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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    Yep........& where do those fines go? To the NFL "fund" for their charities. Now think about this....several coaches & teams fined for not wearing masks appropriately. That's a LOT of cash!! With that loot the NFL could REALLY help feed a LOT of people, etc
    But they're not doing anything out of the goodness of their hearts! They want their cut...& it's a BIG one, especially on Thanksgiving!!

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    Yeah, they fund their supposedly charitable foundations and get two obvious benefits: They polish their image by doing a good deed and they write off millions every year at the expense of players and teams that are fined. It's the same reason why I'm loathe to round up at the grocery store or drop change in the charity box at the cash register. (I still do sometimes but it's more to get rid of the change than it is to help the stores' charitable ventures.

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    Steelers/Ravens game moved to Sunday........no time yet.

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    Yep. You got here before I had time to post about it.
    Baltimore Ravens-Pittsburgh Steelers moved to Sunday after positive coronavirus tests
    12:56 PM ET
    Jamison Hensley
    ESPN Staff Writer
    The Thanksgiving night game between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers has been moved to Sunday afternoon, the NFL announced Wednesday.

    The decision came after the COVID-19 outbreak among the Ravens worsened, prompting an angry response from Steelers players.

    Baltimore will add three more players -- offensive linemen Patrick Mekari and Matt Skura and defensive end Calais Campbell -- to the reserve/COVID-19 list Wednesday, according to a source. The Ravens now have seven players who either tested positive or have been identified as close contacts.

    More positive virus tests for Ravens, sources say
    The NFL decided to postpone the game because it wants to use the rest of the week to conduct more testing and contact tracing, a source told ESPN's Dan Graziano. The announcement came about 31 hours before the scheduled kickoff.

    "This decision was made out of an abundance of caution to ensure the health and safety of players, coaches and game day personnel and in consultation with medical experts," the NFL said in a statement.

    This is the second time the Steelers' schedule has been affected by COVID-19. Their Week 4 game against the Tennessee Titans was moved to Week 7 because of an outbreak in the Titans organization. The first Ravens matchup was then moved from Week 7 to the Steelers' originally scheduled bye on Week 8, and the Week 4 postponement became Pittsburgh's de facto bye week.

    This time, the Steelers lose their mini-bye week with the Thanksgiving game being moved to Sunday.

    Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster tweeted within minutes of Wednesday's announcement, expressing his disappointment.

    Sources told ESPN's Brooke Pryor that the Steelers will have a players day off Thursday after practicing Wednesday. Coach Mike Tomlin had planned to give his players off until next Wednesday following the Thanksgiving game, but those plans have changed.

    This marks the 13th game that has been postponed or moved this season due to coronavirus-related issues but is the first postponement since Week 5. Three weeks ago, the San Francisco 49ers played against the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night even though they placed four players on the reserve/COVID-19 list.

    Earlier Wednesday, some Ravens players expressed concern about playing.

    "Player safety ... what a joke," Ravens defensive end Derek Wolfe tweeted.

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    I know Steeler Nation is very upset. This is the second time the Steelers have been affected (Titans, where they were forced to give up their bye week) & now they give up playing (with Steeler Nation in the house) in prime time tonight. Moved to Sunday at 1:15pm & no fans at all, just family/friends of players.
    And then this game will NOT be broadcasted for all to see, only limited. Geez!

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    Yep,just heard...well moe enjoy dallas vs.wft a poor substitute i know.

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    Well, this should help alleviate Steeler Nation's level of angst. Lamar Jackson tested positive. Pittsburgh could suit up an overweight half-blind Border Collie at QB and beat the Ravens without him.
    Sources: Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson tests positive for COVID-198:33 PM ET
    Jamison Hensley
    ESPN Staff Writer
    Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday, sources confirmed to ESPN.

    The reigning NFL MVP is the biggest star player to become infected in what has become one of the largest outbreaks in the NFL.

    Jackson is among the four latest Ravens players and one staff member to test positive on Thursday, a source told ESPN's Adam Schefter. The Ravens now have had at least a dozen players test positive for the coronavirus this week.

