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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...what snow???

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    Looks like the Quizz managed to win a game. They have the talent but just haven't put it together yet. Keep hope alive.

    And now, we have snow on top of the snow that didn't melt that fell on top of the snow that didn't melt that fell on top of the snow that never melted before that. But the good news is that we're expected to break cold snap next Monday when it gets up to 40°. I might just wear shorts that day.

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    And guess what, Jerry? More snow coming. And you just might get some, R&B.....so you better get out in that shed & bring some of your stash in the house. Ya might need it.

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    Yeah, we're looking at another 1-2" in the next couple of days. Even if we get our 40° day on Monday, the ground's going to be so cold that the 10" or so of snow on the ground won't melt. But the good news is that God woke me up today, so anything else is just background noise. Let's pray for tomorrow before we worry about what it's going to be like.

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    Amen to you , Jerry!!!!!!!! And I'll throw in some good health!!!!
    It's snowing here, quite hard. Not sure what we'll get today.
    I'm not sure if you saw/read the interview with Steelers GM Kevin Colbert. He says there is nothing to report on discussions with Rothlisberger. As he puts it: "all I can say is that Ben remains a Pittsburgh Steeler." Hmmm....gotta wonder. Rooney had said earlier it's gotta be "restructure or retire." If Rothlisberger thinks that he, at (soon to be 39) i worth all that $$ at this stage of his career then he's got his head in the ground.

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    Ben's not going anywhere. But the team's posture is exactly why I told you I side 100% with players in labor situations. I'll never forget Dan Gilbert trashing LeBron for being "disloyal" when his contract ran out and he signed with the Heat. Before LeBron's decision, Gilbert fired GM Danny Ferry and Coach Mike Brown, thinking that the transactions would sway LeBron to stay in Cleveland. Cleveland had back-to-back 60 win seasons the prior two years and he still fired them in addition to making multiple cuts and trades of players who were supposedly under contract. Who the *heck* is he to call somebody "disloyal"?

    The Steelers have a good management group, but Dan Gilbert telling Ben that his contract is too big to bring him back is why I back any player who thinks his contract is too small to continue playing. They may not have the leverage that they think they have but it's their life and their finances and since you only go through life once, do it on your terms.

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    Since I am not a basketball follower I had no idea what happened between Gilbert/LeBron. The players have a limited time to play. Therefore they have to make what they can for their financial future. I get what you're saying. Look at Albert Haynesworth (remember him?). That one GREAT contract set him up for life. But, I have no idea how much of that $$$ is left. The NFLPA should hire Marshawn Lynch to lecture all teams about squandering their $$.

    As far as Ben is concerned: there's too much right now on Twitter one way or another. I think I just have to shut it out until what really happens.

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    Years ago, a third-year player for the Falcons named Harry Douglas gave a lecture at the NFL's rookie symposium. He stood in front of the newbies blinged out and spoke for awhile before asking them if they wanted to get their first paychecks so they could buy jewelry like his. A bunch of them started cheering before he took it all off, explaining that it was all fake. He asked them why they would spend a lot of money on bling when nobody in the crowd could tell the difference between the real stuff and fake. I always respected him for that but wonder how many listened. Every year, you hear about somebody being robbed of jewelry costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just a couple weeks ago, a current player and his family were stopped and robbed on the way home from the airport.

    One out of six of them go bankrupt. It's sad to see them waste their opportunities but a lot of them never earned or learned to respect loot before they got a big bag of it. And unfortunately, so many of them believe their careers will last forever when most will be out of the league after three years. Spending everything you make in your first couple of years might be spending all that you will ever make in the game.

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    Hey jerry,you know that i ain't fallin for that little win streak,them nodefenseplayingoodfornothinbums will still go on a losing streak,before they win three more games, no confidence in em...n-o-n-e!!!

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    Four in a row (against the Celtics, Rockets, Trailblazers and Nuggets). Looks the Quizards are figuring things out from where I'm sitting.

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaa,yep,they're gonna figure it out alright after labron hangs fifty on em tonight.

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    **Cough Cough**
    Wizards win 5th straight, hold off Lakers 127-124 in OT

    1:02 AM ET
    LOS ANGELES -- — Bradley Beal scored six of his 33 points on three consecutive possessions late in overtime, and the Washington Wizards extended their longest winning streak in three years to five straight with a 127-124 victory over the slumping Los Angeles Lakers on Monday night.

    Russell Westbrook scored six of his 32 points in overtime for the Wizards, who rallied from a 17-point deficit in the second half. Washington then took advantage of a missed free throw by LeBron James late in regulation and went on to its first win over the Lakers at Staples Center since March 2017.

    "It feels different, in a great way," Beal said of the Wizards' impressive five-game run against Boston, Houston, Denver, Portland and the Lakers. "It feels great, but at the same time, we still haven't done a damn thing. We realize that, and we keep telling each other that. We've still got bad habits we need to break, but we don't discount what we did."

