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    "Norther Soul" film

    Now on Direct TV...anyone seen it? Any good?[[ oops don't know how to correct title. NortherN)
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    I went to see it at the time of it's release, It's OK, It made good use of the music, however I felt it dwelt too much on the drug side of the scene, which I'm not into or have never been.

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    I'd agree with Mr Soul, the music was good but the film had too many references to drugs and ultimately felt depressing. A shame really...I know I did not recommend it to friends....thought it gave a very negative impression of NS.

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    Thanks. Has the scene changed a lot? Is it still popular?

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    Quote Originally Posted by luke View Post
    Thanks. Has the scene changed a lot? Is it still popular?
    The scene never really went away, but has been back with a vengeance the last 15-20 years with fans returning to going to events after bringing up families, plus a new following of younger enthusiasts. Many of the 60s/70s favourites are still played, but 'new' old sounds are always being unearthed.

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    Sounds great. Bring it to the states!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by luke View Post
    Sounds great. Bring it to the states!!
    I believe the nearest thing to it in the States is the Beach Music scene in the Carolinas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luke View Post
    Sounds great. Bring it to the states!!
    You can always tune into my radio show Soulful Shack..a fair selection of Northern played...and requests gladly accepted.

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    The new "Northern Soul" movie DVD, set for release on January 5, 2016, is available for Pre-Order on Amazon [[U.S.).


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    The strange thing is that I've never heard anyone reporting on the Northern Soul scene ever play up the drug aspect. For about 13 years now, all that I've ever heard anyone talk about was the artists, the music, the prices paid for Frank Wilson & others, cover-ups & the like.

    I never even saw drugs referenced in forums, so I wonder why they decided to focus on that at this point in time.

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    It had always dogged the all night soul clubs...many of them closed by the Police and Local Authorities because of drug abuse, trading etc.
    It seems to me that people who were involved like to overplay the drug element, rather like watching old criminals re telling stories of the "good old days"...many didn't get involved but there is no story in that!


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