They're going to get a second all-star next summer to join LeBron. They might be able to get a third if they trade for Davis instead of get him as a free agent in two years. If they trade for Davis, they're going to lose most of their young talent and at least a couple of first round picks. I don't see them being able to max out Davis and Kawhi or Butler or KD or Klay and then being able to put a decent roster around them.

By the way, people are suggesting Magic Johnson trade Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma to get Anthony Davis. New Orleans already has Julius Randle who was L.A.'s center last season. Why would they trade one of the top 5 players for essentially the same bad team the Lakers had when they won 29 games last season? My money is on Boston unless AD explicitly tells them he's not resigning with them. I can see Boston offering Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart and a first rounder for him in the Summer. Then again, Danny Ainge is notoriously cheap. If Boston makes it to the chip, I don't see him trading for Davis.

I don't think Kawhi wants to play with LeBron. He's the leader in Toronto and I think he likes it. If he leaves, I think he'll sign for the Clippers. I don't think KD goes to play with LeBron either. I think he's either going to New York or Brooklyn. If the Quizz didn't have $110 per year million invested in three players (and a horrible terrible no good front office), I think he'd like to come home. But they do. So he's not.

I want Butler to remain in Philly for obvious reasons but it'd be interesting to see him with LeBron because those dudes would be slugging it out at some point. I think they have a good shot of getting Klay, especially if he wins another chip this season. Golden State is going to throw max loot at KD and they're already paying Steph $40+ million per season. If they don't offer Klay at least as much, I think he might walk on them and what better place to get back at them than in L.A., where his Pops was an all-star? Besides, the Warriors might be able to get Boogie for a decent price at the end of the year so they are definitely going to lose KD or Boogie or Klay. (I hope it's all three, for the record.)

So, I wouldn't be surprised to see LeBron partner up with Klay and Davis. But I would be surprised if any of the others join him.