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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    Quote Originally Posted by ms_m View Post
    I don't know what's worse, watching us get our butts kicked or listening to the announcers.
    Well on to the next game.

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    I'll be honest and say that I tune out the announcing teams these days. They pretty much tell me something that I already know. The only thing the color guy adds is when he [and it's ALWAYS a "he" for some reason] spots a foul before the referee announces it and even that's unnecessary. And it gets my goat when you can hear their excitement when one team makes a big play but then, they call a big play by the other team as if they're describing grass grow. Nothing lends credibility to the viewer like the presumption that the announcers would prefer one team to beat the other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Oz View Post
    I'll be honest and say that I tune out the announcing teams these days. They pretty much tell me something that I already know. The only thing the color guy adds is when he [and it's ALWAYS a "he" for some reason] spots a foul before the referee announces it and even that's unnecessary. And it gets my goat when you can hear their excitement when one team makes a big play but then, they call a big play by the other team as if they're describing grass grow. Nothing lends credibility to the viewer like the presumption that the announcers would prefer one team to beat the other.
    Enter Cris Collingsworth with the Steelers….he hates us…..”now here’s a guy”…

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    Well, my snakebitten luck with NFL franchises continues. Miami's stud rookie runningback, DeVon Achane is now injured and won't be available for several weeks, if not the rest of the season. This kid is averaging a ridiculous 12 yards per carry and set a record for touchdowns scored in the first 5 games of his career and somehow was injured on the next to last play of Sunday's game against the Giants. Next man up, I guess, but dang...

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    What rotten luck, Jerry! I hope for a speedy recovery for him.

    We have a bye week.

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    It's always best to enter a bye week with a win over a division rival.

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    Jerry your Dolphins are playing the Panthers, injury or not they SHOULD be ok. Fortunately we don't play again until Monday night. Hopefully that will give my Boyz time for a serious reset! However, looking forward to the Dirty Birds and Jai's sometime, maybe team. LOL

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    I am, too. If your Boyz don't have their best week of practice in the McCarthy era leading up to Monday night, then you *a* have a huge leadership problem, and *b* need to fire McCarthy. Dallas should be one of the most focused and best teams in the league after the Niners game because if they weren't serious before, they should be now.

    There's too much talent on that team to lose to the Cardinals and then play poorly against San Francisco. I think they'll play better together as a result. Somebody has to step up for Leighton Vander Esch, though.

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    Vander Esch is an important piece of the puzzle but I honestly don't remember him getting through an entire season without an injury. I could be wrong and too lazy to look it up but we've managed without him before and there are so many other moving parts that need to be address.

    The offense was a straight up mess and although the defense wasn't too bad they had issues too. I guess what I'm saying, that train wreck wasn't simply on McCarthy's or Dak's shoulders. IMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by ms_m View Post
    I guess what I'm saying, that train wreck wasn't simply on McCarthy's or Dak's shoulders. IMO
    I agree 100%. With that being said, now is the time for both to show their leadership mettle. They need to remind the team that losing by 20 is no worse than losing by 2 and that it's time to move on. In the end analysis, it really was just one game and shouldn't be considered more than that. Miami got pole axed by rival Buffalo last week and had to forget about it quickly. Dallas needs to do the same.

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    Stay classy, San Francisco:
    Sources: NFL mulls George Kittle fine for anti-Cowboys shirt

    Oct 11, 2023, 01:29 PM ET

    The NFL is considering fining San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle for the T-shirt he wore under his uniform Sunday night that contained a profane message about the Dallas Cowboys, sources told ESPN's Adam Schefter on Wednesday.

    Under the terms of the NFL's fine schedule, personal messages carry a fine of $10,927.

    Kittle, a four-time Pro Bowl selection, revealed a shirt under his jersey that said, "F--- Dallas," while celebrating running back Jordan Mason's 26-yard touchdown in the end zone at the end of the 49ers' 42-10 rout. Kittle also had three receiving touchdowns in the game.

    In an interview with "The Pat McAfee Show" on Monday, Kittle said he "might have been mildly inspired" by 49ers linebacker Gary Plummer, who wore a similar T-shirt during the 1994 NFC Championship Game against the Cowboys.

