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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    Yeah, I've been thinking about that Xmas Eve game. It's gonna be a doozy, thank goodness we have a defense that has the "ability" stop the little beep beep. HAHAHAHA

    One game at a time though, one game at a time!!!

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    That was unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

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    Who the heck throws a Hail Mary to the opposing team? I'm still in shock and I can only IMAGINE what Jerry is feeling. HAHAHAHAHAHA
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    I'm STILL in awe and I can't lie Jerry Oz, that sent a hell of a chill through me but I HAVE to keep repeating, one game at a time, one game at a time. LOL

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    Congrats Jerry that was one for the books!

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    I love beating the Jests.

    And I love typing "I love beating the Jests" so I'm going to type I love beating the Jests again to let you all know how much I love beating the Jests!

    I'm so geeked right now. North Carolina beat Arkansas this afternoon in what might be the best performance we've had in two seasons. And Miami just plastered New York and I can't express to you how much I love beating the Jests. I'm going to sleep easily tonight.

    We have a two-game division lead going into the back stretch. Let's do it!

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    Congrats Jerry. That Hail Mary was incredible!!!!!! So you have a two game lead? Good, I hope you stay there....& everyone keeps giving it to the Patriots!!!

    In college football today Tennessee plays Vanderbilt in Knoxville at 3:30. It's just like a Steelers game in Pittsburgh; I-40 is packed to get to the stadium, then it's deserted during the game.

    The big game is Ohio State vs. Michigan [in Michigan] - There's a neighbor a couple of streets over that has a big statue of Brutus Buckeye in his back yard. It was kinda in the front of his house until the gestapo HOA told him to put it someplace else.

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    There are 1.5 million people in my metro area. One week a year, it becomes the biggest college town in America and today's the big day. I'm no longer a Buckeyes fan but most of my family, friends, and acquaintances are so church tomorrow will probably be interesting, regardless of who wins.

    HOAs are notoriously against self-expression. They'd prefer everybody to live in identical shoeboxes as opposed to having the audacity to express their personalities on the outside of their residences. I kind of understand it. Let somebody keep a Brutus Buckeye statue in their front yard and next week, a neighbor will have a team-color light display, another will drape their house in a huge banner, and the next will set up a motion-detecting sound system to blare out college fight songs at people walking down the street.

    Not likely to happen, but the folks on the HOA know that they'd likely do it themselves, so they want to stop others from doing what they would probably consider doing.

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    I think the HOA people have delusions of grandeur with their HOA "title." Having been on an HOA board [I got suckered into it] I NEVER want to do it again! People calling you with the most ridiculous things at inconvenient times [but good for them].

    So Brutus [& the Ohio contingency here in my community] is sad that they lost. Michigan was the better team. With the Buckeye loss it'll be interesting to see who plays in the Championship. The Georgia contingency across the street says it'll be through them.
    Like I said before; these southerners take their college football VERY seriously!

    And so today the Steelers play the Bengals. Could be very interesting. Ja Mar Chase all over Twitter this week about beating the Steelers. With Canada gone it'll be interesting.
    Jerry, I see where the Falcons play NO. Other games that could be good: KC/LV, Bills/Philly, Ravens/Chargers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ms_m View Post
    yeah i know my dear but your love for me outweighs your hate for my boyz so it's all good. Lol
    always my love...i feel as though i have to rescue you from jerry's evil tower...but i have no knights!!

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    Hey jerry, as badly as the jets play and they stink...i know that they will still beat the comedians when we face em, that's how much confidence i have in my sad home team...zero-zilch- none- nada....i'm out!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by arr&bee View Post
    always my love...i feel as though i have to rescue you from jerry's evil tower...but i have no knights!!
    No worries and no rescue or knights needed. Jerry is good peeps besides, you and I share Grady's, Hooch and Elephants, it will never get better than that!

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    Congrats Jerry, you've had a great NFL week!

    Congrats to you too Moe but I have to be honest. When the Cincy player pushed his teammate out of the way to get the TD, I had to give him a standing ovation. LOL

    Dedication, determination and true grit...a few of the many reasons I love this game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by arr&bee View Post
    Hey jerry, as badly as the jets play and they stink...i know that they will still beat the comedians when we face em, that's how much confidence i have in my sad home team...zero-zilch- none- nada....i'm out!!!
    The Fins play the Commoners next week. We need to win that on to keep our division lead. And dang if Desmond Ridder didn't try hard to blow today's game with three interceptions. I thought it was a loss for sure but thankfully everybody else played great. We should have beaten the Stains by 20.

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    I second that, Ms M! Yes Jerry, you've had a great week!!

    I'm happy the Steelers finally went over 400 yds on offense [since 2018] & beat the Bengals.

    And the Browns lost, as well as the Patriots.

    This last game [Eagles/Bills] was a good one!!

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    It was really good for me. Miami now has a three game lead with six games remaining.

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    Nap time. See you guys in a few hours.

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    "Here We Go"

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    Tonight Fitz said [when speaking about my Boyz], “the criticism is louder than the praise,” and with that said…..WE WON!!!!!!!

