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Thread: Yo... Moe

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    I agree with you Ms M. It could be that BB is past his sell by date. Teams may want younger coaches [a disciple of Shanahan, perhaps] with a different approach.

    Steelers interviewing for OC. We'll see what happens.

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    I think the decision came down to a simple question: If Belichick couldn't fix what was broken in New England, why should the Falcons give him control over personnel in Atlanta? If he was coming in solely as a coach, I have no doubt he would have been hired. But his strength as a personnel guy is putting players in place around Tom Brady and Tom Brady isn't walking through that door in Flowery Branch, Georgia.

    A lot of Falcons fans are unhappy with the hire but I like it. I think he was genuinely the best candidate and I also think he presented a plan for how to move ahead. Looks like the Rooney Rule worked for once. Well, it worked when Tomlin got hired in Pittsburgh, but maybe it worked again.

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    That's a great assessment, Jerry. I wish Coach Morris the best in Atlanta.

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    What's interesting is that Morris is on Belichick's career arc. Both were good assistants who were hired as head coaches early in their careers. Both started poorly but had good second seasons with flawed teams. Both were fired and returned to be known as top assistants that were high on the list of potential hires.

    Now, all it will take will be for Morris to win 6 Super Bowls in Atlanta for the comparison to be complete.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Oz View Post
    What's interesting is that Morris is on Belichick's career arc. Both were good assistants who were hired as head coaches early in their careers. Both started poorly but had good second seasons with flawed teams. Both were fired and returned to be known as top assistants that were high on the list of potential hires.

    Now, all it will take will be for Morris to win 6 Super Bowls in Atlanta for the comparison to be complete.
    Wow, no pressure there. LOL

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    I posted this on a Falcons message board. It's how I imagined Belichick's interview went down:

    Arthur Blank: It's good to see you again, Bill. Have a seat.
    Bill Belichick: Thank you. I'll have this one. [[sits down)
    AB: I'm excited to learn that you have interest in coaching my team.
    BB: You're welcome.
    AB: Umm... Okay. Let's start by asking what your plans for the Falcons are.
    BB: I plan on winning a Super Bowl.
    AB: Great! Could you tell me how you will do it?
    BB: The way I did it in New England. I won six.
    AB: I understand. But I was hoping you could share specific ideas about turning the Falcons into a winner.
    BB: I'm Bill Belichick.
    AB: And?
    BB: That's the answer. I'm Bill Belichick.
    AB: Let's change directions. You're a legendary coach. Why are you looking for a job?
    BB: Because I'm out of work.
    AB: Yes, I see. But why?
    BB: They took away my door access card and told security to keep me out.
    AB: Look, it seems like we're not making a lot of ground here. I just need to know what you'd do on your first day as coach of the Falcons.
    BB: Fire Rich McKay.
    AB: I mean, how will you make the team better?
    BB: By coaching it. I'm Bill Belichick.
    AB: Weren't you Bill Belichick in New England a month ago?
    BB: I'm always Bill Belichick.
    AB: Well, I've heard enough. And now, I have a migraine. We may need to schedule a second interview. Do you have any further questions?
    BB: Yes. Where's my door access card? I'll need two for my sons, as well.
    AB: Why would we give you and your sons door access cards?
    BB: Because I'm Bill Belichick. You can send my seat to my hotel in downtown Atlanta.

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    HAHAHAHAHA, that was funny and probably right. LOL

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    That's the funniest [but probably true] "interview" ever.......LMAO

    Good luck to the Lions, Ralph. Hope they beat the 49ers.
    And go Ravens!!!!! Lamar, pass a little & run a little...rinse, repeat!

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    Thank you Moe. Big day. for sure.

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    It's been a rough week and nothing would make me happier than a good laugh after a Niner's loss so, all the best to you and the Lions Ralph. Paw's up!!!!

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    Have to say: KC REALLY CAME TO PLAY!!!!!!! They were the better team....they earned their spot in the Super Bowl.

    But: LET'S GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Wow. I'm glad I didn't bet money on the Ravens and Chiefs because I would be broke right now. I'm thinking Mahomes might be neck and neck with Brady as GOAT already. Chiefs are in the Super Bowl again.

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    Betting against Mahomes is never a sure thing. KC played their butts off tonight and I think they will be tough to beat in the Super Bowl, whoever they play.

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    Detroit's first drive... Talk about making a statement early. If they stop the Niners, this might be a great sign of things to come.

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    And the Lions are looking dominant on offense and are up 14-0. The Ravens were a juggernaut until about an hour ago and the Niners were a juggernaut coming in. Let's go, Lions.

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    I love hearing "Dancing In The Street" when the Lions play. It 'still early and I don't want to get too excited but liking what I'm seeing so far.

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    I'm not in the street but I'm dancing and laughed out loud at the look on Kittles face. Hee Hee

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    Lions looking good so far.

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    Damn Good!!!!! Looking forward to a continuation in the 2nd half.

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    Well that sucked. Sorry Ralph, thought your guys had a chance but it wasn't meant to be.

    I'll be pulling for KC for the SB win.

    Good Night peeps!!

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    Sorry, Ralph. I really thought they were going to win it.

    As much as I am not a KC fan I think they're the better team & will win. Brock Purdy is no Patrick Mahomes[maybe not yet or not ever].

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    Me too, Moe. A couple of bad breaks and wrong plays and the deal was done. I'm okay with it. The Lions had a hell of a good year.

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    Yes they did, & you have every reason to look forward to next season!

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    It was a rough end to a great season. Something I have a lot of experience with, BTW. Lions are losing their offensive coordinator and probably other staff. Campbell's going to have to be smart with who he replaces them with. That's what kills Atlanta after every good season.

