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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    LOL, you've been a Finns fan longer than I realized. Super props to you. I admire loyalty in a sports fan!!!!

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    I've been a fan since '71. Jumped on the same year they lost to your Boyz. I've liked the Falcons since 1975 when Steve Bartkowski was drafted.

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    BTW, Moe: It appears the equipment stolen from the Colorado football team was taken by high school players being recruited by UCLA.

    Prospective UCLA recruits identified as suspects in Colorado locker room theft at Rose Bowl
    Juveniles from Beaumont High School in Riverside County are suspected in the theft of valuables during Colorado's loss to UCLA

    By Steven Taranto
    Prospective recruits to the UCLA football team from a high school in Riverside County, Calif. have been identified by Pasadena Police as suspects in the alleged theft of jewelry and cash from the Colorado locker room during their loss to UCLA in late October. According to a report by USA Today, the case has been turned over to the juvenile division of the local district attorney's office, but no arrests have been made.

    The suspects, who were not named, are prospective UCLA recruits from Beaumont High School in Riverside County. In a statement, UCLA said the suspects were not on an official recruiting visit during the Bruins' 28-16 win over the Buffaloes, when several members of Colorado's team reported they were missing cash and jewelry in the post-game locker room.

    "We are disappointed and disheartened to hear of the alleged involvement of Beaumont High School students in the incident at the UCLA-Colorado football game on October 28," read a statement by the Beaumont Unified School District. "We strive to promote strong character and integrity in our students, and the alleged actions do not represent our core values as a school, District, and community. While the students were not at the UCLA-Colorado football game as part of a school-sponsored event, the District is cooperating fully with Pasadena Police Department's investigation."

    Following the theft, Colorado coach Deion Sanders called for the Rose Bowl to reimburse the players who had valuables stolen, but Pasadena Police stated a week after the theft that some of the stolen items had been returned to the victims of the theft.


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    High School students? Being recruited by UCLA? Guess that may not happen now.
    I've been out of town the past 2 days......the OC from the Bills got canned? Because they got beat by the Broncos?

    I remember Bartkowski....oops, my age is showing!

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    Buffalo fans lost their crap after the end of last night's game and I guess they had to blame the drops, interceptions, and fumbles on somebody [besides the players] and Dorsey - who neither dropped a pass, threw an interception, nor fumbled a football - was the scapegoat. C'est la vie.

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    And how bout Deshaun Watson's injuries? Season ending. Guess the Haslams aren't happy, I'm sure.

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    There's a reason why NFL teams are so hard-pressed to give fully guaranteed contracts. Especially for $246 million. Watson's deal is going to hang on Cleveland like an albatross. They'll be struggling to find cap space for the next three seasons.

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    I watched a replay of that game. Lots of banged up players on BOTH sides [Browns/Dirty Birds].

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    And tonight's game could be a good one!!!!!! Bengals/Ravens

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    The AFC North is wide open. Nobody has a clue who will come out on top. Of course, most expect the Browns' fortunes to wane in light of the Watson injury.

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    I saw a press conference with Watson. He was wearing this quilted jacket that looked like his grandmother made it. And, when out of reach of everyone could he be probably laughing all the way to the bank?

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    He's definitely laughing to the bank. With that being said, I don't think he's so much an ***hole as he is somebody with a serious screw loose. If you remember how upset I was with the whole Colin Kaepernick situation a few years ago, the fact that so many teams were throwing themselves into acquiring him [including both of mine] made me just as upset. I was willing to drop Miami if they'd traded for him after being a fan for nearly 50 years. Had Atlanta signed him, I was willing to stop watching the NFL.

    Cleveland was my dad's favorite team and I never had a problem with rooting for them. Now, I actually root for their opponents to beat them.

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    So the dirty birds prevail. OK. But was Joe Burrow's wrist injury ever declared before the game?

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    I barely paid attention. I saw him leave the field but barely watched the second half to find out if he returned. I like Burrow and hope he's okay. Looks like the AFC North is now a two-team race. Life comes at you fast.

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    And Burrow is out for the remainder of the year with ligaments torn in his wrist.
    And the Steelers play the Browns in Cleveland Sunday. It'll be interesting!

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    Cleveland invested a quarter of their salary cap in Watson and then, Cincinnati followed suit with Burrow. Consequently, their teams have little depth and next season they won't be able to add significantly to their rosters. Meanwhile, Saquon Barkley, Austin Ekeler, Josh Jacobs, and other stud running backs toil away in an economy that keeps their salary flat year-over-year. I'm pretty sure they're giving their GMs the side eye over these recent developments because they know teams will dig in to try to drive their salaries lower to help them afford potential injuries to QBs.

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    Today Cowboys at Carolina, Bears at Lions, Raiders at Dolphins.
    Big game Monday [Eagles at Chiefs]. Falcons are on their bye.
    And the Steelers are in Cleveland today [that's always interesting].
    Good luck to all!

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    Wow, my post disappeared

    Back atcha Moe, so far I'm happy. See ya at the end.

    Jimmy J going into the Dallas Ring of Honor Dec 30th. It's about time!!!!!

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    Meet ya at the "STAR" on Turkey Day Jai and as always, we'll keep the light on for ya

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    Wow, sorry Moe, thought your guys would pull it out.

    Congrats Ralph.

    Congrats Jerry, I'll have to go back and watch but it looked like a good game!

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    Congrats Ms M & Jerry on the wins!!!!!!!! Congrats Ralph!!

    Steelers have a true lack of leadership. Pickett not improving & Canada needs shown the door.

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    Thank you Moe and Ms.M. I must admit it didnīt look all that good the last few minutes of the game and I was ready to make peace with a one touchdown loss. And then the Lions caught fire. What a great ending to a good game.