    This latest round of positive tests could threaten Sunday's game between the Ravens and the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers, which already was postponed from Thursday night. Ravens coach John Harbaugh told players that they would not be allowed back to the team facility until Monday at the earliest in the interest of safety, a source said.

    Baltimore is down to two healthy quarterbacks: backup Robert Griffin III and practice squad player Tyler Huntley. No. 3 quarterback Trace McSorley is currently on the reserve/COVID-19 list.

    With Jackson quarantining for 10 days, Griffin would start the next two games, if Sunday's game in Pittsburgh is played. Baltimore then faces the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday night. Griffin, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2012 draft, has made only one start in the past four seasons.

    "Praying for my brother [Jackson] and every player, staff member and their families dealing with COVID-19," Griffin said in a tweet Thursday. "Ensuring the safety of the entire organization is important. Handling this outbreak within the team is bigger than football"

    According to a source, the Ravens believe Jackson was infected Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium, where the Ravens lost to the Tennessee Titans 30-24 in overtime, and tested positive only on Thursday. Jackson took snaps from center Patrick Mekari, who tested positive on Wednesday. Jackson's game-day locker is close to those of running backs J.K. Dobbins and Mark Ingram II, both of whom tested positive Sunday night.

    Losing Jackson delivers another blow to the NFL's top-ranked rushing attack. Jackson along with Dobbins and Ingram -- who are already on the reserve/COVID-19 list -- represent 74% of Baltimore's rushing total this season (1,187 of 1,605).

    Jackson will officially go on the reserve/COVID-19 list on Friday. This marks the fifth straight day that Baltimore has had positive tests.

    The Ravens already have eight players on the reserve/COVID-19 list: Ingram, Dobbins, Mekari, defensive ends Calais Campbell and Jihad Ward, nose tackle Brandon Williams, outside linebacker Pernell McPhee and offensive lineman Matt Skura.

    This has been a tumultuous season for Jackson and the Ravens, onetime preseason Super Bowl favorites who have fallen to 6-4 after losing three of their past four games.

    A year after becoming the league's second unanimous NFL MVP, Jackson struggled to match the same success, especially in the passing game. His 20.5-point decline in Total QBR from last season (an NFL-best 83.0) to this year (62.5) is the largest in the NFL. He ranks 22nd in passing yards (1,948) and 28th in completion rate (63.4%).

    Jackson has increasingly expressed his frustration this month, from saying defenders have been calling out the offensive players to declaring the Titans "wanted [the win] more than us" last Sunday. His supporting cast hasn't been as strong either. The offensive line has constantly changed because of injuries, and the wide receivers have already dropped as many passes this season (six) as all of last year.

    The loss of Jackson means five season-opening starters on the Baltimore offense will either be on injured reserve (left tackle Ronnie Stanley and tight end Nick Boyle) or the reserve/COVID-19 list (Jackson, Skura and Ingram).

    News of Jackson's positive test was first reported by the NFL Network.

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    First, our Sunday game with the Ravens IS a national feed on NBC....
    Second per NFL Policy: "If a team is found through NFL investigations to have violated Covid policies in an egregious manner, & the ensuing game could best be rescheduled in a manner that put their opponent at a competitive disadvantage, then that game is a candidate for forfeiture."
    It has been said that the Ravens have not been so dedicated in following protocols. A good example is their strength/conditioning coach, that, they said, "has been dealt with"..........Riiiight

    So, now what? I'm waiting for the sportswriter I have a connection with to hear what he has to say. He's been 100% correct so far.

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    Hey moe,we play you guys next week and i'm scared to death,d.c. Is giddy over the win over the boyz[hi, ms m]now i'm happy bout it too but i'm a realist and the steelers will still be pissed when they play us...it might be brutal!!

