'm sure Ms M was very happy to take one for the team

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    Yep!!!! Glad to be of service. Hopefully we will all be happy about our respective teams this week.

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    And hopefully, I'll be happy about my team's performance after next week, too.

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Oz View Post
    And hopefully, I'll be happy about my team's performance after next week, too.


    I prefer to concentrate on one game at a time however, back atcha my friend. Cheers!

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    Great point. Half of Miami's roster left the Tennessee game injured, including four of the five starters on the offensive line [including the center AND backup center]. At the same time, the Jests come into town ticked off about the Black Friday game and after playing their best game in two seasons. A week ago, I might have penciled it in as a W for the good guys but right now, Fin Nation is on edge because who knows how well we're going to play?

    Guess I'll pass on the booze and just drink Peptol-Bismol on Sunday afternoon.

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    I get to see what kind of Steelers team shows up today at 4:30. All kinds of crazy articles this week........"who will succeed Tomlin?"........"what will George Pickens do?".....I am just tired of it.

    And then I saw: "Is Bill Belicheat on his way out?" Maybe he'll go to the Chargers [ha!]

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    Fans go from happy to mad at the drop of a game. Lots of Falcons fans were dismayed when the team indicated we would retain Arthur Smith for another season unless things fall completely apart in the next four weeks. Arthur's not a terrible coach but I don't know if I've seen the best of him yet. Definitely whiffed on QB this season - like apparently Mike Tomlin did.

    Bill won't go to the Chargers. I know they fired their GM too, but I can't see them giving him roster authority after he showed that he can only build a great roster with Tommy the GOAT under center. He wrecked his current team, so what makes anybody believe he'll go better in San Diego? Justin Herbert is no Tom Brady.

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    Jerry, did you see where Mahomes & Reid both got fined "for their comments?"

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    Good. If they're going to complain about the officiating, they should have done it after the do over they got after the Bengals stopped them in the AFCCG last year. Or, when they won the Super Bowl thanks to Mr. Magoo deciding that Philly's cornerback interfered with the Chiefs' receiver and not the other way around when both were hand fighting.

    I agree the officials are horrible this season but Kansas City is not the team to gripe about anything in my opinion.

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    Looks like Mitchell Trubisky got tired of reading all of his bad mentions on the internet and decided to play football today.

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    Watching Pittsburgh this year is as exhausting as watching Atlanta. They got off to a great start and took the final three quarters off. Now, Tomlin needs to win 2 of 3 to finish with another winning record. It's hard to understand how both the Falcons and Steelers neglected the most important position in sports to the point that solid rosters are so ineffective with the guys they put under center.

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    I can't say it any better, Jerry. It was almost like Matt Canada was still calling plays, & having Trubitsky executing them. Good thing the season is almost over so that the Steelers need to really examine themselves.....& it starts at the top!! I think they will have their losing season.

    Funny......two of the power teams in the past [Steelers/Patriots] are no longer......

    And Santa, please add a new center for the Steelers.

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    Well, Miami is laying the wood to the Jets but Atlanta is about to lose to the worst team in the league.

    Or as they call it in the Oz household: Sunday afternoon.

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    Oh, forgot:
    Reid got fined 100k
    Mahomes 50k

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    Not liking the Pills vs Cowboys at halftime. I needed Dallas to save this effort for next week. Let me pull out my mojo bag to see if I can help them win.

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    Maybe it's good Ms M isn't watching this.....or shouldn't watch it at all.
    Last edited by moe; 12-17-2023 at 08:44 PM.

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    I love my boyz no matter what but damn they make it hard on a sister.

    See ya in Miami Jerry.
    Last edited by ms_m; 12-17-2023 at 08:55 PM.

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    I'll see you there. Football is such an emotionally draining game. Miami lost to a bad team on Monday night and was missing 10 of its 22 starters for today's game against a rival. I'll bet a third of our fanbase expected to lose but the team bounced back. The absolute worst result of the late game for the Fins was for Dallas to be as hurt and angry as Miami was after the Titans game.

    Hopefully, we keep the sting of it for another week because we're going to have to match the Boyz intensity and I expect them to be intense.