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    And the Chiefs lost last night......yes!!!

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    AND........LO & BEHOLD......Matt Canada is fired as the OC of the Steelers!!!!!

    Never saw that one coming.......YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Good news and bad news, Moe. Good that he's gone but bad until you find out who on staff is going to do better than he did at this late stage of the game.

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    In his press conference earlier Tomlin said he will have 2 members of his coaching staff share the responsibilities........Eddie Faulkner will run the line & Mike Sullivan will run the plays. I think this will be temporary........at least that's what NFL Channel guys said.
    I'm just temporarily happy he's gone.

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    Hi gang....[i've been hiding out for awhile...bears,giants?] and now we get to go to dallas for a turkey carving...[one guess on who the turkey is]ms m my sweet, your boyz will feast....dallas 41- comedians 14..but it's ok cause next season a new day comes...[i hope!!!]

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    And the Chiefs lost last night......yes!!!
    They should have paid "beep" "beep" Tyreek. LOL

    I don't ever take a win until I see the win Jai but looking forward to the game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ms_m View Post
    They should have paid "beep" "beep" Tyreek. LOL

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    Yes to both of you!!!!!!!!!

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    Well, we're on the eve of Thanksgiving and tomorrow is going to be a great day for family, sports, and food. If I get online, it'll probably be late so I'll just take the moment to wish all of my SDF family a safe and happy holiday. Good luck in the late game, ms_m. The Boyz are on a tear and I suspect they'll make you happy tomorrow.

    And good luck to you also, Ralph. The Lions have broken my heart on Thanksgiving for years and I'm not even a fan. I have a feeling the best part of the day for those at Ford Field will be the time they spend watching their team as it continues to show up and show out. They're having a heckuva season and the fans deserve it.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

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    It's a good day for football!! Ralph & Ms M, good luck with you respective teams.
    Let's be safe out there!

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!

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    Thanks Moe. Lions are favored by a touchdown. Have a nice Holiday.

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    Thanks for the good wishes, Jerry. It is nearly hard to believe the Lions are where they are at in the season.

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    Speaking of the Lions, I watch a documentary "Bye Bye Barry" on Amazon.
    It's about Barry Sanders. I found it & him to be very interesting. Might be worth a watch.

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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. At this stage of my life I am super thankful to see another Thanksgiving day.

    Good luck to us all and enjoy your day!!!!!
    Last edited by ms_m; 11-23-2023 at 11:58 AM.

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    Stay classy M, stay classy. LOL...OOPS

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    Well, we're 1-2 among us for the day. I hope I didn't jinx the Lions with my message last night. And Washington's fans should be upset that they gave away Montez Sweat and Chase Young for pennies on the dollar. I don't mind it when teams rebuild, but to sell out the season when you still have a chance to compete is unfair to the team. It looks like the players know many of them won't be back next season and their performance reflected it today.

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    Considering his [Chase] attitude and underperformance [at the end] with Washington, I didn't get the sense he wanted to stay.

    Jai came kinda close with his final score prediction so I'll give him props for that.

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    I'm not a Niners fan but dang, that roughness was totally unnecessary.

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    Absolute shock over that Packers/Lions score. Sorry, Ralph.

    Congrats Ms M, that's something to be thankful for! And sorry R&B.

    Good luck today Jerry.

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    Thanks Moe, it was a great day on all levels!

    I've set my alarm for today's game and look forward to seeing the Dolphins running all over the Jets. I must admit I like Saleh and Mc Daniel but oh well and "beep beep. LOL

    Sorry Ralph but I give props to the Lions. They have heart!!!

    You predicted this one Jai so I don't feel too bad for ya but we left the light on for ya as promised. I still like Howell though, I think he has a future in this league.

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    Thank you my sweet, these turkeys are cooked...as stated i'm waiting for the new folks to take over in the spring, of course i still hate them[boyz] and when they face real teams they will choke, but today is your day!!

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    I still have to find a way to watch today's game but man, I hate the Jests with a passion. Like, really really hate them enough that I made this up for them:

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    Yeah I know my dear but your love for me outweighs your hate for my Boyz so it's all good. LOL
    Last edited by ms_m; 11-24-2023 at 01:20 PM.

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    I don't hate the Jets but don't have any love for Rodgers and for the for the life of me can't understand why Wilson was the number 2 draft pick. Yeah I know about his success at BYU but my instincts about him have proven to be correct so far.

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    Jerry, check your messages!

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    You have no idea. A Dallas win is now a bad news/good news proposition for me. Bad that they won because I know way too many overly-entitled trash-talking-but-quiet-during-the-lean-years Cowboys fans who will be posting their memes on FB and dusting off 20 year old Cowboys t-shirts until the season ends. But good when they win because when you're happy, so am I. You're literally the only Cowboys fan that I can say I respect because of your fandom.

    That is why I was telling you that the atypical performance against the Niners was only worth one loss in the standings [and that it would prove to be good because it would be a gut check for your team. Which it did and it was. They're better for it and would probably win in a rematch.]

    With that being said, you and I are gonna have a problem with each other come Christmas Eve.

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    By the way, my late Cousin Junior was a Boyz fan like you. Didn't matter if they were trending up or down or if they were in the midst of a decade of underperforming, he was proud of his team. I miss him like crazy and I'm glad he's not the only Dallas fan that I respect. Thanks for adding nuance to my otherwise black-or-white views on the world.

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    Thanks, much appreciated, It's the only way I know how to be a fan...get pissed, get over it and keep it moving. I even wear my gear after a loss. Loyal to the end!!!!!

    That Niners game was a pure cluster ^%$^#. They played like grade school kids!!! It still pisses me off but I'll get over it one day. LOL


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