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    Yeah, R&B..I saw Jerry Jones up in his box having fits
    So....here's the latest: the NFL will meet later today about the Steelers/Ravens game.
    Anything from forfeit, play at a later date, still play with who they (Ravens) have, etc.
    The disadvantage about forfeiture is that no player gets paid. Is that really fair?
    And I believe once a decision is possibly made it also has to have the approval of the NFLPA. I have to wonder where Art Rooney will fit into all of this & what he will do. I think he knows when to fight his battles & how.
    And yes, R&B, we are supposed to play you next week. You have a Chase Young & we have the smash brothers (Watt/Dupree). Stay tuned

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    Yeah, the general belief of several NFL squads that it's not serious enough to follow the most basic and simple mitigation techniques is amazing. Especially after a quarter million Americans have died and with the bodies expected to pile up exponentially after Thanksgiving. You'd think that the competitive/financial ramifications of players missing games or games being cancelled would be enough to follow the rules, even if you think it's all just a hoax. But the Ravens, Raiders and Titans have proven that they'd rather take chances if it gives them a competitive advantage. I'm really let down by John Harbaugh, who I thought to be as competitive as his brother but with less arrogance. Turns out, I was wrong. Just one more reason to hate the Ravens.

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    Here's a link to a very detailed description of the situation. It's hard to believe the NFL will allow the game to be played. Those Crows players who were complaining about the NFL's disregard for player safety are probably going to regret those words now. Had they played on Thursday night, it's likely that the game would have been a super spreader event and the Steelers' franchise and personnel would likely have had the same kind of outbreak that the lackadaisical Baltimore attention to protocol permitted. Shameful.


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    I already have it, Jerry......thanks

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    Steelers/Ravens tentatively set for Tuesday.....and that, too, may change

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    So, the Steelers go from having 10 days between games to having four? I guess it evens out since it'll be nine days after they last played. The Crows are going to get socked hard for this. Hopefully they'll get fines and lose a draft pick.

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    3 Steelers added to Covid list (it may be exposure). OGuard Kevin Dotson was supposed to come off Covid protocol Tuesday but he's still on it
    NFL now shutting down facilities Monday & Tuesday except for practices (i.e. games Monday & yes, the infamous Steelers/Ravens game Tuesday)
    Question: do you think the NBA handled it better (Covid)?
    Last edited by moe; 11-28-2020 at 08:19 AM.

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    The NBA was a different situation for several reasons. First, they only took 22 teams to the bubble, which meant there were 120 fewer knuckleheads to keep track of (not including team personnel and embedded local media). Second, it's much easier to keep tight control over 15-man rosters (and ~20 or so associated personnel for each team) than 53 players and 12 man practice squads that the NFL has. Add dozens more in staff to that number. Also, with the number of injuries on NFL teams, players necessarily have to interact with specialists and medical personnel that aren't associated with the team. Those professionals can't all be put on retainer and kept in a bubble. Exposure in the NFL was an inevitability and community spread is always imminent.

    Add to that, the fact that the NFL doesn't fly on private or charter jets and the players have a hundred opportunities every week to catch the virus. To answer your question: Yes. The NBA handled it a hundred times better than the NFL but the logistics of fielding an NFL team made it impossible to copy anything like the NBA or NHL bubbles. As a collective, we deserve these hiccups. Sean Doolittle had it right when he said that sports are like the reward of a functioning society. The USA is so hard pressed to proclaim individual rights but the same people arguing about mitigation efforts like masks and attendance limitations are the ones complaining about COVID-19's impact on routine things like sports and schools.

    Too many idiots. Especially when the biggest idiot of all is in front leading the charge of lemmings over the cliff.

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    And, after all of that...

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    On the non sports end: in speaking with 2 of my girlfriends over Thanksgiving (we hadn't spoke in a while......they still work, I'm retired) BOTH tested positive & are in quarantine.
    Yes, both health care workers. Their respective facilities clean every day, all the time, but patients are bringing it in. And to be fair, these patients are asymptomatic.

    On the sports end: it reminds me of the fingers in the holes of the dam. I am frankly surprised that the NFL got as far as they did into the season. In response to your statement about the NFL planes: both Seattle & New England have their own private jets.
    I remember when Paul Allen was alive he bought & refurbished a 757 for his team. The same for Robert Kraft. Pittsburgh charters from Delta. Anyone else I have no idea.
    I agree with your statement about individual rights, Jerry.

