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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    Well. the item about Nelson came up on Twitter. Can't believe he's still without a team [even though his exit from Pittsburgh was far from happy]

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    There is some talk that teams, most notable the 49ers & Broncos have tampered with Aaron Rogers. I'm sure you know how unhappy he's been lately with the Packers.

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    I just watched a video where Adam Schefter admitted to Dan Patrick that he had no sources or confirmed information about Aaron Rodgers' disenchantment with Green Bay. Schefter said that he surmised the situation and chose to drop the bomb on Draft Day even though it was nothing more than conjecture. I'm not going to take him seriously again. I'll listen when he breaks confirmed news but his opinions are pretty much trash from this point. He opened up a can of worms for Rodgers and the Packers on spec and that's just wrong.

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    I agree.........too many of these sportswriters are taking too many liberties & one of these days it'll bit them in the butt [or a lawsuit].

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    Looks like a lot of fans are interested in signing Steven Nelson. If there are as many teams also intrigued, his price is going to be high for a post-draft free agent.

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    Hope he improves his attitude......& $$$$ will help.

    Now Al Villanueva is taking pot shots at particular Steelers after signing with the Ravens.
    He is especially not happy with JuJu & Claypoole for their Tik Tok antics & said so.

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    I'm not a fan of Villanueva. God bless him for his service but he sees the world from the inside out and I have zero doubts what side of the divide he's on [[and I'm sure it's not the one that I'm standing on). Looks like a lot of Steelers fans have less love for him now than when he donned the Black and Gold. Of course, that should be expected.
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    I'm just shaking my head at this. I really don't care what JuJu or Claypoole does as long as they produce/do their job. They're entitled to their opinion as much as he is. But the truth is last year he wasn't that good! Gaping holes on his side of the line....so who did that, JuJu? Claypoole? Accountability Al.....it was you!!!
    And yes, I think everyone knows what side he's on

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    There were a few tweets that suggested that the reason the Steelers had to pass so frequently is because the line didn't do its job. So if Villanueva wanted the team to run more, perhaps he should have been a better blocker. I did see that a lot of critics thought that you needed to strengthen your line rather than grab a running back with the first pick.

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    I was one fan who thought so, too!!!
    But, the deed is done & we got Harris. So, we have to move on.......

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    How appropriate Jerry!

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    I'm glad he's on a team that we both feel good about rooting against. Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

    Steelers G.M. Kevin Colbert: “None of us know” whether this is Ben Roethlisberger’s last year

    Posted by Mike Florio on May 7, 2021, 8:47 PM EDT

    The coming football season could be the final one for Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Or maybe it won’t be.

    “I think Ben’s mindset is he’s focused on 2021 as we all are,” Steelers G.M. Kevin Colbert recently told PFT PM. “I think we all go into it. We focus on now. We see where things lead. Beyond that, none of us know.

    “Obviously, Ben’s at the back end of his career. He was terribly disappointed the way we ended, the way he ended. Shortly after the end of the season, he came to us and said, ‘Listen, I want to be back.’ Of course, we had to work on some things contractually. Honestly, he set off a nice little surge because we had several players that were able to come back to us. Ben led the way by taking that pay cut.”

    Roethlisberger gave up $5 million with no way to earn it back via incentives, and he’s due to become a free agent in 2022. If he keeps playing, he’ll undoubtedly play for the Steelers or no one. Whatever happens in 2021 will surely influence his decision for 2022.


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    Riiiight..........don't you think for one second Rooney, Colbert, Tomlin know exactly what Ben intends to do? Ben gave that money up because he HAD to. He knew that the Steelers would NEVER pay him that ridiculous amount of money.

    If the O Line protection & the running game doesn't improve I personally think it would be a "suicide mission" for Ben to go past this coming year.

    Ben is not a freak of nature. That only happens maybe once in a lifetime & his name is Tom Brady. But, Tommy Boy better beware....if the devil comes to call in his favor nothing will get in his way....LOL

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    The one thing that I'll disagree with is whether Ben is a freak of nature. In my opinion, evidence and history argue to the contrary on that point. Anybody else would have broken down long before now. He's taken tremendous abuse over the course of time. So has Matt Ryan {and he's only missed one game in his career; when he drops off, it's going to be sudden and steep}. I have to imagine Ben and his wife are extremely worried about the malignant effects of CTE after he retires.

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    I understand, but, could you say the same about Drew Brees, Philip Rivers? What about some of those older [[played in the past) QB's? Could you call them freaks of nature because they played for a while? And Matt Ryan's record of only missing one game is impressive.

