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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    And now Justin Fields to the Steelers?

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    Interesting. I wonder what the plan is for the future with him? he's a free agent at the end of the season unless you extend his rookie deal. And will you extend him to ride the pine for a season? They probably have the same plan for him that they had for Dwayne Haskins. I'm a Justin Fields fan and I hope he proves his doubters wrong.

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    Well, now it appears the Steelers are going to extend Russell Wilson's deal after the season. They must be confident that he's going to play well in Arthur Smith's offense.

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    As I said......my head keeps spinning.

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    Anyone see the news on former Steeler [[went to the Lions) Cam Sutton? Seems he's wanted for some "domestic violence by strangulation." SMH

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    I like Justin Fields too. Always thought he should have been the #2 pick over Wilson. I think he's a good fit with Tomlin {my fantasy hubby} and the Steelers.

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    If Fields hits the market next offseason, he's going to be a starter in 2025. If the Steelers exercise his option, it'll cost them $25 million. They're talking about resigning Russ after the season. They can't keep both. I smell some drama brewing.

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    Any thoughts on the draft tomorrow?

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    Not a lot. I hope Atlanta can trade back for an extra pick. Miami's drafting too late to get a stud, but I hope we at least get a starter for the offensive line or a rotational defensive tackle. The draft is always both exciting and a letdown. My brother doesn't watch college football, so I have to figure out how he knows whether to be happy or mad about who the Steelers draft. I'm glad it's finally here.

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    I'm hoping for a O Lineman, really a center. I still shake my head about the Kendrick Green debacle in past few years.

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    Oh, my... Atlanta drafted Michael Penix, Jr. and the fan base imploded. Most of us wanted a defensive lineman or cornerback and since we just signed Kirk Cousins for $180 million, nobody saw a QB as a possibility.

    Me? I'm okay with the pick because Cousins will only be in Atlanta for two seasons and Penix is extremely talented. I just hope the coaches have a way to dial up pressure on defense.

    I held out hope that Miami would get one of the top 3 edge rushers when 6 quarterbacks went in the top 15 but they all got snatched up. So we drafted the 4th best edge rusher and I'm okay with it. I think he's got a lot of potential and it's a position of need for us.

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    I gave my neighbor 2 names when she asked who I hoped the Steelers would draft.
    One of those names was Troy Fatanu, so I'm happy. Now......Steelers.......please get a center!
    Jerry, any comments from your brother about the Steelers selection?

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    I talked to him before the draft started, but not since. I did text him to grab an inhaler and take a seat when Pittsburgh was on the clock, but he simply responded "Didn't need it", so I guess he's happy with the pick.

    He doesn't use an inhaler, by the way.

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    We're sitting there watching the draft. Husband says to me: "who's next?"
    I say Zach Frazier......sure enough.....we get our center!!

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    It's never bad when teams make smart picks. Miami just traded a 2025 third round pick to move into the fourth round to select a running back. I don't get it. Our strongest position group is running back and we spent future draft capital to get another one. I'll wait until the end of draft presser to see how they justify this one.

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    I'm happy with the Steeler's draft. Friends at the Steeler draft party told me guys were extremely nice & happy to be there [[especially Fautanu & Frazier).

    Did you see the pic of Arthur Blank asking his GM: "explain that pick."

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    Terry Fontenot, our GM said that the video was out of context. He said that Blank was well aware of the pick before it was made and that the video didn't convey a conversation about Penix. I guess people see what they want to see and in America, drama is king.

    Anyway, Atlanta had an interesting draft. Half of our picks were defensive linemen or outside linebackers, which pretty much shows our biggest concern entering the draft. I'm cool with the Penix selection but wish we had taken a cornerback somewhere in the process.

    Miami had a low-key great draft. I'm big fans of everything we did on days 2 & 3, even drafting a running back after trading to get him. I think at least four of the guys selected will be playing on Sunday afternoons. Both teams are definitely better than they were four days ago.