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    I wasn't going to share this on this forum but I will. My dad checked into the hospital at the end of October. At the time, he was given a COVID-19 test, which was negative. He was treated for weakness and was assigned to go to a rehabilitation center for therapy and short-term care. Per protocol before admission to the rehab facility, Pops was given another COVID test which proved to be positive. Two days later, he became symptomatic and less than a week later, he died.

    Nobody else in my family has contracted it. The only place that Pops went prior to admission was for dialysis treatments and there have been no outbreaks at the kidney center (which has tight protocols) nor with the ambulance service that transported him. I can't say with certainty that he caught it in the hospital but I'm pretty sure that has to be the source.

    This thing is deadly. It's sneaky as hell and nothing to play around with, particularly if you are in the groups that are most affected by it. I keep telling people that wearing masks is important but it's equally important to avoid being in the presence of unmasked people. One unmasked and asymptomatic person in an enclosed area like a jet (private or not) can infect dozens. My family is heartbroken because somebody, somewhere didn't take this thing as seriously as he/she should have.

    My dad hadn't even seen my face for the last five months of his life because I refused to remove my mask in his and Mom's house for fear of transmitting it. He wore a mask everywhere he went (I know because I took him most to most of them). And he still got it. Good job, America. It's not enough that you are full of selfish and inconsiderate attention whores who profess not to care about their own health and welfare because they either don't believe the Coronavirus is real or because they think that they're young and healthy enough to survive it. You had to be ignorant and uncaring to the point that a good man paid the price in the first and only opportunity that he catch it. Which just happened to be in the last place that he should have caught it.

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    Jerry, I am so sorry for your loss!!!!!!!! What an ordeal to go through!!!!!!!
    Now this is odd; I came across someone who works in a dialysis clinic & she said they "just lost 2 patients." This person isn't from Ohio (where you & I are located). But, it could've been ANYWHERE! I cannot imagine what you & your family have been going through!
    You all have my sympathy......

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    Thank you, moe. Most of my friends have lost their parents already and I'm blessed to have kept him for as long as I did. 2020 has been horrible for many reasons and the hits keep coming. As sad as I am, I still thanked God I woke up this morning.

    Meanwhile, back in the world of escapism, I'm interested in seeing how the Broncos play later today with no quarterbacks. And James Conner coming up with the virus sunk my chances to win in fantasy this week. Literally half of my team had red letters beside their names (designating them as questionable, doubtful, or out) and two of them were out because of COVID protocol.

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    I too am sorry for your loss Jerry, my daughter is in the medical profession and sees these things every day, she warns us to be careful.

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    Thanks, Homeboy. I worry for our essential workers who have to deal with so many cases. My niece is an elementary teacher and I'm not looking forward to the day when our schools resume with in-person learning. Neither is she. With that said, I had to ask her to make sure she keeps her mask on when she and her daughter visit my mom (her grandmother). SMH.

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    We had a virtual thanksgiving and it wasn't cool,even though we smiled.

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    Hey moe,how many times are they gonna push the steelers game back? Now we gotta wait til-monday to play yall...i hope yall beat the ravens by a bunch,because i don't wanna face a pissed off steelers team on monday-beat the ravens!!

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    All of the Steeler fans want to know exactly what Harbaugh has on Goddell to keep postponing the game. He didn't do that with the 49ers, nor the Broncos. It almost reminds me of a free for all now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by arr&bee View Post
    We had a virtual thanksgiving and it wasn't cool,even though we smiled.
    I stayed away and visited Mom on Friday. She had a few folks come by, which was great since Pops is gone and I didn't want her to be alone. But it was nothing like it normally is when my brother, sister and I (and our families) usually find occasion to stop by or eat a full blown family meal.

    A couple of weeks ago, a doctor on television said that Americans should carefully choose who they wanted to join them for Thanksgiving dinner because some of those folks would be dead by Christmas. Sobering thought. This thing won't last always, so let's just make it to a safe place and rejoice when we do.

