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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    Hehehehe..jerry it's good to see that you still have a sense of humor,don't worry i think your burds will be in the playoffs,on the other hand i'm not impressed with a lucky win over an injured legend with bad receivers..do you think that with five more minutes rodgers wouldn't have won??

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    Hey moe,good win!!!

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    Thanks R&B!! How bout that TD of Vance McDonald....a real "get out of my way" TD!!!

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    Yep,i thought that[jim brown] had come back,hehe!!

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    Hey my fellow sports fans,maybe this has been discussed but i'm wondering,with all the noise being made about[concussions]in pro football why no out cry for the blows that boxers take,and they don't wear headgear,any answers?

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    I asked this question and was told that boxers are, in essence, private contractors and the NFL is a company. If the company withholds evidence and encourages people to play in spite of clear science that determines it's dangerous to your health, you can sue the company. If a private contractor suffers the same injury due to sport, who can he sue? Everybody knows that getting punched in the face for a living is likely to cause significant long-term damage.

    What's interesting is how many parents are taking their kids out of football to have them play soccer while not realizing that soccer players suffer a lot of concussions as well. I'm amazed to know that Rugby is apparently safer than soccer and tackle football.

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    Thanks jerry,how bout that[tnf]game i know it's early but the rams ain't no joke,i'm glad the[dumbskins]don't have to face em...whew!!!

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    I didn't watch. Again. But had I started Kirk Cousins instead of Tom Brady in my fantasy league, I'd be well on my way to winning this week. Having a rough year already.

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    Hey jerry,do your[dirty burds]play the rams this season? If they do,they will lose!!

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    Okay. We blew them out in the playoffs (in L.A., no less) but we'll lose if we play them again. To answer your question though, we don't play them unless we find enough of a healthy defense to make the playoffs.

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    Just got home and had a great day.
    How bout dem Boyz

    Okay Moe, let's kick some Des...oops I mean Ravens butt. LOL

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    LMAO Ms M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But the Steeler's secondary didn't show, questionable penalties, spotty Big Ben all contributed to the disaster yesterday!!

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    Hey ms.m..the boyz played the lions in a game of-who will blink first,and the lions blinked congrats..moe don't sweat it division games are like that..jerry what happened? Is it just me or do the bears seem to be getting their growl back,and i'm having the best[hooch]hullucination ever..the dumbskins are in first place in the nfc east..the last time they were first in anything-leather helmets were all the rage..more hooch!!!

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    I told you what happened a couple weeks ago, Homeboy. We had a top 10 defense last season but lost our starting middle linebacker, strong safety and free safety in addition to one of our best pass rushers. Too much to account for. But we lost yesterday because the coach got too cocky for the situation and played zone agains A.J. (freaking) Green on the 12 yard line. I mean, who does that?! At least the offense is playing better.

    Next week, we get the pleasure of making moe a happy woman again by laying another egg in Pittsburgh. Stick a fork in it, the Falcons and noodles are done.

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    Well i guess they laid an egg,hehe..well you'll have company cause drew brees will bring us back to earth monday night,i'm gonna need a stronger batch!!

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    You made me VERY Happy yesterday Jerry!!

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    Hi ms.m,well the battle of texas was fought and the boyz came up short,awww...moe big ben is back on target,jerry your burds are done..as for my hullucination i'll see if it continues tonight,hehe!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    You made me VERY Happy yesterday Jerry!!

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    well,that was so badd i'm typing in small print,but i didn't expect much anyhow they are who i knew they were,those clowns actually messed up my nice little hullucination..time for gruden to go but we know that he won't go anywhere..the team has tuned him out if they ever listened in the first place,hey jerry can you believe that some idiots are saying-well they're still in first place in the division...what the hell??? that's nothing to brag about because the division stinks,another house cleaning is needed as always and the panthers are coming-i just polished off two fifths of hooch and i'm still sober-how the hell do guys play that much out of position? how do guys not get up for a nation game? why is there no anger on the sidelines? why are there no halftime adjustments? why am i asking why when i already know the answers?

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    One week away from NBA season. My Sixers are playing the Smelltics in the first game. Really want to see them start the season on a high note.

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    Yep,more misery this time from those[no play-all talk]gizzards..i would start a[solitare]league but they would lose too,i was gonna play[catch]with my[shadow]but he quit because he wanted more[face time]i'm rooting for your sixers,why not-i wish i had a team...sigh!!!

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    Antonio Brown having a hissy fit.........wth?

    Mike Tomlin is 25K poorer for his opinion of officiating....let's face it, Mikey said what we all think!

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    Hey moe,at lease you got a good team with a[real]coach,i should have such problems-go steelers!!

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    I saw where Austin Rivers is on the "everybody is sleeping/hating on us" train. The only thing you need to say if you feel that way is "we won our division/conference/league". Do something and then talk about how good you are, Austin and John and Bradley. Game recognizes game, am I right?

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    At least I thought so Jerry.

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    See what i mean,that's my gizzards always flapping their wings,but flying nowhere,hey jerry game does recognize game but the gizzards ain't got none..i wish i had a team-sigh!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    At least I thought so Jerry.
    Your boys have a nearly do-or-die game against the Bungles this week, moe. The only time I watch any of the games is when I'm over my folks' house after church and I'm pretty sure Columbus is getting the Clowns game. Cleveland is Pops' favorite team, so there's no chance I'll even see a snippet of Cincy/Pittsburgh. But good luck. Catch an L this week and you're going to need a huge implosion by Cincinnati to win the North.

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    Haaaaaaaaa,jerry,we both know that cincy always implodes,so all moe's team has to do is win and watch the bungles slowly dissapate!!

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    We will see. They humiliated both my Falcons and my Dolphins in the last two weeks. I take no pleasure in them being a bad team knowing that mine are even worse. Besides, they're my nephew's favorite team and he could use a break sports wise.

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    I believe in cincy about as much as i trust the[skins]they'll mess it up soon enough.

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    I wasn't CHEERING for ya Jai but you pulled it out anyhoo...congrats
    You too Moe, and you as well Jerry.


    HOW BOUT DEM BOYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

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    Thanks Ms M........
    There were a few games that made my eyes get bigger.......yours was one of them
    But the Patriots pulled it out

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    Hi ms.m[wit yo fine self]congrats to your[boyz]on that fine victory..it has been awhile since our teams played with anything at steak[first place?wow]this takes me back to the days when playing ya'll meant something,oh and i'm sure that you know that we haven't beaten ya'll in two years[ouch]of course that will change sunday at 4:25..every touchdown we score will be dedicated to you!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    thanks ms m........
    There were a few games that made my eyes get bigger.......yours was one of them
    But the patriots pulled it out
    moe,what did i tell ya,them bungles choked like they always do,go steelers!!

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    They did..........but what makes me mad is the hit Burfinct put on AB (elbow to the head).
    He (Burfinct) already was suspended the first 4 games for PED's. I think JuJu needs another finger pointing to him like last year.


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