    Nevertheless, any of those guys [[I'm sure) are worrying about the long term effects of being hit so many times. But, again, are all of them freaks of nature just because they played so long? Just asking......

    Speaking of Brady, even though he's in great shape, WHY at the age of 43 does he want to risk it [[long term effects) all? He's got everything he could want. What about the effects his playing at his age has on his wife & kids?

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    I call Ben a freak of nature because he's a huge man with remarkable physical traits. Also because he's been sacked more than anyone in history and is still a good player [[in my opinion). His longevity is remarkable too but QBs play into their late 30s more frequently.

    Brady has a MAGA mentality and probably doesn't believe anything bad can happen to him. He seems to be another guy who sees the world from the inside out and since he's been blessed with incredible success, he probably can't imagine everything coming down around him. Because of Brady and Brees, I'd expect Rodgers to play for another five years. Ryan too if the new coaching staff can keep him upright in the pocket.

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    I've always liked Ryan, Jerry. Give him the correct manpower & you're back!!!

    I never realized how Big that Ben was until I was down on the field & stood next to him.
    THAT.....was an eye opener!

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    From a physical standpoint, the only QB who was in his ballpark was JaMarcus Russell. And we sadly know how his story ended. Ben has been in the league for 17 years [[!) and he's a first-ballot hall of famer. He's the last player drafted in the first round of 2004's draft who is still playing. Maybe in the whole draft {I'm too lazy to check}. If the Steelers expect him to be gone after this year, they should have found his successor by now. They're not going to be bad enough to get a good QB in next year's draft. I would love to know what the plan is there.

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    You, me, & the entire Steeler Nation want to know the answer to that question!!

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    So, Jerry......do you think the Falcons will trade Julio Jones?

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    No, I don't. I think that the only offers they'll get will be from teams that are already good and if they get a pick, it will be late in any round. I doubt we'll send him to a bad squad out of respect to his status as franchise GOAT. He deserves better than to be sent to Cincinnati or Detroit. So, if they get offered with a first round pick, it will be closer to a second round pick and if they get a second, it'll be closer to a third rounder. He's too valuable for that.

    I think the new GM is trying to soften the landing for a contract renegotiation. Julio was hurt a lot last season and I think they're going to offer to extend him at a lower rate but more years. He might be better deployed as a WR2 at this point of his career, especially with Calvin Ridley [[1,400 yards last season) and Kyle Pitts ready to take some of the attention away from him.

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    I agree with you........no trade.

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    Jerry, I don't know if you've been following this. DK Metcalf thought he could compete with some of the professional runners [100m] after he ran down a defender who intercepted a pass from Russell Wilson. There was a track meet on TV a little while ago. He finished last in the semifinal with a 10.37 time. Considering his size [6'4" 230lbs] that's not a bad time for a big guy like him [the winning time was 9.97].

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    Yeah, I saw it. Those guys practice to the point that they know how many steps they need to take to run a heat. Edwin Moses used to take 13 steps between each hurdle. Every step is with purpose and if he isn't that dedicated to running perfectly every time, you're going to get smoked. With that being said, he did pretty good for a guy who is a gummy bear short of being a tight end.

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    I thought he did great......but the pros are really something!! I watched the women & there was one whose starting block loosened & they stopped any prep. She was counting with her fists where that block should be placed. But, I think Metcalf's run may be a warning signal to all those in the NFL who think they can outrun him.

    Rumors of your boy Julio Jones to the Patriots? What?

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    I haven't seen those. But I'll believe it when I see it happen. He can't be traded before June 1. Trading him for less than a haul is essentially cutting him and that's going to engender a lot of anger from the fanbase. With that being said, Julio held out for a huge extension as soon as his signing and roster bonuses expired three years ago and I wouldn't be surprised if the new management is trying to send a lesson to the next player who holds out with years remaining on his deal.

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    By the way, the only connection I can find between Julio and the Patriots is fan speculation on Twitter. No sports writers are even discussing it. Fans of several teams are slathering over getting him like sharks in chummed water. But if there's a lot of interest, the cost is going to be higher than anybody's going to want to pay.

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    I have to wonder if all the hoopla surrounding the fact that the Patriots came with deep pockets to free agency is finished & the idea of getting Julio Jones is just in the mind of their fans. SMH. Belicheat must want to win so badly. Well, he's not used to NOT being in the playoffs [[snicker).

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    Jerry, I just took a look at who is the highest paid player at each position.
    Aaron Donald is making $22.5 million with a guaranteed $50 million [[not bad). I know Donald just bought the penthouse in a new condo development in downtown Pittsburgh.
    And I think it was $3million.