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    Still waiting for the dust to settle to find out how the league is going to flay the Crows for this debacle. Everybody said that the fear of missing games and cancelling the season would be enough to keep players and staffs in line but clearly, it hasn't been. It might cost Ohio State a chance at a championship.

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    Jerry, did you hear DeWine say that vaccines should be in Ohio Dec15? (Of course providing they get FDA approval) & could start giving it by Dec 22.
    So, is your mom by herself now??

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    She's by herself. My nephew rents a room from her but between his job and his gallivanting, he's seldom around. Of course, I'm concerned about the gallivanting... He spent several months in China, working in a town that was 800 miles away from Wuhan, before the government rushed all non-essential Americans out of the country in the Spring. He thinks he may have had it already but I don't want him taking any chances. Thanks to COVID-19, the election and other family tragedies, I'm pretty sure I'm aging prematurely this year.

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    *Welp* Now, Pouncey is on the COVID-19 list and inactive for today's game. The Crows had more players test positive also. Who's going to be available to play?
    Source: Pittsburgh Steelers' Maurkice Pouncey placed on COVID list

    12:58 PM ET
    Brooke Pryor
    ESPN Staff Writer

    PITTSBURGH - After three postponements, Wednesday's game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens is officially on, but the Steelers won't have a key member of their offensive line.

    Veteran center Maurkice Pouncey was placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list just hours before the game, a source told Adam Schefter.

    Without Pouncey, the team will turn to center JC Hassenauer to start in his place. The Alabama product has played center primarily in clean up minutes this season, and he's also taken special teams reps in every game.

    Pouncey is the fourth Steeler on the current list, including James Conner, Stephon Tuitt and Jerald Hawkins.

    Though the Steelers lost Pouncey, they did get back special teams coordinator Danny Smith, who was out with an illness designation on Saturday, and he was cleared to return to coach against the Ravens. Quarterbacks coach Matt Canada, who was out with the same designation, has also been cleared to return.

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    What a terrible game!! Steelers really didn't deserve that win. You should've heard Tomlin's post game conference. OOOO was he ever pissed!! He said plain as day that their play "sucked." RGIII is terrible, that #3 backup McSorley may be better than he is. I feel really bad for Bud Dupree (probable ACL). That would make the third Steeler (Banner, Bush) with a torn ACL. If so, then there would be Alex Highsmith (rookie) who would probably be "next man up." Promising rookie.
    What pissed me off the most was Cris Collingsworth's statement about women around Pittsburgh "knowing the dynamics about football." I hope women everywhere hold his feet to the fire on that comment. I had no love for him before & I'll certainly keep that thought in the future. What does he call Lafoya, the female sportscaster he works with? Hang yourself Cris, it's 2020!! My football group is mostly made of women who can talk the football talk with anyone!
    Imagine also Cris making that comment if Ms M was here....I don't want to....

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    Cris Collinsworth is a tool. He's coasting and collecting checks these days. Fortunately, I had your game on my computer as I was watching my beloved North Carolina Tar Heels play a horrible game against Texas yesterday so I didn't have to listen to him. Unfortunately, I did have to listen to Bill Walton who openly rooted against UNC and openly cheered after Texas won with a buzzer beater. Don't get me wrong: I'm not saying he didn't get hyped for the shot; I'm saying he actually expressed happiness that it was Texas that sank it.

    And you're 100% correct. Women represent nearly half of NFL fandom right now and I'll be surprised if his chauvinistic statement won't be met with an email from his bosses this morning.

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    Jerry, he's already offered up his "mea culpa" to Twitterverse. Bite me, Cris.......
    Sportscasters are supposed to be neutral while broadcasting these games. Sorry that you had to hear that. Wonder if he'll hear about his obvious bias from his bosses!
    MRI confirmed ACL on Big Bud Dupree......what a loss!!!