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    Congrats, Ms M!

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    Thanks Moe. There were a few stressful moments but....YEAH!

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    Some interesting games today. Jerry, the Dolphins play the Commanders & the Falcons play the Jets. Ms M, your Boyz are resting from their earlier win. Steelers play the Cardinals. But the interesting game could be the 49ers/Eagles.
    Did anyone see that Georgia/Alabama game yesterday?

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    Well, the Falcons are pussyfooting with the Jets, but thank God Washington hasn't shown up at the stadium against Miami.

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    Come on Jerry, you know it's never over until it's over and NOW, it's over. LOL
    Congrats x2!!!

    Congrats to you too Ralph.

    So what's up with the weather in Pittsburgh Moe?

    Guess I'll watch America's Game of the week. I really need the Eagles to lose but I can't and won't cheer for the Niners. What's a girl to do?
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    Thank you Ms. M. N.O. came alive in the third quarter but the Lions prevailed.

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    Congrats to Ralph & Jerry!

    Weather was nasty in the 'Burgh.......throw in some lightning, too. But no excuse...what is happening with my team? I also think we need a new backup QB.

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    Sorry Moe, This too shall pass, I'm sure.

    This Eagles/Niners game is NUTS!

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    WELL....THAT just made my football life really interesting!!!!!!!!

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    My brother went to watch the Steelers at Heinz today. I know he was miserable with an hour and a half of rain delays piled on top of a loss.

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    Dolphins are now the top seed in the AFC. Coolness.

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    Jerry, I was supposed to attend the game yesterday. It's the "once a year reunion" of a bunch of us from Steelers Twitter, but couldn't make it. Sorry I missed the game......NOT!!

    If anything that weather would've made me run back to the hotel & watch it on TV!!!!! And the poor play by the Steelers made me happy I missed it. I don't know what's going on with them.

    But I'm happy for you, Ms M & Ralph. And another Patriots loss!! And the Chiefs lose!!

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    The AFC is more up for grabs than I can recall. Nobody is dominant and more than half the teams can still make the playoffs.

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    And now look at the Jags......injury to Lawrence & a loss to the Bengals. That might quash their hopes.

    And so in Tomlin's press conference yesterday he states that Trubitsky will start Thursday against the Patriots, & they have also added a QB to their practice squad, Trace McSorley.
    I remember him from the Ravens. Maybe we'll see Mason Rudolph. I'm just bracing for impact [anything concerning Mitch T makes me brace for impact].

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    Hi gang...well,as you well know, any team that plays the commedians will get a win..the [fins] killed us just like i knew they would and the rams will too, but it's all good cause the broom is coming out, sorry bout your qb moe, jerry are your burds trying to get the division or what?..and ms m now comes the test for your boyz cause real opponents are on the way...go eagles!!

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    Nothing fake about my Boyz my love. Never have been and never will be however, as far as the outcome of our next game, we shall see what we shall see.

    Yo Moe...LOL
    Your guys have a few injuries but I think you can pull this off. Go Steelers!!!

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    Sunday's game will be a doozy. Somebody's going to show up big under bright lights and national exposure. I might have to get the popcorn ready early.

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    I sure hope so, Ms M!!!

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    Moe... Tonight's game might be the lowest scoring primetime game of the year. Steelers [[16 points per game) and Pats [[12 ppg) both have good defenses but struggling offenses. I think Pittsburgh is a much better team but they still have to figure out what to do on offense if they're going to make the playoffs.

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    Sorry Moe!

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    Uggghh... I hate the Pats and really wanted Pittsburgh to embarrass them further. Tough break, Moe.

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    Yes.......UGGGGGHH........if anybody to beat us NOT the Patriots. I know there's a call coming this morning from our friend in Boston.....he only calls when they win. Crickets when they lose. Oh well.

    There's enough good football this weekend with other teams!!!

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    I just saw the replay of the false start penalty on your long snapper. That was a terrible call. Seems like the officiating this season is as bad as I can remember. Not to blame refereeing but that definitely makes the job harder and that’s not fair.

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    Did you see that hold on Alex Highsmith that wasn't called?

    I don't care what game I saw so far.....the officiating has been terrible!!!!!

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    I saw it and I agree it sucked but to be honest, and with all due respect, your qb made a few bonehead moves/throws as well.

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    You're exactly right, Ms M........Trubitsky is a REAL BONEHEAD!!

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    Big game for you today, Ms M.

    Ralph you got da Bears.

    Jerry, you have the Bucs & Dolphins play tomorrow night.

    Good luck to all!

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    Waiting on pins and needles for the game, Moe.

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    Oof ...

    If you are keeping track, Atlanta is losing 12-10 at the half. We allowed the Bucs a touchdown on one of the worst interceptions I've ever seen, given them two points in a safety, and the previously most accurate kicker in history has missed two field goals.

    What is the point?

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    I saw that, Jerry......sorry! Maybe the Dolphins can come through.

    Ralph, what happened?

    Good luck, Ms M!!!!

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    It's up to the Boyz tonight and the Fins tomorrow to salvage something out of this weekend's games for our gang.


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