    Kentavious Caldwell-Pope hit a 3-pointer with 36 seconds left in overtime to trim the Wizards' lead to 125-124. Westbrook made a layup before missing a free throw, but James and Kyle Kuzma missed late 3s before the buzzer.

    "It's been tough, but we've been sticking together," Westbrook said of the Wizards, who started the season 6-17. "That's the main thing. If you get caught up with everything else going on, teams and players tend to come apart, but we've been sticking together and communicating on how to become a better team, and it's been paying off for us."

    James had 31 points, 13 assists and nine rebounds for the Lakers, who struggled in the second half of their fourth loss in five games.

    After carrying the Lakers back in the fourth quarter, James made a tying layup with 9.8 seconds left in regulation, but missed the ensuing free throw to put LA ahead. Beal missed a long jumper at the buzzer.

    Montrezl Harrell had a season-high 26 points and nine rebounds for the defending NBA champions, who have lost three straight for the first time this season — not coincidentally during three consecutive games without Anthony Davis and Dennis Schröder.

    "It takes a whole team to collectively get wins, and right now we have two of our main rotation guys out," said Kuzma, who had 14 points. "Obviously there's no excuses. You don't want to lose to an under-.500 team like that, but this is the NBA and anybody can win. We just have to figure it out."

    Davis missed his fourth straight game, and the All-NBA big man is out for at least three more weeks with a calf injury. Schröder will miss at least one more game under the NBA's health and safety protocols.


    Wizards: Washington hadn't won even four consecutive games since its last five-game winning streak in February 2018. ... Former Lakers C Moe Wagner had six points, and former Lakers swingman Isaac Bonga didn't play.

    Lakers: Marc Gasol converted a four-point play in the first quarter. He finished with seven points in 27 minutes. ... Caldwell-Pope scored 21 points.


    The 36-year-old James played over 43 minutes during the Lakers' fourth overtime game in 17 days, all of them at home against teams with losing records.

    James is third in the NBA in total minutes, with over 200 more than anyone else on the Lakers' roster. He insists the workload doesn't bother him, even after learning he'll have to go to the All-Star Game instead of resting up.

    "It's something I've done before," James said. "I can continue to do it, but I would much rather us be whole."


    Wizards: At the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday.

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    See Jerry? Only one I know in your previous email is LBJ. The Ohio connection.
    Steelers restructured Heyward's contract. They keep whittling at that cap space.
    More articles lately on the possibility of Ben's "retire or release." Rumor of getting
    Aaron Jones from GB but I think whomever started that rumor is really on drugs or
    on Mars.

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    Jerry i ain't buyin it,remember that davis didn't play...the clippers tonight and they're at full health,they won't take the gizzards lightly!!

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    I'm buying it. Every team has players who are hurt right now. You just have to believe. Now, say it with me:

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    See Jerry? Only one I know in your previous email is LBJ. The Ohio connection.
    Steelers restructured Heyward's contract. They keep whittling at that cap space.
    More articles lately on the possibility of Ben's "retire or release." Rumor of getting
    Aaron Jones from GB but I think whomever started that rumor is really on drugs or
    on Mars.
    Falcons let go of a seven-year starter at free safety. We're still something like $20 million over the cap. With a new coach and GM, we're really close to just resetting and undergoing a full rebuild.

    Pittsburgh isn't going to cut Big Ben, by the way. They have no options for replacing him, short of rebuilding the team. They're not going to get a better QB in the draft or free agency. He already said that he'd renegotiate but if I had to guess, he's willing to take less loot this year for another couple of years on his deal and they probably don't want to extend him.

    But mark my words: He will be under center in September.

    Editor's note: I've been known to be wrong, so don't hold me to this prediction.

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    **By the way: A reporter just put this on Twitter after a conversation with Ben's agent**

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    OK.........so they do. It certainly can't be about $$$ so what then? Ego & the desire to play. I guess he wants to go out winning a Super Bowl but I doubt it'll happen. Ben's immobility is gonna hurt him....unless, of course he gets the strongest OLine in the NFL. There's only 1 freak of nature in the NFL & it's called Tom Brady.

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    Sounds to me like they want to make their roster cuts and contract extensions to get a better idea about their cash situation before renegotiating. They'll probably get as much as they can from other maneuvers and then explain how much they need from him. It won't take long because free agency starts in 19 days. I'd expect him to resign by March 10 so they can have at least 5 days to figure out who they're going to target with their cap space. The thing with Ben will be how much he'll cut from his salary vs how many more years they'll add.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerry oz View Post
    i'm buying it. Every team has players who are hurt right now. You just have to believe. Now, say it with me:
    i do know the gizards are gonna choke..i do,i do, i do.......

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    *Welp* The Quiz beat my 2nd favorite team, Denver. That's six out of seven. Wins over some good teams, too (Nuggets (twice), Lakers, Blazers, Celtics). Believe it or not, you have the second hottest team in the NBA right now.


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