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    Sorry to hear it. Having an elite pass rusher is a luxury. Having two young ones coming into their own at the same time is almost unheard of. Two good pass rushers opens up the rest of the defense to play above its talent level by commanding four blockers. I think your guys will be fine but teams are breathing a little easier knowing that they have to scheme for Watt without having to worry about Dupree right now.

    And how horrible it is to have an ACL this late into the season. Just like with Joe Burrow, it's going to take a heckuva effort for Dupree to play next season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    What a terrible game!! Steelers really didn't deserve that win. You should've heard Tomlin's post game conference. OOOO was he ever pissed!! He said plain as day that their play "sucked." RGIII is terrible, that #3 backup McSorley may be better than he is. I feel really bad for Bud Dupree (probable ACL). That would make the third Steeler (Banner, Bush) with a torn ACL. If so, then there would be Alex Highsmith (rookie) who would probably be "next man up." Promising rookie.
    What pissed me off the most was Cris Collingsworth's statement about women around Pittsburgh "knowing the dynamics about football." I hope women everywhere hold his feet to the fire on that comment. I had no love for him before & I'll certainly keep that thought in the future. What does he call Lafoya, the female sportscaster he works with? Hang yourself Cris, it's 2020!! My football group is mostly made of women who can talk the football talk with anyone!
    Imagine also Cris making that comment if Ms M was here....I don't want to....
    SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...MOE,THEY LOOKED GOOD...[my WFT gotta play yall Monday,I don't want Tomlin pissed,yikes].

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    That's a good pairing in your backcourt. I'd be lying if I said that I followed the rest of your offseason moves but I think Hachimura and Beal are going to love playing with Russ. Teams are going to have to guard constantly against slashes and your pick and roll plays are going to be ridiculous. You might just keep Beal yet.

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    R&B, what you SHOULD be worried about are the Steelers players. They're pissed at themselves because of THEIR sloppy play. Tomlin appeared to be calmed down at his noon press conference.
    But, you do have some good young players.......Chase Young for one

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    Yep,that's it the players are mad and gonna take it out on us[gulp!!]i do believe in spooks i do,i do,i do!!!

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    Relax. If nothing else, the two most ol' skool uniforms in the league are going to be on the field at the same time and it'll be interesting from that standpoint alone. With that being said, I think the Steelers are starting to feel the disrespect that a lot of reporters are throwing at them as if being undefeated with five games remaining is easy under any circumstances. They're also saying that the offense is now just dink and dunk with nothing vertical.

    Big deal. If it works, don't try to fix it. Hope the Steelers don't give into the temptation to try to prove they need to impress people with unrealistic points of view.

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    Big disrespect without a doubt, Jerry. PFF (Pro Football Focus) especially. And guess who owns PFF? Cris Collingsworth, who has had zero love for the Steelers since he played for the Bengals. Steeler Twitterverse is not a fan of Collingsworth for any reason, let alone his comment about women knowing football (R&B, did you REALLY THINK Ms Moe Superstar would take that comment lying down??? She went at it with 2 male Cretins on Twitter). So, I hope the Steelers just get the win without any more major injuries.

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    I didn't know that Collinsworth had an affiliation with PFF. A lot of fans have a love/hate relationship with them because of their technical approach to analyzing football. They're the only outfit that feels comfortable telling you how horrible a team performed on an individual basis in a blowout win. A player can have three sacks and an interception but grade poorly because he was blocked and pretty much neutralized for the rest of the game. I take them with a grain of salt. As far as Collinsworth, he's been coasting on shmarmy comportment since well before Al Michaels left and seems to think he's God's gift to color men. He's definitely not a Kirk Herbstreit or Troy Aikman.

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    No, he's not. And why NBC can't find someone else (a la Tony Romo.....who's really not too bad) is a big sin. Maybe they keep him because he is so polarizing, I don't know.

    In other news Stephon Tuitt has been removed from the Covid list & activated for the
    WFT game......GOOD!!!! No word yet on James Conner, your fantasy RB.

    And, my Twitter cohort Sam Highsmith, the father of the Steelers rookie LB Alex (who will be starting in place of Bud Dupree) is a VERY proud papa his boy is getting a chance.
    If Alex is anything like our 2 other "replacements" (Dotson for DeCastro & Spillane for Bush) we'll be fine.