    Dan Quinn would still be coaching in Atlanta if he had replaced Kyle Shanahan with top assistants [and now, head coaches] Matt LeFleur or Sean McVay instead of hiring Steve Sarkisian and telling him to run Kyle's offensive scheme when Sark had no experience with a west coast offense. Sark's offense would have been fine, but having him run Kyle's system was always going to fail.

    Hopefully, Detroit promotes somebody to replace Ben Johnson who understands his offensive scheme.

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    Everyone is staying put Jerry.

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    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!

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    I have mad respect for Coach Cowan but trying to give Kyle props by saying he didn't lose, Mahomes just won is nothing but equine fecal matter...AND...I can't think of a more deserving team to lose a Super Bowl! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Good night peeps.

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    Next year's Super Bowl.....The Lions and the Chiefs. Any doubters?

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    Interesting question to a group of folks who are loyal to their respective teams Ralph so, let's put a pin in it and wait and see what happens next season.

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    LOL!! Let's just pump the brakes until at least the draft before making predictions. And we should probably wait until training camp because life comes at you fast, especially in the NFL.

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    Kyle Shanahan firing Steve Wilks is so wrong. Regardless of reason, the Niners had a fumble that ended the first drive in scoring range and a blocked extra point that accounted for the loss more than anything that the defense did. Defense only gave up 19 points in regulation to the Chiefs. Then on top of that, they didn't even understand the overtime rule changes. Why didn't Shanahan throw himself under the bus? It just doesn't sound right to me.

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    Jerry, in Shanahan's world it's always someone else's fault. One of the many reason's he's not my cup of tea. And I agree, their offense did a much better job than Kyle's so call "genius" defense which left much to be desired in the second half and, not knowing a rule that's been in place for two seasons and can be traced back to being put into place because of Mahomes is inexcusable, not to mention the ref reiterated the rule before the coin toss but Kyle blamed it on the analytics. [insert my rolling eyes here]

    Whatever his issues [and DeBartolo Jr. has his fault's] I doubt if Kyle would still be around if Jr. was still in charge.
    Last edited by ms_m; 02-20-2024 at 09:18 AM.

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    Well, I see I missed a huge segment of football life [The Super Bowl]. I am just getting up to par & will watch.

    And see where a few college players don't want to have anything to do with the Combine.

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    Steelers are signing Russell Wilson to a one year deal literally 5 minutes into the legal tampering period. That was allowed because Denver gave him permission to negotiate before his actual release. It'll be interesting to see Russ in black & gold.

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    Falcons signing Kirk Cousins. A huge improvement over Desmond Ridder. Dolphins are losing good players like water leaking through a sieve right now. There's gonna be a ton of questions for both of my teams this year. Hope they both know what they're doing.

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    I almost fell over when I heard the Wilson news. From a $$ point of view it's a steal. BUT....does this mean that Rooney et al don't have confidence in Pickett? And now Mason Rudolph is the odd man out [or is he delegated back onto the practice squad...or what is he going to do?] I still don't know how I feel about it.

    And the Kirk Cousins to the Falcons......wow!

    Steelers have a punter ....from the Texans? Jerry, I know nothing about the guy.

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    I think the idea with Russ and Pickett is for Pickett to develop while watching an accomplished QB go about game management. He started pretty early in his career and that's not always the best for a young guy. Pickett immediately becomes one of the 5 best backups in the league and I'm 100% sure they're invested in him as the future of the position.

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    And I do believe you got a WR........Darnell Mooney

    And the Steelers got Patrick Queen, traded Diontae Johnson to the Panthers for CB Donte Jackson.

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    Let's see if Diontae Johnson is happier catching balls from Bryce Young. Or, if they're willing to back up the Brinks truck to make him happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerry oz View Post
    let's see if diontae johnson is happier catching balls from bryce young. Or, if they're willing to back up the brinks truck to make him happy.
    very well said!!!!!!!!!

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    Welcome back Moe. Hope you enjoyed your break!!

    Russell Wilson is the newest bubble bee, interesting. LOL

    Mr. "How ya like me now," is going to Atlanta. Once he started with the chains and half nakedness I was turned off by Cousins but after watching the QB doc with him, Mahomes and Mariota I found a new level of respect for Cousins.

    AND... then there's Dak and his legal woes. Going to be an interesting and bumpy ride this season for us all.

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    I'm okay with Cousins. I still don't appreciate his stance on the vaccine during the pandemic. He wasn't A-A-Ron level of toxic about it, but that's a sore spot for me. I haven't heard about Dak's problems, but his response to the global issue was even more off-putting than Cousin's - and almost as bad as Rodgers' was.

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    Have either of you read anything about Rogers being a possible VP mate for RFK Jr?

    Thanks Ms M!

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    The Dumb and Dumber ticket would be funny to observe. I'm not sure who they think would be voting for it.

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    Hmmm... That gave me the idea to contribute to their effort:

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    I'm dying.......

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    Mason Rudolph goes to the Titans
    And is Ridley worth it at 92mil???

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    I can't speak to it. He was worth a 3rd round draft pick for the Falcons. Atlanta just traded Desmond Ridder to the Cardinals for Rondale Moore. That's a great trade for the Falcons. Meanwhile, the NFL is investigating us for tampering with Kirk Cousins and we might lose a draft pick.

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    This free agent frenzy has got my head spinning like Linda Blair's in "The Exorcist."

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    .....and now it's even spinning more with Kenny Pickett traded to the Eagles.
    There are so many stories circulating about this.

    But I think that Tomlin & the powers that be [[Rooney & Colbert, at the time) failed to prepare for Ben's retirement. I think it's on them, & may not be on Pickett.

    Anyone's thoughts??


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