    "It's just there's some things that need to be worn for the franchise, and I think it's just coincidence that it just happened to appear on my chest on 'Sunday Night Football,'" he said.

    Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons, on his podcast Monday, called out Kittle for wearing the T-shirt.

    "I just feel like he's making it way more personal than it had to be," he said on his "The Edge with Micah Parsons" podcast. "Kittle's my guy, but I'm going to say this: Laugh now, cry later.

    "We got something for that, just trust. If we see them again, just trust. ... You going to make it personal? We can make it personal."

    One day later, 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel, during an interview with FanDuel's "Up & Adams" podcast, said that San Francisco took note of some of the Cowboys' pregame comments before responding to Parsons.

    "It was already personal before the game started, and now -- 42-10 -- I don't think you want to see us again," he said Tuesday. "It might be a little bit worse."

    Cowboys safety Jayron Kearse said on Wednesday that he didn't have a problem with Kittle flashing the T-shirt.

    "The only way to stop that is to keep him out of the end zone," Kearse said. "I don't have a problem with nothing he did. If we do our job and keep him out of the end zone, he wouldn't have been able to do it."

    ESPN's Todd Archer contributed to this report.


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    I wondered how long that would take to surface & maybe a fine.

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    I hope he does get fined. Seriously, how hard is it to be an adult? If your team won a dominating game, you'd think it's easier to comport yourself with a little bit of class. I don't mind it when players spike a ball after scoring [it's the other team's responsibility to keep them out of the end zone], but pulling up a shirt to disrespect your opponent makes it seem like you never graduated from middle school.

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    Don't mind if I don't take your word for it, Jai. My team has a habit of letting me down. I'm not going to think we're winning tomorrow's game until we're - well - winning tomorrow's game. And the last time I checked, today ain't tomorrow.


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    Steelers have a bye this week.

    Jerry, you play R&B's team.....should be interesting.

    Morning Ms M, your Boyz play the Chargers tomorrow night.

    Ralph, Lions play Bucs at 4:25 That should be a good one.

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    Hi Football peeps!

    Told ya not to give up too soon on the Commanders Jai. Congrats but sorry Jerry. HOWEVER, the Dolphins are smokin' hot!!!!!!

    Yeah Moe we play Monday Night. It's actually nice to have a break from 'em
    for a day. LOL

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    Dear George Kittle, pay back is a mofo!

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    And, of all teams.......THE BROWNS!!!!

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    Jai willed his team into a victory with his "we suck, might as well not play" laments. Maybe I should try that. Or maybe, the Falcons should try to put a quarterback in who's not still in his "taking his lumps" phase. Don't mind me, folks... I will be alright [I think].

    Anyway, at least the Dolphins are beating up on the bad teams we're playing so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    And, of all teams.......THE BROWNS!!!!
    I know, right? The look on Kyle's and Kittel's face when homie missed that field goal was priceless. LOL

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    Trust and believe Jerry, I feel your frustration towards your Dirty Byrds!

    The Dolphins have a couple of tough games ahead but bad teams or not they are actually playing well. Your guys really scored getting Tyreek.

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    Congrats Ralph. The Lions are really doing it so far.

    Can't believe the Jets beat the Eagles, and Hurts with the interceptions was crazy.

    Now you guys know I'm not a Garoppolo fan BUT, way to go Jimmy G. LOL

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    I have to watch the replay of that Browns-49ers game.

    And congrats Jerry....Miami looks really good!!
    And Ralph with the Lions.
    I didn't see the final on that Philly game.....wow!
    Love the Patriots loss!! Yipee

    But, you're right, Ms M..........any given Sunday!!

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    The Browns turned it on today. Teams are winning a lot with defense this season. Steelers won a couple because of their D, Browns and Niners both had massive defensive games today, the Jests absolutely bullied their way to a victory over the Iggles, and the Bills and Giants are slugging it out right now. Some people think defensive games are boring but if you appreciate football, you should enjoy seeing teams try to negotiate tough defenses.

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    My Lions took another yesterday. Even though they wracked up another win, I don't think they were as sharp as they could be. But I'll take the win.