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    Yep, just seeing the score sucked the air outta me.
    Congrats on your Fin win... THIS WEEK. LOL

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    Have to say Lamar Jackson is making his case for MVP.

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    Good Morning Moe.
    The odds are against it but I would like to see a non quarterback win for a change.

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    Good Morning Ms M. Sorry about your Boyz.
    Yes, it would be nice to NOT see a QB. Now I see that Brock Purdy is throwing [no pun intended] his name into the MVP mix.

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    Since I didn't watch the offending game I'm over it already but thanks Moe.

    This may seem odd coming from me but if I could vote I would go with McCaffrey over Purdy. I think he's a more consistent and dynamic player. Purdy is good at following Kyle's orders most of the time but doesn't really do anything for me to warrant Most Valuable Player [with MV being the operable words]...and sorry bout the Steelers. Their season isn't over yet though.
    Last edited by ms_m; 12-18-2023 at 01:06 PM.

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    This will be the most consequential three-week period that I can recall. The Ravens, Iggles and Cowboys are the only three teams to clinch playoff spots. Only six teams have been eliminated. There's a lot up for grabs in a very short stretch of the season.

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    I see your point, Ms M & I agree with you. McCaffrey is a better choice.

    In other news Trubitsky has been benched & Mason Rudolph will start [what do the Steelers have to lose IMHO]? Fitzpatrick is out, Kazee is suspended for that hit [for the rest of the season]. And now the Bengals at home....whatever. Some of these guys have bad attitudes, do not accept the fact it is a TEAM sport .....I will not name names.

    I would rather focus on some very good football that's coming our way in the immediate future. You all have some very good teams that could go far....I am happy about that.

    And I still wonder........despite the fact you wouldn't turn down a date with him, Ms M, will Tomlin be able to reign in his team?

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    Wow, talk about an interesting turn of events. Way to go Seahawks. LOL

    Moe, I wish I knew the answer to your question. What can he do or try that he hasn't done or tried already?

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    I'm hearing that Steel Nation is ready to move on from Tomlin. He's been the coach for as long as many of them have been alive. I'll be shocked if they fire him because I think he caught a terrible break with his QBs in the post-Big[[mouth) Ben era and that the difference between fighting for a playoff spot and being the best team in the AFC North is due to it.

    In my own humble opinion, your defense is good enough for you to focus very heavily on offensive player acquisition in the offseason. Do that and you're a 10-12 win team in 2024.

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    I agree, Jerry. I would be shocked, too, if they fired Tomlin. The Rooney's are not known for firing quickly without a chance for salvation [at least that's what I call it]. But, I think they were ill prepared for "after Ben." Worse yet, they let him play knowing he was not the Ben that won those Super Bowls. And, they put their eggs in Pickett's basket. He wouldn't have been my choice but I am no expert. They do have a good defense but need to give their WR's a reality check as to football is a team sport. And they need a top notch CENTER!!!!!! Life after Pouncey has not been good for them, after some bonehead things [Enter one Kendrick Green].

    And did you see Tom Brady's opinion of Kazee's suspension?

    Never would I have thought Philly would lose that game.....

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    Brady talks a lot since he quit. Is he suggesting that a receiver not attempt to catch a ball if he thinks he might be at risk? Has he ever thrown a high ball that put one of his receivers in danger? I'm being facetious, because the answer is "yes". There was nothing wrong with that pass. Nothing. And Tom Brady, of all people, knows that QBs have two seconds or less to process a play and decide who to throw the ball to. There was nothing wrong with the pass that Minshew threw to Pittman. It was no more risky than any other pass that I've seen.

    In case you're wondering, I think Tom Brady needs to shut the heck up when it comes to player safety because he's a freaking hypocrite.

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    I'm not a generally a fan of Mike Florio, but his reply to Brady here is spot on [about 3:20 mark of the video]:

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    This is a great response, Jerry!!!!! "You're complaining without a solution." Yep.

    Today the Steelers play the Bengals. In Pittsburgh.....Mason Rudolph starts...[oh brother].

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    Impressive game Moe. Congrats!


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