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    God bless him. I'd suggest that the idiot who thought that he could blackmail him into a legal settlement from the incident at that Pittsburgh bar knew about his contract. Instead of embarrassing him, he made Donald look like the example of cool-headedness and maturity that I wish more of my young brothers would emulate. Liked him before; love him now.

    Myles Garrett has to be on that list somewhere as well. He got a monster deal. Cleveland got past the Mason Rudolph bump in the road pretty quickly. Cleveland added Jadaveon Clowney and some excellent defenders in the draft, BTW. They might win the AFC North on basis of their defense alone.

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    I am happy for Aaron Donald [naturally another Pitt Alumni member]. And yes, the incident in the South Side Flats section of Pittsburgh shows what kind of guy he really is.

    The more & more I see the less I like Mason Rudolph. I guess we'll never know exactly what happened between those two. If Cleveland wins the North then so be it. If they're playing better ball than us then they deserve to win it.

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    NFL Schedule comes out tonight at 8pm.

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    Week one has been released. Falcons host the Iggles, Dolphins visit the Patsies, Steelers goes to Buffalo [[!) and the Football Team of Washington hosts the Chargers. Great slate of games.

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    Yes, & the Falcons are going to London........

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    For a "home" game. Meaning we play 8 actual home games two years in a row instead of getting a 9th like most other teams. I hate those international games.

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    I hate that for 7 years in a row the Steelers don't have their home the first week of the real season.
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    Not to mention that we have the toughest schedule. But if I remember correctly we had the easiest one last year so it's only fair.

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    It goes back and forth. Teams within divisions play basically the same schedule. If it's easier one year, they perform better and since they won an extra game or so, the next season results in a harder schedule on paper. Best to just worry about the next game instead of all the ones beyond. With that being said, the AFC North is going to be BRUTAL in 2021. Especially with a healthy Joe Burrow in Cincinnati.

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    I remember way back when the NFC East used to be like that. Like I said the one who plays the best wins. If the Steelers don't cut it then they deserve to sit at the bottom.

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    I feel that way. It makes me scratch my head when fans complain that they're coming into a hard stretch of games. If you want to win the championship, you have to beat the best teams. Anybody can get there if the whole trip is downhill. But if you go over some mountains, the trip becomes a journey and the memories are better.

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    Try to tell those fans that. Impossible. That's not someone who really loves the game.

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    A lot of them are the same ones who either secretly or overtly rejoice when an opponent gets hurt. Those are the worst humans, let alone fans. I remember we had a great game with y'all when Bennie Cunningham got hurt*. I was less interested afterward because he was torching us and a win seemed less meaningful if we couldn't beat you at full strength. I feel that way to this day.

    *Just looked it up and Bennie Cunningham retired in 1985. I think my back went out after I learned that. How is that possible?

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    I think a good example of this is when Dak Prescott got hurt. I watched that one on TV & I cringed when it happened. I go on Twitter the next day & there they are....the happy ones who were glad [[NFC East fans). How cruel. Or how bout when Joe Burrow got hurt? Same except substitute AFC North fans. It's just inhumane......I can't even give you a good word.

    You think you had sympathy pains for Bennie after it happened? Or are the two of us REALLY getting that old?

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    LOL. I didn't have sympathy pains. I had age-related pains when I realized I remember something that happened ~35 years ago as if it was yesterday. I would have sworn he played in the '90s.

    I can't stand classless fans. I deal with them everyday on the Falcons team message board. Some seem like they're teenagers who just got on board and they're rude as can be. Others are jaded old-heads who have gone for 56 years with two Super Bowl appearences and multiple heartaches to show for it. But there are a bunch, like me, who know that football is really just entertainment and if you don't like what you're watching, it's too easy to change the station than complain.

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    I think you & I have something in common. We both love to watch the game for the skill, & we both groan when someone gets hurt. And we both say "whaaat?" when we can't figure out the penalty those [sometimes blind] refs are calling.
    If only the Falcons payed the Steelers.....Central/ NE Ohio would be rumbling [LMAO]!!!

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    Let's hope that they do...

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    That.............would be fun!!!

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    Grady better start shopping. Nobody wants to play the WBT right now. Russ and Brad are bringing the noise and their turnaround is nothing short of awesome. I know a dude who is a fan and he stuck a fork in their chances back around February even though I was telling him that they had good pieces but didn't quite have chemistry. But that dude wouldn't listen to me like you do.

    Wonder what happened to him? [[Can't quite remember his name...)


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