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    Twitter banned me last week. I have a troll following me who reported me for inappropriate tweets. Nothing I posted would have gotten a second notice from Twitter if I had a blue check but I have a feeling that my anonymous friend was reporting darned nearly everything and eventually succeeded in getting me kicked off. I'm waiting another week to see if I'm IP banned or banned per my email. I have a couple of alt accounts under other emails that I seldom use and don't want either of them to be suspended if I can avoid it.

    I guess that's what I get for being such an engaging personality with people who tweet stupidity (I brook no fools and although I don't post cuss words, I don't need them to chop somebody down). Especially from Trumpists.

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    Good news for the Steel Curtain:
    Pittsburgh Steelers activate DE Stephon Tuitt from COVID-19 list

    12:04 PM ET

    Brooke Pryor
    ESPN Staff Writer

    PITTSBURGH -- The unbeaten Steelers are getting another key member of their defense back in time to take on the Washington Football Team on Monday night, but the status of a few other important players is not as clear.

    Pittsburgh activated defensive end Stephon Tuitt from the reserve/COVID-19 list Saturday morning. Tuitt, who was placed on the list Nov. 27, missed Wednesday's 19-14 victory over the Baltimore Ravens.

    Tuitt has been a significant contributor on the defensive line this season, racking up a career-high seven sacks, his best output since he had 6.5 in 2015. He has forced two fumbles this year and has two passes defended along with 18 quarterback hits and 32 tackles.

    With Tuitt's return, the Steelers (11-0) still have three players on the COVID-19 list: running back James Conner, center Maurkice Pouncey and offensive lineman Jerald Hawkins.

    While Tuitt is back, others are questionable for Monday's game -- including quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

    Roethlisberger did not participate in any of the three practices on the short week between games, sitting out with a designation of "not injury related/knee." He previously suffered minor injuries to his knees against the Dallas Cowboys on Nov. 8, missing just one series before halftime.

    Roethlisberger, who didn't mention any injury concerns Friday, is no stranger to playing without practicing. After spending a week on the reserve/COVID-19 list as a "high-risk close contact," he had his best game of the season against the Cincinnati Bengals on Nov. 15 with more than 300 passing yards and four touchdowns.

    The Steelers have also listed starting cornerback Steve Nelson as doubtful with a knee injury that required an MRI after Wednesday's game. He was able to finish the game. Kicker Chris Boswell appeared on the injury report for the first time Saturday and is listed as questionable with a hip injury. He did not practice Saturday.

    The Steelers have another kicker in the building, newly signed practice squad kicker Matthew Wright, who took Boswell's place at practice Saturday.

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    Jerry, the mother of Steeler's Cam Heyward told me she got suspended from Twitter for 3 days because she "had too many followers." Figure that one out........

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    Well, my Birds are officially in rebuild mode whereas my Fish are entering their hardest stretch of the season. If they win two of their final four (including the Raiders game in two weeks), they'll make the playoffs in year 2 of their rebuild. Defense is playing the weak teams hard but now get to try to slow down Kansas City, Oakland, Buffalo and New England. They have a good chance to win three of those but will probably get trucked by the Chiefs next week.

    The Falcons need to start fresh. I like Raheem Morris but he's probably going to be hired somewhere else next season. He shouldn't have hld onto Dirk Koetter as his offensive coordinator when he got elevated. I expect Atlanta to draft Matt Ryan's successor in the next draft because for the first time in his career, he's looking like the reason we're losing as often as not. The good news is that I don't think the rebuild will take long and I expect us to be sustainably good after 2023.

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    I've been seeing that Ben will play tonight. However, our kicker (Boswell) was listed as doubtful. He hurt his hip on that failed extra point in the Ravens game. We do have a replacement kicker on our practice squad (Matthew Wright). Conner, Hawkins remain on Covid list. I just want a win.......period.........no heroics......no one gets hurt (fingers crossed).


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Ralph Terrana

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