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    An hour before game time. Can't lie, I'm nervous but excited at the changes the defense and offense have made. [hopefully]!!!!!

    See ya again shortly.

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    I watched that Browns-49ers game today. You're right, Jerry.......their defense won that game for them! Some questionable calls by the ref....measuring that obvious first down but the ref said no? Really? [[Browns won on appeal). That among a few others.
    The look on Kittle's face at the end was disbelief [that made Ms M happy].

    Good luck to you & the Boyz, Ms M!!

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    Good grief. Dallas looks like they did a week ago.

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    That was a great play and it capped off a good drive. Way to come back STRONG.

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    Tied game but I haven't seen a damn play. Having trouble finding a reliable stream. #@!#

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    Maybe I can see the second half cause other than seeing the score on my phone I haven't seen @#$#@. Glad we're up but....not a happy camper right now!!!!!!!!!

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    4th quarter, 7 mins to go and the game is tied. Hell of a time to FINALLY be able to see it all!

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    I can honestly say, I truly appreciate our defense right about now. LOL

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    Good comeback, ms_m! This was a weekend for great defense and Dan Quinn dialed up the right play to win the game when the Chargers were trying to move downfield. The sack and interception were huge and gets you into your bye with peace of mind instead of sour feelings.

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    Thanks Jerry. To be honest I was a little sour about Dan Quinn against the Niners. He is much too good to have not found an answer against the Niners. But I'm gooD with him now. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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    By one point or a hundred, a loss counts for one game in the standings. I think the sour taste has been washed out of the mouths of the team and most of the fan base tonight. This is a game they can build on.

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    Congrats, Ms M, a win is a win!

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    I agree Jerry, I'll always take the W know matter what.

    Thanks' Moe. No stress for me this weekend though. YIPPEE!

    Tonight's game will probably end up watching me but I'm looking forward to this weekend. Raven's and Lions, Steelers and Ram's and especially Dolphins and Eagles are my go to games. Should all prove to be very interesting.

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    Ralph, you have a [what should be] a good game with the Ravens.

    And Jerry.....Dolphins at Eagles.

    And Steelers at LA Rams

    You sure are gonna rest easy this weekend, Ms M

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    It's going to be a good weekend for both college and the NFL. I might have to tap into my strategic supply of popcorn.

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    It's crazy in Knoxville right now....orange everywhere!
    Tennessee vs Alabama
    Penn State vs Ohio State

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    Tennessee and Penn State have the same mountain to climb. The Vols have been getting beat every season by Bama and Penn State has continually come up short against the Buckeyes. Both of those may change tomorrow because Milroe [Bama QB] and McCord [OSU] are still figuring things out. The Vols and Penn State both need to get out to early scores and make their opponents play catch up.

    I honestly believe both Tennessee and Penn State have their best chance to beat their bullies tomorrow. I like college football at least as much as the NFL and things are really starting to heat up now.

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    Don't forget, Jerry that Tennessee beat Alabama last year. And there was 100,000+ of your closest friend going crazy in Knoxville at just the stadium because of it.

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    I absolutely forgot. That's why Alabama missed the CFP. Thanks for reminding me. I like little more in sports than seeing Nick Saban lose.

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    Hey jerry, the only reason we won was because you have a rookie at qb, and a coach who's worst than the clown that coaches us, believe me when i say that for the rest of this season i have zero confedence in this bunch...watch em lay an egg sunday..rivera and del reo got to go!!!

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    Nope. In the end analysis, your team was better. Seems like we're sticking with Ridder though. But I'll go ahead and put money on what position we will take in the first round of the draft.

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    Tennessee was stomping Alabama before the Tide turned things around on them. It looked like two different games between the first half and the second.

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    Couldn't agree with you more, Jerry! My husband said "oh, good for the Vols" in the first half.......until the second half & the Tide showed up to play.

    And the Ohio State - Penn State game was a decent one.

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    Oh WOW!! The Lions are getting fleeced!!

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    We've all been there Ralph. This too shall pass.
    Congrats Jerry, good game.
    You're up Moe. Good Luck!


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