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    And who is gong to fund the more than generous social entitlement programs that Scotland has become so accustomed to which are currently paid for, lock, stock, and barrel by the Brits with Scottish oil sitting at a meager $50 per barrel. Does Merkel have a secret stash set aside with billions to cover those costs???...I think when faced with that reality, Scotland will think better of going it alone to join an organization which will likely get hit with a domino effect when movements like Czechout, Frexit, and the other more successful economies get tired of propping up the failed economies like Greece, Spain, etc...The EU is a socialist experiment with a few non elected officials setting policy affecting 60% of the lives of the citizens of it's member countries...Yes...the failed economies may like it for the opportunity to get bailed out by the wealthier countries...but the citizens of the more successful governments will see the negative aspects of what the EU has wrought. If they want to see the result of Socialist economies where great natural resources are present...they need to take a look at Venezuela, where the Hugo Chavez/Sean Penn style economy have Venezuelans out in the streets protesting the hunger they are experiencing due to a lack of food...and when they protest...the Venezuelan authorities handle the problem of protesters by just shooting them...All the while...sitting on one of the largest oil reserves in the world, and failing to account for the decline in oil prices through intelligent economic planning. Hugo Chavez SISTER remains the wealthiest person in Venezuela...Good luck EU...Merkel got her cheap labor...now the price tag is becoming a reality in areas of failed economic growth, uncontrolled immigration with unfettered multi-culturalism, and political upheavel...
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