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    Totally agree! Let's hope they all come through for us in the fall!

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    The draft and the chatter that follows it always amazes me. Everybody offers an opinion on why somebody either screwed up or did well, but you never know until these guys make it on the field. Nobody thought that the Patriots getting Brady in the 6th round was anything other than them drafting a camp body and he wound up with the GOAT career. Brock Purdy was Mr. Irrelevant four years ago and just played in the Super Bowl. Last year, Detroit was lambasted for drafting Jahmyr Gibbs in the first round [which apparently offended common sense] and then, Jack Campbell was a "reach" for them to select at #18. Both Gibbs and Campbell played great in their first seasons and they're easily worth drafting where Detroit got them.

    You won't know until these guys either sink or swim when called upon. Heck, 80% of the players that writers and talking heads suggest should have been taken wind up being average or less for the teams that did take them. But they never come back and correct the record to suggest that they were wrong.

    Gee, I wonder why?

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    Great post, Jerry!!! Even the best of them [[in college) fizzle in the pros. Just ask JaMarcus Russell.

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    Vontaze Burfict wasn't even drafted and he started for seven seasons in Cincinnati. Grady Jarrett was drafted by Atlanta in the fifth round and he's started every game since then [until he got hurt last season]. You can get good players late and you can get bad ones early. It takes some serious audacity to think that anybody behind a keyboard has a better idea of who a team should draft than people who invest years and truckloads of money scouting, interviewing, medically evaluating, and investigating these young men. When they're about to invest millions in a rookie, they find out everything about him. For all we know, the hot shot that everybody thought Team A should have drafted may have kicked a neighbor's dog when he was in high school and a team might think he has latent issues with personal control.

    We don't know what we don't know, and that's why it's silly to waste time scratching your head over decisions somebody made in the draft.

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    So, is Pittsburgh really thinking about having Justin Fields return punts? He probably wishes they would cut him.


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    OBJ to the Dolphins, Jerry?

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    Yeah, and it's a great pickup. He's going to get targets and keep the gnats from bugging Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle. We also signed Jonnu Smith, who was in Atlanta last season and he's going to be the best pass catching tight end that Tua's had. Our offense is stacked, so I hope defense plays well and that we don't get half the team injured like last season.

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    Looks like the Falcons are opening up at home against the Steelers from Pittsburgh. I have a feeling I'm going to be invited to Sunday dinner with my brother that day.

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    Yep, that's what it says. That'll be interesting!!

    What's not so goo is that the Steelers only start playing their AFCN teams starting week 11!! And better yet [not really] the Steelers play the Ravens Saturday Dec21, then 4 days later play KC on Christmas Day in Pittsburgh. I don't think the NFL likes us very much.

    And, with several games on different networks someone on X [Twitter] figured out to see every game on those different channels would cost around $855!! Greedy NFL with no thoughts about the fans.

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    Christmas is on a Wednesday. So much for the league's lies asserting player health and safety being a priority. I've seen plenty of players injured on Thursday night games and the union claims it's because playing with only three days between games doesn't let their bodies recover from the previous game. Especially when one team has to travel. Shameful.

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    And.....the 2026 NFL Draft site has been awarded to Pittsburgh!

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    Are you going to drive up for it?

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    If you see the dates before I do let me know. If I can get a hotel room where I want to be then yes, I sure will!!!!!!!

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    Haven't spoken with my brother for a few weeks. He doesn't watch college football, so he's pretty much clueless about draft prospects. But since he moved here and we're only 100 miles away, I wouldn't be surprised if he and the missus didn't drive over for an experience. At least, on the first day of the draft.

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    Correct me if I am wrong but isn't that when Arch Manning goes into the draft?

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    Yes. But he'll only have one season as starter at Texas because Quinn Ewers is going to get the most snaps next season. He's very good and a likely top 10 selection next year.


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